Succubi Image of the Week 711

Succubi appear in a lot of fantasy settings of course, it’s expected if you think about it. A work of fantasy art this time on the Tale which brings something to ponder…

Infernal Temptress (Mature 18+) by Darkphoenix909

Infernal Temptress (Mature 18+) by Darkphoenix909

This work is by the artist Darkphoenix909 on DeivantArt and you can find the original page here.

She’s very much a temptress, there’s no question of that. Her form is wonderful, I think the various accessories she’s wearing add a lot to her look. There’s a little bit of a harem feeling here as well, though I think that’s probably more of a tease and trap for the unwary…

A seductress should be irresistible and she certainly is…


At least the horns match the costume, shame the shoes don’t

Devious Demon CostumeSuccubi in the Realm have many different tail colours and one of those is pink. To my surprise, and bemusement, I found this interesting devil costume all in pink. Save for the shoes, but no one is perfect after all…

This is called the Devious Demon Costume, which I think is a misnomer, and it comes with the iridescent hot pink catsuit and matching horns and tail. The shoes are not included, which is a good thing because why would you be wearing red heels with a pink outfit? It sells for $83 US and adding a nice pair of pink heels would make this $140 US.

Honestly I kind of like this overall. it’s not my colour of course, but it looks nice… except for the tail and the horns. This is one of those costumes where not having a tail would be a plus, and having a better pair of horns would really make this work a lot better.

But pink succubi are odd about fashion, at least in the Realm…

Three out of five pitchforks.

Bemusing, and a look that’s different and has something to it, which are good things to have…


A Review of Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

A review today of the second work in the Demon Hunter series by Michael Dalton, you can find my review of the first book here.

Being involved with magic leads to complications. Whether that be close at hand or brewing on the horizon, sometimes there’s no real shelter from the oncoming storm.

  • Title: Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal
  • Author: Michael Dalton
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 207 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B093Y5XQ5H
  • Publishing Date: June 1, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Grad student Jimmy has settled into life as a sorcerer with succubus Katarina, girlfriend Hayley, and familiar Charlotte. But much about his background and relationship to the infernal bureaucracy remains a mystery he struggles to unravel.
Hired to recover a powerful grimoire lost by Hell decades ago, Jimmy and his harem come into contact with a mysterious group known as the Vermillion Cabal. But the threat the group poses is not what it seems, and the job soon leads to a shocking series of discoveries about Jimmy’s past.
With his life hanging in the balance, Jimmy must decide which path he will walk, and where his allegiances truly lie – assuming those decisions have not already been made for him.

Life is complicated when you’ve captured a succubus and she’s the least of your problems. Jimmy has learned something of what he’s facing, but there’s more to discover and some things he might be better off not knowing for his own sake. But that’s not really an option, as much as he might want it to be.

The work follows on directly from the prior story, Jimmy making connections with new characters and strengthening that which he has already. Overall it’s world building, setting up the series and moving the characters onwards. Katarina, the succubus of the series, remains with him, and while the story doesn’t focus on her much, there’s some needed character growth that I rather liked.

There is a scattering of erotica throughout, but it isn’t real;ly the focus. There’s a lot of world building that needs to be done, dark forces to be revealed and, in time, a mystery to start to explore. It does turn very serious at times, hard choices are made, but there’s a good sense of Jimmy’s morality which holds things together.

It’s perhaps a bit scattered, there might be a point where sorting out the relationships, which at times are hugely complicated, would have been a good thing. Occasionally there’s some story drift as well in which the characters lose their way for what seems like not a good reason. It’s still a cute and fun read, but the pressures are getting to the characters and it’s clear that the fun isn’t going to last.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A good follow on work, it does fill in a lot of gaps and it does start to give the main plot the traction it needs. Katarina is a bit on the edges, as such there’s not a lot of growth, but some promise is there. Hopefully the next work will give her something more to do and perhaps she’s be something more than what she’s been so far.


