May 17 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 539

My favourite artist, as many know, is Darkshadow. I think of him as one of my dearest friends and, in many ways, one of my family. One of his original characters is a succubus called Evangeline. I adore her, and for this week’s succubi image something of a sample of Evangeline’s character, and a nod towards Darkshadow’s Pateron as well.

PATREON - Evangeline Hot Succubus by DarkShadow

PATREON – Evangeline Hot Succubus by DarkShadow


You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and Darkshadow’s artist page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

Evangeline is a wonderfully sexy character in so many ways. Overall I think I like this art of her the most as her smile, pose and outfit just work perfectly together. Sexy tail, lovely hair, horns that just are right for her character matched with full and unblemished wings, she’s just such a pleasure to behold.

Now if only I can finish that story about her…



May 10 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 538

It’s been a little while since Morrigan Aensland has been the succubi of the week. I’ve often commented that her cleavage seems to be a bit overdone by some artists. But at the same time, there’s always requests for art of her at “maximum boobage”. So, for this week’s image, an artwork of Morrigan where she is showing off her… assets.

Morrigan Aensland by agira

Morrigan Aensland by agira


You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

I adore Morrigan’s expression, it’s just so cute, bordering on innocent, but really she’s just trying to be. She’s been naughty, most likely from the nosebleeds she’s caused by bending over like that.

Lovely eyes, wonderful hair, her wings and costume are a delight. A fun and cute Morrigan artwork that just says so much about her character and how naughty she can be.



May 05 2018

An interesting Succubus Vimeo short

I stumbled across a very short little film on Vimeo this week which I find both really quite well done and at the same time a little bit disappointing. It’s filmed well, the music is lovely, the cosplayer is wonderful in her role. But it’s the little falling back into the expected stereotype of succubi that took something away from the overall work. That is, of course, only my opinion, but nonetheless, it’s delightfully fascinating to view.

In the event this film cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the film vanishes from Vimeo, here is a screenshot of the succubus, cosplayed by Juliette Michele.

Succubus as cosplayed by Juliette Michele in the film Succubus by Jon Goff

Succubus as cosplayed by Juliette Michele in the film Succubus by Jon Goff


I do rather like the seductive undertones of Juliette’s cosplay, it’s not over the top nor are things pushed towards being silly as sometimes happens. The look she carries really works well with the tone of the film and the music, and I liked the imagery that the film mixed with her appearance.

Where things go a little off for me is moving from the seductiveness towards some quick cut shock moments where Juliette reveals she is wearing fangs. Now, I’m not against that look as a whole, but I found myself wondering if things wouldn’t have been more seductive with the camera somehow falling to her, she moving closer, perhaps licking the tip of her tongue over a fang as things fade to black.

Regardless of my thoughts on that, it’s an interesting short that has the seductive aspect of succubi that I like. I think Juliette is amazing in how she looks and her expressions as the film unfolds.

Perhaps it’s the question of what it might have been with less shock and more submission?

Something to think about at least…



May 03 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 537

I’ve always liked the Disgaea succubus, I think she’s fun and cute, which for me seems like a lovely combination for how she acts in the games she appears in. As she doesn’t appear very often on the Tale, for this week’s succubus, an image of the Disgaea succubus that made me smile.

Mr~! by hexed

Mr~! by hexed


You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

There’s just something so dearly cute about the Disgaea succubus, and it’s really a shame there isn’t all that much art of her to be found. I’m not sure why that is, but I think there should be. She’s cute, but sexy, evil-ish, but almost innocent as well. It’s a neat combination for a character.



May 02 2018

It’s Shiny, the question is how Sinful is it really

Sinful Devil CostumeI do like shiny costumes and I have said so many times before. But shiny alone does not a sexy costume make and if the accessories don’t work then the sexy really hasn’t a chance to seduce.

Still, that’s not to say that it can’t be done, especially if a certain pitchfork that I loath isn’t part of the costume when it is worn.

This is called the Sinful Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, which has some padding in it, the sequin devil horns and the pitchfork the model is holding. The fishnet stockings and shoes are not included. This costume sells for $45 US on most websites I have found it on. Adding the stockings and shoes would push this costume to about $150 US.

Setting aside the costume for the moment, I really don’t like the fishnets very much. I do like the shoes and really a pair of shiny stockings with this dress would I think work a lot better.

That said, while I like the dress for the teasing flirtiness, the horns need to go as does the pitchfork by far. A pair of shiny horns would work so much better overall and there are so many other pitchforks to choose from that would go better with this look.

Still, there’s something to be said about the dress and how you would be flashing everyone in the room with a view of your panties. Which would have be red of course, and shiny… just saying.

As things are, I’ll give this two and a half pitchforks out of five, mainly for my bemusement.

It’s not terrible, it can go places given some imagination and isn’t that really the point?



Apr 28 2018

A unique Vimeo Succubus video

A somewhat different Vimeo short about succubi, it is very short and really it’s more of a test of special effects than anything else. Regardless of that, the overall look and concept I think is unique and might be something to ponder over…

In the event this video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link.

As is my usual method, here’s a screenshot from the film that I am pondering over:

Succubus by Ali Chadwick

Succubus by Ali Chadwick

The thing about this video, at least for me, is that there’s a feeling of possession or a spirit coming out from the darkness. I’m not sure if that’s leaving the figure, going into her or just hovering there on the edge of understanding. Regardless, the concept of ethereal nothingness mixed with a kind of dark foreboding worked well here for me.

I have a thought, not much more than that for a story, but perhaps something will come of that thought eventually…



Apr 26 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 536

I like discovering art of Succubi Queens in that how each looks and holds themselves tells a story. An image then this week of a succubi who has a unique look and seems very comfortable in being so.

Succubus Queen by preter

Succubus Queen by preter

You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

She’s an interesting character, she looks right, her corset and boots mix well with her wings and overall look. I think her torn leggings don’t quite work for me. Her overall look seems too proper, too well put together for there to be tears to be found.

That said, she has a lovely smile, a relaxed pose and I have a feeling she’s more of a warrior succubus overall. Perhaps not too much so over the top, but she seems to have a strength about her that lends itself to that in my thoughts.

Warrior Queen Succubus… There’s a story in that.