Dec 10 2007

Naughty but cute!

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but those that know… Know. 


Got an image in my email today that’s very cute I think…



 Jeff Egli Devilgirl


Isn’t it?







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    Very cute and extremely naughty, Mistress. Reminds me of someone. *winks*

    *cute, naughty huggles*

  2. avatar

    Cute isn’t exactly the word I would use for that particular picture. 😛

  3. avatar

    And so I followed legion into Your Majesty’s past . . . the time before Your Majesty’s heart . . . or at least the time before him cluttering up the Tale.

    Maybe I should explore here more . . . some day . . . or maybe there are places where Your Majesty’s heart ought not to be . . .

    And if the tail in that picture works like a succubi’s tail–or didn’t we know this about succubis’ tails yet?–she probably doesn’t notice those flames any more . . .

  4. avatar


    Cute is what one thinks of it you know…


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    My heart is welcome in the past, present, future and the things to be…

    And yes, as we have come to the conclusion that tails are… interesting… She well is I am sure…


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