Castlevania Succubi Released

mmmk…So a Succubus figure has come out for NECA’s Castlevania and that’s a good thing… It looks really nice and I’m going to put them on my want list…But I have an issue with this review I found here.I’ll highlight the part that I am PO’d with:


One of the main highlights of this collection, this femme fatale has looks to kill and the body to prove it! This ultra-hot redheaded vampire looks sexy from head to toe with every smoothly sculpted curve. The figure is beyond anatomically correct — that is why she sports an oversized bustier! Besides having extremely real looking apparel, this deadly vixen has fully sculpted breasts that can be exposed with a sharp blade and some T.L.C. The back end of this sensual creature of the night is fully exposed with the exception of the thin dental floss thong that sits between her butt cheeks. The wings are made of a transparent red material which adds quality to this already incredible sculpt.

There is barely any articulation on this figure, but truthfully, none is needed. This figure has a ball-socket head, swivel shoulders and ball-socket wings which in my opinion are truly pointless because of their limited movement. Also, it is a little difficult to get her head to move because of the hair piece getting in the way. The only place where I believe articulation should have been added on the figure is in the legs because it is difficult to stand her up straight, even with the base she comes with.

The paint on the Succubus is very smooth and uniform with little imperfections. The netting on the arms is very neatly detailed and gives the impression of real nylon.

If this barely dressed temptress with thigh-high boots is not enough, she also includes a hunch-backed dwarf creature straight out of the game and a battle axe. The axe fits very well on the Succubus’ hand and the mini creature is an added bonus.
Excuse me… Vampire???

<twaps the reviewer with my pitchfork>

Anyway.. Here are a couple of images of the figurine…
Succubus Wolfstein Front
Succubus Wolfstein Rear
Oh… Another issue I have with it…
NO TAIL!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

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    • Alex on July 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    this figure you can straightened her feet if you dip them in hot water,it will soften the plastic,then put in cold water and presto! This figure is awesome…I LOVE IT… 😛

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