Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 24 2007

Twas the day before Xmas…

And I’m going a little nutty trying to get everything done before I leave with my hubby for our family’s Christmas Eve get-together. With luck I’ll have a Christmas Succubi piccy for you all to collect on Christmas Day…  In any case I wish you all a Happy Christmas and all my love to you …

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Dec 23 2007

Succubi Image of the Week

Found by FreezeFrame…  Click on the thumbnail for the full size image!   Tera 

Dec 22 2007

A Triple Succubus Novel Series! Woooo!!!!   I really really really can’t wait for the second book to come out! The first book is just a wonderful read!           The third book in the series is titled Succubus Dreams, that cover hasn’t been released as yet because it’s coming out later this year… Hope that you all consider buying it!      Tera 

Dec 21 2007

Ghostbusters Video Game – Succubi appearing?

I can hope… One thing that bugs me a lil in that is the comments that sugggest that Sigorney Weaver was/did play a Succubi in the movies…. Which she didn’t really… For gosh sakes people… Figure out what a Succubi is! Tera

Dec 20 2007


IOU This little story is my 3,000th post on the Garden… And I blame Jo on the Garden for putting the idea into my mind for this because she said that she owed me… <huggles for all> Tera ——————– IOU By TeraS She knew what was coming. She had said it clearly to her. “I …

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Dec 19 2007

Why is it…

That when figure makers are making Succubi these days they don’t have tails!!!! I mean honestly…  Tera

Dec 18 2007

The things that sports writers come up with…

  Don’t blame Jess for Cowboys loss, says her host at game    06:58 PM CST on Monday, December 17, 2007 ALAN PEPPARD Is Jessica Simpson the succubus who robbed Tony Romo of his precious winning essence? Is she the Cooler – Kim Basinger ‘s Memo Paris to Robert Redford‘s The Natural?Not according to …

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