Act of Faith by TeraS

It’s that point in time that Cassie knew was coming this time on the Tale. You can find the prior chapters here, here, here and here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.. Last week’s part is here. We are told that the future will look after itself, but we might not see that fully, and so it can take an …

Act of Faith
By TeraS

They’d left for the park just after breakfast, Cassie driving her yellow convertible with Keith giving directions. The Temptress wished the drive would have taken longer, hoped that something might delay them, but it didn’t. The familiar sight of the park and the garage nearby soon came into view. She found a parking place on the lot of Keith’s garage.

Turning off the engine, they sat there for a while, not saying a word. It wasn’t that she didn’t have something to say; Goddess knew that there were millions of things she could tell him, but couldn’t. Cassie could tell he wanted to say something, but the words weren’t there. Finally, Keith opened the door and picked up his camera bag: “There’s something I want to do before everything happens.”

The walk to the park was as short as she remembered it, but this time she tried to remember every step, the feeling of Keith’s hand in her own, the laughter they shared as they ran across the street.

Confused, the silver-tail watched her love set a camera on his bag and position it towards the park bench. He took some time; Cassie eventually settled on the bench to wait for him to finish. Once he seemed satisfied with things, a button was pressed and he rushed over.

As her love took a place beside her, the curiosity overcame her: “What’s that for?”

“I don’t have one picture of us together.”

Her voice was surprised: “You never asked.”

His admission was heartfelt: “I thought there was more time.”

Cassie held his hand, rested her head against his shoulder. She delighted in the feeling of being with him. knowing so much more about him. A warm smile came as she sighed. The camera clicked and she knew that another part of the future was written. Someday that image would be placed in a silver frame, positioned just so on Keith’s office desk, where the silver-tail would be guided to discover it so many years later: the image of her Adored One and herself on a park bench … in love. So many pieces and parts of the past were calling out to the future, to her, and she’d never been aware enough to see them all.

They’d left the park afterwards, returning to Keith’s garage; he put the camera bag into his office before locking the place up again. Cassie looked at her yellow convertible in the parking lot. It took a moment to fish the keys out of her pocket and hand them to him: “I won’t be needing that. Will you look after it for me?”

He looked at the keys in his hand: “I’ll figure something out.”

Then it happened, Cassie felt Tera arrive, she always knew when her dearest friend was nearby: “Come on.”

It was a short walk to the alleyway that looked across to the park. Cassie didn’t explain why she was taking them there, there was no reason to. She’d told Keith this was the time he’d meet Tera. This was the place where the future would begin. Standing just inside the entrance from the street, they waited. There wasn’t anything to say, the Temptress thought, but her Adored One surprised her: “Cassie, thank you.”

The silver-tail didn’t know what to say, then Cassie caught a flash of red in the distance: “She’s here.”

From the far side of the park, a woman with wild ebon hair and wearing a long red latex jacket entered. She seemed wrapped up in her thoughts, troubled by something. The park bench soon came into her view and she found a place there to rest.

It was Tera, there was no question. It was odd to not see her red tail or horns, but of course she couldn’t. Cassie’s adored one, Tera’s Eternal-to-be, mused: “She looks … right.”

Cassie smiled: “Seems to be what we say about each other.”

Keith squeezed her hand: “Cassie …”

The Temptress shook her head: “You need to be with her. Go.”

Keith’s so-blue eyes met her own green: “This isn’t goodbye.”

Cassie managed to hold back the tears: “We don’t say goodbye.”

“See you soon?”

The smile was the best she could do: “Count on it.”

The Temptress didn’t want to let go, didn’t want to allow his hands to fall away from her own, didn’t want to see him take a step back and then turn away … but she did. She watched him walk out of the alleyway, Tera framed in the park off in the distance. Cassie wanted him to just go … but didn’t, to be with Tera and have things begin … but wished it could wait.

