An untitled poem…

Socrates of the MC Garden posted this poem on Monday. I think it’s a wonderful work and with his permission I have reposted it here on the Tale…




Untitled Poem
By Socratese291 of the MC Garden

The night was dark, it was cold, it was dreary
My girlfriend left me wide eyed and teary
I couldn’t believe it
She had come soaking wet to my door
Looked me in the eye, stated “We are no more”

The shock lasted a moment
Yet it seemed like a year
All of those memories I had held onto so dear
They were walking away down a cold concrete path

Those four little words leaving a terrible slash
In one foul swoop they had torn my future asunder
Outside the weather echoed my soul
A flash of lighting and the roar of thunder

It was then I began to notice things
Things that I had failed to notice before
Glancing back as she opened the car door
Her movements were a bit jerky
And her eyes had shone a blaze of fire
If memory serves correct her look was one of desire

During the second flash a passenger appeared
A woman of striking beauty
A succubi to be feared
My eyes locked onto hers and in that moment I knew
Tera S had taken my beloved
There was nothing I could do

I cautiously backed myself inside
Her car pulled away
She’s now a slave to desire
Her only desire: to obey

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    • FZY1 on January 31, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Edgar Allen Poe would be honored by this poem.

    For nevermore would he roam if he had met TeraS the Raven haired Queen of the Succubii.

    Quoth the Raven “nevermore”

    good stuff socrates

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