Jan 11 2008

My Dearest Devil Princess

You read that right…

Actually that is the title of a Anime DVD release that I just discovered…

Here’s the DVD box cover…

My Devil Princess DVD

What’s interesing to me and my hubby, and we are going to get this series despite the review here, is this paragrah from the review…

 A box that grants three wishes is a dream come true. At least that’s what Keita thinks, until he opens the box and finds a girl inside. But this is no genie—Maki’s a devil princess and she’s come to take Keita’s soul! But she can only take his soul after he makes his third and final wish. As a sheltered demon with little knowledge of how to be evil, Maki must rely on her trusty guidebook to learn the nefarious arts and trick Keita into using up his wishes. Until the, Maki’s going to live with Keita until he can’t stand living anymore!

Honestly that sounds soooo much like me…

Hope you have a great weekend!



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