She didn’t expect him to pause and turn to look back, to touch two fingers to his lips. The Temptress touched her heart, whispered one word: “Always” and then couldn’t look away as Keith crossed the street and entered the park.

Tera looked miserable, Cassie cursed her past self and at the same time was thankful for what she’d done now. She’d pushed Tera in the Realm and guided Keith to be here. She’d given both of them a reason to be in the same place at the same time. The silver-tail didn’t truly understand what she’d done until now. Until the moment when Keith crossed the park and stopped by the tall oak tree next to the bench where Tera rested.

From afar, she could see Keith speaking, Tera turning to look at him. She knew the words they said to each other, she could recite them by heart. Cassie wasn’t a red-tail, but—seeing Keith settle in with Tera, their eyes for each other, the first tentative touch of fingers that told more than the words could even if she could hear them—she wished she was.

The blonde thought it would hurt to feel Keith slipping away, that piece inside of herself becoming loose and falling out. It would be alright, losing peace for the sake of the Eternals. She stood there a long time waiting for the pain, the hurt, the loss … But it didn’t come.

She ached for them, more than she ever had before, but there wasn’t hurt in that ache. It was the ache of wanting to go home. The ache of needing to see them both once more as she knew them, as she wanted, needed them to be …

… to be part of their lives once more.

It was all worth it, she realized, carrying the truth in a silver frame held safely in the canvas bag slung over her shoulder. The future would come; it did matter. All of this was worth the secret the picture held.

Turning away she decided now was the time to go. A wave of her hand and the graffiti covered wall shimmered under the magic being cast. As the portal formed, Cassie’s clothing changed, the silver dress her Adored One loved—the look that proclaimed her to be his Temptress—forming. Her silver heels clicked on the pavement as she moved, a brush of fingers through her blond mane making it just so, the silver bracelet upon her wrist glinting in the magic energies.

Gripping the handle of the canvas bag tightly, the Temptress found she wasn’t afraid of what awaited her. What was meant to be … was. What would be … will. This portal was the future awaiting her. The past that made the future fulfilled, the future offering what it would. Tempted by the Eternals behind her, she had a passing thought to stay and watch what happened next. But she knew she had to go, to pass into their future and her present.

One silver heel passed through, followed by the Temptress, the last of her being her silver tail, the tip looking back at the Eternals holding hands for the first time before it, too, left the past behind.

The future arrived with Cassie’s silver heel touching polished wood floor, her eyes beholding Keith’s office as it formed around her.

The one voice she didn’t expect called out her name as the portal closed …


A Review of Impossible Castle by M. Gregg Roe

Impossible Castle by M. Gregg Roe

Impossible Castle by M. Gregg Roe

A review of the first book in a new series today on the Tale and it’s one in which one of the main characters is a Succubus with all the trials and issues that brings.

It’s a delight to discover a story in which a succubus is more than what she is. It’s telling when her nature battles with her needs and how that is overcome. Perhaps in telling that story something is revealed about the story universe as a whole which otherwise couldn’t be.

  • Title: Impossible Castle
  • Author: M. Gregg Roe
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 370 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B094ZCHRM8
  • Publishing Date: July 14, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

For our young guardian, it’s a real concern. People are relying on her. Okay, most of the inhabitants of Andoran’s Realm don’t even know she exists, but it’s still her job to protect them. Well, one of her jobs. She’s also teaching martial arts and helping to raise her orphaned cousins. Life is complicated. Anyway, it’s her first real crisis, and she’s anxious to prove herself.
Fortunately, our powerful but inexperienced guardian is not alone. She has friends she can rely on for help and advice, including some who are seasoned adventurers. Of course, they have their own issues to deal with, especially the one who’s half demon. But who doesn’t have problems?

A tale of adventure and mystery surrounds a small town and those that live there. But as well, day to day life, the needs within, and the questions of life itself to be answered are not to be ignored. Among all of the strings being pulled one thing is clearly needed. Friends that can be counted on that matter.

