Jan 04 2008

Going on a short rant… Wanna cum?

It’s becoming sort of a cliché in the news these days and it’s really beginning to tick me off. Every single time a woman is seen as being upwardly mobile or just a little bit too sexy or maybe has a relationship that seems like she’s trying to gain something…She’s described as a Succubus.

That is a pile of garbage.

I think that the majority of writers these days haven’t a clue what a Succubi is. Maybe they have just picked it out of the air because it sounds good to them…

And on that note…

That’s something else that has always bugged me.


How the heck is that word sexy? I’ll avoid the bus jokes that Sluggy Freelance used in the past during the Torg Potter arc as well. That’s another bit of stupidity that I’d take a pitchfork to given the chance…


Doesn’t that look better?

It can mean a single or multiple Succubi.

It looks sexier, it sounds sexier, so why not use it?


That’s my rant for today…

Now all I have to do is make it though today to the weekend….



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    I think that “succubus” sounds pretty sexy myself, lame bus jokes aside. The plural form doesn’t sound better or worse to me.

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