Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 17 2007

Hot Choc on a cold Monday…

<offers some around to all> As the floating banner now says, I have managed to enter 50 articles in the Wiki so far… Mostly names and some definitions. Some movie info as well… I’ll open the Wiki to the public at the 100 article point most likely so that there is enough stuff for people …

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Dec 16 2007

Snow Day Fun?

This says it all really…  Tera

Dec 15 2007

A piccy for the weekend…

Something cute I found….       For a larger version click here!    <huggles>    Tera 

Dec 14 2007

Frigid Fridays…

Supposed to be a storm coming my way on the weekend. Hopefully that will give me some time to get more of the wiki in work… If there are subjects that anyone wants to suggest… I’d be interested! Tera

Dec 13 2007

Book Review

Interesting book review…Small amount of Succubi in it… I’ve ordered it and will comment further on it… Tera   Dead Men’s Boots (A Felix Castor Novel) by Mike Care 01/12/2007 . Source: Sue Davies pub: Orbit. 536 page paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-415-9) .   This follows on from ‘The Devil You Know’ and …

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Dec 12 2007

Quiet day… Maybe…

Cold day in the Queen’s Realm today… Must remember to wear a tail cozy when skating in case I land on my butt.. If someone has a request for a Succubi piccy manip, leave me a comment with the idea and I’ll see what I can do with it… <huggles> Tera

Dec 11 2007

Server Issues…

Sorry about the site being down today… The server had hardware issues, but all seems to be back together… Must not like the cold weather or something…. <huggles> Tera