This is another story that started as a suggestion by Legion of the MC Garden to the writer Badpenny. It involves myself and another member of the Garden named Alei…

It’s called Rematch….




By Badpenny of the MC Garden

The beach was postcard-perfect — brilliant white sand, azure water, flawless sky — but neither Alei nor Tera noticed it, locked as they were in their struggle. To an outside observer, the two women appeared to be in a staring contest — odd, but people came to these islands for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps these two wanted to recapture something of their childhood with a good old-fashioned staring contest. First to blink loses.

Or perhaps they wanted to enslave each other.

In Alei’s mind, it was dusk, the breeze blowing in off the ocean cool, but not uncomfortably so. Certainly not cool enough to make her nipples harden into tight nubs. No, that was Tera’s influence, and Alei had to admit it was a welcome one.

“Think of how I can make you feel,” Tera said, circling around behind Alei. Her voice tickled the blonde more intimately than the breeze.

Alei trembled as Tera untied her bikini top, her touch light and teasing on Alei’s neck and back. The black fabric fell to the sand, and Alei found herself throwing back her shoulders so her breasts stood prominent and proud.

“It feels so good, doesn’t it?” Tera reached around and squeezed Alei’s breasts, rubbing them together and teasing the nipples. Her own breasts pressed into Alei’s back, soft and warm.

Alei leaned back against her.

“Touch yourself,” Tera said. “Make yourself come. Let me hear you.”

Alei obeyed, writhing and moaning under her hands and Tera’s. It did feel good, and Tera did make her feel divine, but her orgasm, when it came, didn’t feel right. She took a shaky breath and peeled herself away from Tera. She turned to face the dark-haired woman. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

In Tera’s mind, it was high noon. Alei knelt in the sand before her, hands curled around Tera’s thighs. Seeing Alei kneeling like that, gazing up at her with a mixture of need and lust and wicked intentions gave Tera an electric thrill.

“Just let yourself go,” Alei said, leaning in to nuzzle Tera’s thighs. “Let your need consume you. I can smell it.” She cupped Tera’s mound. “I can feel it. Listen to your body. It wants you to let go.”

Tera braced herself on Alei’s shoulders. Alei stroked her through her bikini, and it was almost embarrassing how quickly she soaked the fabric through, but it felt so good, and Alei was doing it for her. Tera came, and while it certainly felt good, her toes didn’t curl in the sand.

She stepped back and stared down at Alei. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

Back on the real beach, both women blinked and startled. Tera was the first to break the silence. “Another tie.”

Alei smiled. “Which means another rematch in the morning.” She stretched and glanced at the water. “But for now, let’s take a swim.”

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