Oct 17 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 613

Succubi are, occasionally, a bit over-endowed…  That seems to be a Hentai thing much of the time, Morrigan is, of course, quite well known for being so as well. This time on the Tale, one of the Succubi who is rather top heavy and isn’t shy about it…

Succubus Jeane by zetarok

Succubus Jeane by zetarok

This work is by the artist zetarok on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

What I really love about this art are her thigh-high boots and arm length gloves. The cuffs on the gloves just made me smile as they are a perfect little addition to her look. Lovely hair style, her expression is quite interesting as well. The outfit is perhaps a little bit of a showoff sort of thing, but for her body shape it makes complete sense. It’s really nice that her tail and wings colours match too.

A neat Succubi character with a very original style that I think works really well.



Oct 10 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 612

Art of Succubi doesn’t always need to be overtly sexual in its form. The use of shadow, a pose, a bit of something in the depths of the art can create something very special. Today then on the Tale, a work of Succubi art that hints at something beyond the succubus herself…

Moonlight by drewjames25

Moonlight by drewjames25


This art is the work of the artist Drew James and you can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

What I particularly love about this art is that it relies on the viewer’s imagination to fill in what’s hidden in the shadows and I think that’s intriguing overall. Yes, her wings are there, there’s a hint of her horns as well, but all else is left open to what one’s imagination can provide.

It’s a minimalist approach, but it is so very thought provoking and that fascinates me…



Oct 09 2019

Battery… Powered… Horns.

Possibly one of the costume ideas that I dislike the most happen to be light-up horns. It seems silly, looks silly and just strikes me as being another level of trashy costume design. Mix that wonder with a wig that looks like a mop that was dunked into a bucket of glitter and you have this week’s questionable costume accessory option.

This is the Lite Up Devil Wig and it sells for $20 US. Supposedly there art batteries to be put into the horns which “gives a sexy glow”… I would take a shovelful of salt with that description at least.

The look does nothing for me, the hairstyle is limp and has an air of trashiness. Mix that with a pair of plastic horns which have bulbs in them and I can see this being a mess. Some reviews have noted that one battery runs out before the other and I’m sure that’s a wonderful look too.

Messy unkempt hair done the right way, can be sexy, but this is just thrown together and seems like an attempt at getting rid of some leftover wigs and poorly selling horns.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

So disappointing an idea and not worth considering…



Oct 03 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 611

Halloween approaches, and so some Succubi of the Week for the next little while in which there’s a rather present Halloween theme.For this week, a bit of a Morrigan cosplay which brings with it both a lot of cleavage and a lot of cuteness…

Halloween Succubus by おさしん

Halloween Succubus by おさしん


You can find the original source of this image at Pixiv here.

I like to think of this art as being a younger version of Morrigan Aensland, even though the title is Halloween Succubus, the succubus doesn’t quite look like Morrigan, there are some small differences of course. The little bat making eyes at the obvious cleavage makes me smile, she’s a lovely and cute succubus, really a neat bit of Morrigan art overall.

I kind of have this other thought that there’s a Morrigan costume that when worn on Halloween bestows Morrigan’s cleavage and looks to anyone that wears it… That might be a story idea to ponder I think…



Oct 02 2019

A costume accessory which makes no sense…

I’ve wondered what the most useless and possibly ill conceived costume accessory might be. It would seem that I have stumbled across that pinnacle of poorly hatched ideas this week on the Tale. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the rating that this hot mess received on the website I found it on… but I’ll get back to that.

There are, obviously, a set of Red Devil Nails, they come ten to a pack, and that package of awfulness sells for about $3 US.

Rather than being press-on nails, which I could deal with, these nails are attached to caps that go over the tips of fingers. Issue one, they don’t work well with female hands, long nails make these things impossible to place properly and they fall off. Then there’s the issue with how those fake nails are positioned, you can’t really pick something up with them, at which point you’re better off to pull the silly things off and toss them into the trash.

I can’t see why this is a viable option, it’s far better to glue some nail extension on and colour them to your heart’s content.They look silly as well, and I’d think the oddness of one’s hands would divert attention from whatever costume you might be wearing.

That then brings me to the rating these have on one website… They have a four out of five score which I can only chalk up to someone making a joke… at least I hope so…

As for me? Zero pitchforks out of five.

I’ll have my nails done in a salon thank you.



Sep 26 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 610

While red, overall, is the colour of Succubi, black can be wonderful when it is used in a way that accents the power and seductiveness of the succubus herself. An image this week in which black and red accent each other to reveal a succubus character who I think is delightfully fun.

Succubus Girl by ぼち

Succubus Girl by ぼち


You can find the original source of this work on Pixiv here.

I admit to having a bit of a shiny latex fetish, and I do love this succubus’ overall look. From her shoes to the tips of her horns, she just looks amazing. The sheer of her stockings and gloves is a perfect touch against the gleaming black of the rest of her outfit. Perfect hairstyle, her horns and ears might be a shade too large, but that’s not a real issue overall. Interesting wing forms, but it’s her tail which makes the entire look just work so well together.

Cute, perhaps a bit forceful in her personality, but every bit a lovely succubus.



Sep 25 2019

They really aren’t trying are they?

At various points in my poking about the internet… usually with my pitchfork… and looking for the next example of utterly trashy and unflattering devil costumes… there comes one that poses a question. Usually it’s one about someone’s sanity, or lack of… or.. more apt in this case… wondering just what the designer was thinking when they came up with this mess.

This is called the Devil Cocktail Hat and… really there’s not a lot here to comment on. It’s basically a devil’s mask with a bit of fluff stapled on top to an an air of… something. It can be found for sale on several websites for about $14 US.

It’s described, to my complete disbelief, as being sexy, which it isn’t, flattering, which it hardly is, but most of all it is claimed to be the “perfect addition to your devil look”. Possibly if you are seeking the trashy and silly look in combination.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I wouldn’t consider this, don’t care for it at all. It might not be the worst I have found, but it is in the running.