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By TeraS

She knew what was coming. She had said it clearly to her.

“I owe you.”

Three simple little words. You could even shorten it to three letters and everyone would still understand what you meant.


It was odd the thoughts that passed through your mind when you realized that your world was going to be changed. The one that seemed to stick in hers was, “What’s going to happen to my plants when I’m not here?”

She sighed and recalled the answer in reply to her IOU that she gave freely.

“I own you.”

Funny that the same three letters could mean something so different.


But it was far too late now. She had made her choice. She had been given something and now had to pay for it.

She hoped that it wouldn’t hurt when she did.

The note came in the mail that morning telling her what to do. How to prepare. The list was short but the note at the end made her pause and almost run.

“I know you.”

And she did. Just reading the note and its demands made her weak, her body trembling in the fantasies that she had conjured up in her mind.

It wouldn’t hurt. She had to trust in that.


Sighing a little, she looked around at the room where it was going to happen. The note had been clear on that, “Prepare your bedroom. Neat and tidy. All things in their proper place. Including you when you have prepared yourself.”

Her eyes scanned around her. The bed was made. Not a crease on it. The corners just so. The pillows laid upon the headboard perfectly. Her closet door sealed shut. All within it perfectly arranged. The chest of drawers in the corner closed. The secrets within that she had hidden away from others no longer there but waiting for her to place them upon her body.

She hoped that it would please her.

The next step was harder to accept. But she knew that not doing them would only make her future harder and probably unpleasant as a result. Again a small sigh and then she disappeared into her bathroom to do the next step.

She worked carefully and precisely to be sure that nothing was forgotten. The note demanded of her, “Bathe yourself. Wash all that will be mine. Make your pussy bare for me. No hair on your body save your head of hair and eyebrows. All else will be smooth to my touch. Paint your nails red and your lips to match. Make yourself beautiful for me. Show me that you will take pride in my property.”

Goddess she was wet now. She couldn’t help but rub her thighs together slowly as she leaned against the bathroom counter, her eyes focused on her goal. In her mind she stopped thinking about what if and turned to what would be…

She blinked and then found herself looking into the mirror, a tube of red lipstick in her right hand. All she saw was a hot slut in the mirror. The cute little redhead was gone and in her place was a needy little slaveslut for her Mistress…

She hoped she could keep from plunging her fingers into her cunt… Mistress would never approve of that without her permission…

Her eyes trailed over her body, knowing that soon it would no longer be hers. And all she could do was bite her lip in need and whimper at the heat that was rising and threatening to consume her before Mistress arrived…

Her hand shaking, the lipstick and makeup was placed into a drawer and then pushed closed. It took her very little time to clean up the mess she had made in the bathroom and return to her bedroom.

Walking to the middle of the room she knelt down and picked up the first thing she was to wear. They dangled from her right hand almost seeming to whisper sinful promises into her mind.

A pair of black fishnet stockings. The note demanded they be worn.

The moan that escaped her lips as she laid back on the carpet and drew them up her legs was exquisite… The elastic at the top of each of them stopped just shy of the midpoint of her thigh. She found herself tracing her fingers along the patterns the fishnets made from the top to the bottom and back again until her hands slipped from them and touched the next thing she was commanded to wear.

A pair of red six inch CFM heels…

It took but a few more moments to slip them onto her feet and then shift her body around. She knelt on the carpet looking at the last item that the note required her to wear.

A red collar.

She rubbed a finger along the edge of it marveling at the metal it was made of and what it represented.

The end of what she was.

The beginning of what she wanted her to be.

She went over the list again in her mind and then came to the last point of the commands, “When you are ready, you will sit on your knees in the middle of your bedroom holding the collar in your hands. Your legs will be spread wide to show me how wet and needy you are. You will be gazing at the collar in your hands and speak the words at the bottom of this note with all your heart and soul.

She was ready. She found herself needing to speak the words and they just fell from her lips like water rushing over a waterfall, “I am yours forever and a day Mistress. Come and claim that which has been and always will be yours…”

From behind her, she heard her voice, “It took you long enough.”

The disappointment in those words make her spine tremble, but she managed not to lose herself to the fear within. Especially the one question that ate at her mind, “How did she get in here?”

But that thought was quickly smothered as a slim hand with red nails appeared in her vision holding a scrap of paper with three letters written on it in her own handwriting.


She swallowed and listened as she was told, “You remember this don’t you? I.O.U. You owe me. And I am here to collect.”

She listened to the sound of her walking around from behind her and then she stopped in front of her. Within her sight she could see a pair of black leather boots shining in the light of the room…

And that voice she knew so well continued to speak, “Now you know this isn’t simply words do you? Or perhaps not? Look up now.”

And she did…

And she looked into the face of Tera in shock.

Tera stood there with a little smile playing across her lips. Two little red horns peeking out of her hair. A long seductive tail swishing around behind her in almost what seemed to be amusement at the situation she found herself in. Finally, Tera’s body was wrapped in a tight fitting red leather corset…

And in her right hand she held that IOU.

Tera began to circle her slowly as she spoke, “IOU’s can be very dangerous things you know… What could I take from you then? Your body? Your mind? Your soul? All of them? Maybe I should take them one by one until there is nothing left but a toy to shape to my whims…”

Tera paused to her right and then reached a fingertip to trace around her right ear and cheek, saying as she did, “That would solve all the problems wouldn’t it? Your debt would be paid and I would have yet another toy to add to my collection…”

Tera was silent for a moment and then said, “You can answer me now…”

She didn’t for a moment and then managed, “You… You really are?”

Tera’s only answer was a soft giggle of amusement…

She managed a little gasp and then said, “I’m yours… Do whatever you want…”

Tera walked back around to face her again and then considered her quietly for a time, the moments ticking away so painfully slowly…

Then Tera spoke, “What is it that you owe me then? Why is it that I must take all from you like this? Is this what you truly want or is it what you expect that I desire?”

Tera reached her left hand to cup her chin and raise it to look into Tera’s so green eyes. Then she moved closer and gave a long passionate loving kiss to the woman on the floor of the room. It promised that she would be looked after and loved for eternity. It provided the answer to all of the questions Tera had asked of her and more.

And when the kiss ended, she bit her lip and told Tera, “No. You want me as I am. And nothing more.”

When that admission was made, Tera nodded slightly and then said, “And now you understand me better… I don’t look for what’s right for me… I look for what you can be and should be… Nothing else is as important or matters more to me…”

The piece of paper in Tera’s right hand burst into flames then and she dropped it to the floor with a smile and a final thought, “You owe me nothing. Your debt is paid.”

A moment later and Tera disappeared in a puff of cherry scented smoke, the little scrap of paper laying in front of her. It slowly burned away into ashes until nothing was left but the acrid smell of burned paper in the room…

With a sigh, she stood up and walked to her dresser. Finding a piece of paper there she wrote on it, “I.O.U. Jo”

And hoped for Tera’s return…

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