Succubus 2007 – Adult Movie

Well… In short it’s not really a Succubus movie as much as it is a blood and sex movie…

I personally would have called it Vampiress… Oh! But they couldn’t because another company did that! Whoops! 

A short summary of the movie:

Raven Riley, voted the internet’s most popular teen- combines forces with the hottest teen goth online, Liz Vicious- in Succubus- a ground breaking new film from Evil Motion Pictures. Combining super sexy girls with a terrifying horror story, Succubus takes the adult motion picture industry to new heights.

Lilith: the mother of all female demons. From the dawn of time she walked the earth, enchanting all into sexual slavery and ultimately, hideous death. Risen once more, her terrible reign begins anew…

Raven: as an innocent teen she reluctantly assumed from her grandmother a terrible gift, passed down from countless generations: the power to fight and slay the succubus in the flesh. And when she learns that Lilith has risen from the dead, she has no choice but to join the fight.

A quiet Midwestern town shattered by gruesome murders. A powerful young woman making the only choice she can. An evil so ancient it surpasses understanding. A principled town sheriff forced to choose sides. A corrupt businessman with secrets of his own. A passion of centuries long finally quenched. A vendetta of ages finally sated. Succubus: Raven Riley: Demonslayer.

Directed and written by the team of Jack Hemingway & Bethany Burke plus featuring guest performances by Brandi Love, Ron Jeremy, and Kevin Baxter, Succubus is not to be missed.


And a photo of the DVD covers as well:

 Succubus 2007 - Adult Movie Front Cover        Succubus 2007 - Adult Movie Back Cover     


My rating? 2 out of 10 pitchforks…


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