January 2008 archive

Succubi Image of the Week Sex… Six?

Something like that… Neat image for this week… Hope you all like it! Tera

SuccuWiki Update

Just a short note on the SuccuWiki. Currently there are 140 entries in the Wiki available to be looked at. At the moment I am adding movies with Succubi in them and that brings me to a request if anyone is interested in helping me out a lil bit with it. If you have a …

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An untitled poem by Socratese291

Socrates of the MC Garden posted this poem on Monday. I think it’s a wonderful work and with his permission I have reposted it here on the Tale… Untitled Poem By Socratese291 of the MC Garden The night was dark, it was cold, it was dreary My girlfriend left me wide eyed and teary I …

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Succubus Hell Bent on TMC in the US this week!

TV Movies: Jan. 27-Feb. 2 • Succubus: Hell-Bent ’07. Gary Busey. A beautiful demon leaves death in her wake while stalking a wealthy womanizer in Los Angeles. (R) (1:35) TMC: Sat. 9 P.M., 11:35 P.M. (CC) FYI for those that want to see this junk…. Tera

Sunday Site Issues

And the hits just keep on cumming… Anyway… It’s obvious that the site issues haven’t been dealt with as yet… The slowness of the site oddly includes the SuccuWiki, but not really the front page of the site or the Main Index… In any case, I hope that this is all worked out soon…. Have …

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Site Problems Again…

Issues with the server again… No idea when this will be fixed, but I have informed the imps to have a look at it… Have a good Saturday! Tera

Succubi Image of the Week 5

A Cute animated GIF of Betty Page… Have a great weekend! <huggles> Tera