Mischievous Intentions

Today I am going to post to the Tale a story that I requested over IM with a member of the Hypnopics Collective. His name is Olcas and I thank him so so much for what he created here…
Mischievous Intentions – By Olcas of the HypnoPics Collective
Her dress flew onto the chair. She looked at herself in the mirror. Bethany Stewart. Beth, for short. A petite blond, still in her early twenties, she admired her own figure, clad only in bra and panties. Her white lace bra loosened slightly as she pushed her generous breasts together and posed sexily, a strand of her golden hair falling in front of her eyes. That party had been fun…men ogling at her, sometimes even to the point of ignoring their dates. Oh yes, it had been a good night, another in a long list of good nights in her good life. She yawned and crawled under the quilts of her King –sized bed she had to herself. She turned out the lamp and went to sleep, her apartment becoming shrouded in shadow.
It had been a good night. And it wasn’t over yet.One of the shadows smiled and moved out from the wall, as if it had appeared from nowhere. Fangs glinted in the moonlight. Oh yes, she was a worthy one. Almost like himself. She toyed with affections, urges and used them to her own ends. Well, tonight, she was his to toy with. He walked over to her and stroked her cheek. She smiled in her sleep. The man smiled too and slowly removed the covers covering Beth’s body. He took in every detail as he unveiled her soft breasts, covered neatly by her bra, her waistline, dominated with her soft white panties and finally her long smooth legs. He smirked and blew gently over the skin. He could see the small, shaven hairs dancing gently, goose bumps appearing over her legs where he blew as she rubbed them together slowly. The man straightened up and moved his hand, palm down, to directly above her, still deep in slumber.Suddenly, yet his deliberate length of time and gentle movements, Beth began to lift, floating gently just above her bed. She mumbled something in her sleep, her arms, legs and hair falling limply under her as she floated higher. It was as if something was lifting her from under the stomach, yet no visible force was apparent. The man made a slow circle with his hand, and Beth’s body rotated slowly, her bare toes wriggling slightly in her dream. When she made a complete turn, she stopped and sighed sleepily. The man looked over her, drinking deeply of the sight.
“Ooh.” came a soft moan. The man looked at Beth. Her mouth hadn’t moved. So what…. “Oh yes, that was good.” came a woman’s voice, soft and playful. Black looked up and saw a woman, and yet not a woman, lying on her stomach on the ceiling. She was clad in red leather, which from what the man could see, came down to the tip of her rear end, from which a red pointed tail came out. On her head, almost buried in hair as black as the night, were two red horns. Green eyes glinted in the moon light as the woman looked down at him, purposely giving him a view of the top of her breasts, covered in the same, one piece outfit she wore. In addition, red leather gloves covered up to her elbows, and shiny black leather boots reached up to her knees “Ahh,” said the man, “a Succubus.”“Not just a Succubus,” the woman giggled, standing up on the roof, walking to a wall and down it til she came to the floor. She walked over to the man and smiled, “Tera, at your service.” she smiled, bowing. “And I’m Black.” the man said, glinting. “Half vampire, half incubi.” The two stared at each other, each sizing the other up, in more ways than one. Then two pairs of eyes glanced at the girl.“She’s mine.” Black growled.
“Oh, but surely you can be a gentleman about it?” Tera smiled.“You’re a full Succubus. You know the call that resonates with your soul. I can’t resist, no more than you.” Black said.Tera’s smile faded. She nodded in Black’s direction. The halfa flinched and stepped back. Then a grimace appeared on his face as he blinked at her. She gasped and nearly lost her footing.“Impressive.” Black managed. “A warning shot I felt.”“You’re not so bad yourself.” Tera smiled, a bead of sweat running down from her ear.
Black decided to change tactics. An all out assault on her mind would take too much effort, and for the first time he was unsure of victory. Instead, he decided to go for urges instead. A soft flick of his hand went unnoticed. Tera raised an eyebrow. “What did he just do?” she thought. A tingle shot through her. She gasped as her vagina burst into searing heat, her nipples standing on edge, hard enough to cut glass. She kneeled and moaned. It took all she had to muster a counter-attack.
Black blinked. Where was he? He was lying on a bed. He made to get up, when he felt almost pure ecstasy coming from his member. He looked down and saw two beautiful women giving him head. He bit back a groan.Back in the room, Tera was moaning softly, lost in the thralls of heat while Black lay twitching on the floor, eyes closed, lost in the illusion created by the Succubus. Finally, she could bear it no longer. She crawled over to him and straddled his lap. The illusion had made his member hard and stiff and she undid his jeans and almost impaled herself upon it. She squealed in relief and Black awoke from the dream, feeling the same pleasure. And all throughout this encounter, Beth dreamed on, floating above her bed, lost in a deep sleep.
Eventually, as the lust quelled within her, Tera crawled up to Black’s face. She smiled down at him. “You’re good.” she whispered. “So are you.” he smiled back. Tera looked up and the sleeping girl. “It’s not fair to leave her out of all the fun.” she giggled. Her tail stretched out and wrapped around the girl’s barefoot. She tugged the floating girl down gently, so she was floating beside the two lovers stretched out on the floor. Sitting up, Black awoke her. Beth’s eyes slowly opened, once beautiful blue, now glassy and dull, as if she were still asleep.Tera sat up too, and planted a kiss on Beth’s lips. Her tongue slipped into the blond girl’s mouth causing both to moan with pleasure. Black undid her bra and began to suckle the woman’s nipple, causing her to shiver with pleasure. Black stopped this and smirked, an idea forming. He moved his hands over Tera and Beth. Both began to float, Tera giggling. “It feels….bubbly, lightness all over.” Black smiled and kissed her hand. Then he slowly lowered Tera, onto his hardness. She groaned in pleasure as she felt him enter her again, yet this time with her full of the bubbly, floaty feeling. Beth floated upwards slightly and Black tore off her panties with his teeth and began eating out her pussy. The threesome crackled with sexual energy, sparks making the lights glimmer on and off with each moan, until when all three climaxed, the bulbs shattered…..Beth smiled and rolled over in her sleep. Black and Tera floated outside her window.“Wonder what she’s dreaming?” Black smirked.
Tera smiled and stroked a finger down his cheek. “Something wonderful.”
“We’ll meet again.” he smiled.
“I know, and look forward to it.” She laughed.
They both vanished into the night, the stars still echoing with the moans of pleasure…


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    • FZY1 on January 23, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    You guys did a very nice job with this tale. Pass on the my compliments to Olcas for the work they did.

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    • sergiorex on January 23, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    That was really good i enjoyed it.

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