Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 03 2007

Ban Mondays. It’s better that way.

Ugh. Cold miserable day here today. Mind you I hate Mondays to start with so…. Not a surprise really… Wiki is configured finally. I’m going to start entering stuff this week. I expect that it’s going to take a while… Hope your Monday is better than mine! <huggles> Tera

Dec 02 2007

Singing in the Snow…

<looks outside> You know when the weather guys say, “Oh… A little snow tonight. Nothin to worry about?” Yah right. We spent the morning digging out our front driveway and getting the cars unstuck. About a foot or so of white stuff hit the ground overnight… And next is freezing rain and ice pellets… Yay!   …

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Dec 01 2007

Saturday is for Shopping

Lots and lots of shopping… <winks> Was out and about this morning doing shopping n stuff… Working on the Wiki slowly and hoping to get the start of it up soonish… But Christmas lights on the house happen tomorrow and that will eat into site construction time… Maybe I’ll put a holiday theme on the mascot …

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