The work is a mixture of fantasy, adventure and mystery told amazingly well. There are a vast number of characters, but they are all used and combined to tell the story in a way that none are really set to the side. The story universe is complex with its own mysteries that tempt and bring questions throughout and I rather enjoyed that complexity.

All of the characters are well rounded, have a clear voice and throughout they are both learning about their world, but also about themselves. There are many fantasy brings such as elves, orcs and others, but the one character that I found the most enthralling is the succubus of the work, Aliva.

Aliva is far more than the succubus she is, and that comes from her intelligence, her thoughtfulness and everything her soul is entwined with. The teases about her background, and how she met her husband brought me a wonderful smile. She is powerful and the display of her abilities is told well and doesn’t seem out of place with the rest of the work. But it’s the darker side of Aliva, what she is asked to do in the town, and what that means in order to keep herself in control that spoke volumes about her. Her personality and form are perfectly succubus in nature, but it doesn’t overcome her good sense and reason which I dearly enjoyed.

Well written, the mystery is telling, and the world itself is created to allow good storytelling to unfold. The author clearly loves telling this story and has invested a lot in their characters. Well worth a read for those that enjoy intelligent fantasy works with a dash of a succubus that isn’t stereotypical.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I simply adore Aliva in so many ways. A lovely, complex and telling story by far, but Aliva is the glue that, for me, holds everything together. Perhaps in time more of her past will come out, certainly her destiny will be a delight to behold. I look forward to the next work in the series with wonder and hope as a result.


A cute Devil Succubus Speedpaint YouTube

Having said it many times before, I do love cute succubi and this time on the Tale a speedpainting YouTube of a absolutely fun and cute succubus character that I think is adorable…

In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, a screenshot of the completed artwork in case the video vanishes from YouTube…

Devil Succubus by Jaz Reid

She’s wonderful from her expression through her horns, hair, tail and the outfit is perfect for her too. She looks like a lot of fun, which makes her adorable and that just appeals to me so very much…


A Review of Demons & Dynasties by Luka Fallon

Demons & Dynasties by Luka Fallon

Demons & Dynasties by Luka Fallon

It seems that stories using succubi as a means to drive the plot onwards, or drive two characters together, is becoming something of a meme.

The thing is, using them for a few pages and then tossing them aside leaves quite a lot of story possibilities behind. It’s a bit of a shame, and brings up the question of whether or not the succubus really mattered in the first place.

  • Title: Demons & Dynasties
  • Author: Luka Fallon
  • Published By: Molly House Press, LLC
  • Length: 89 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0981CF6YS
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Vince James is living his worst life. As the youngest son, forced to hold his father’s empire together, Vince knows nothing about Manhattan or the world beyond his father’s control.
Damien Blake refuses to be what anyone expects. Inheriting his father’s enterprises at a young age forced Damien into the cut-throat business world and the realization that everyone prefers his money to him.
Will a rash act of independence bring doom and destruction or desire and destiny? Can Vince and Damien learn that both demons and love are real in time to save each other?

Vince has it all and at the same time nothing at all. Family is family, no matter how painful that may be. A chance encounter brings the possibility of something better, if he’s willing to take a chance on them, and himself.

The work is a male/male romance adventure with a bit of erotica around the edges which is a lovely read from start to finish. The story is interesting, the characters fit together well. Overall the story has depth and allows the characters to grow throughout.

There is the appearance of a succubus in the work, but it is minor and fleeting. She is never named, really does and says very little and is mainly there as a means to trap Vince and put him in jeopardy. She is interesting, perhaps even tempting, but she’s a shadow otherwise, vanishing in a handful of pages. There’s little said about her physically, her purpose being done she vanishes into the pages of the story never to return.

Three out of five pitchforks for the story overall, One pitchfork out of five for the appearance of the succubus.

This isn’t a work about succubi or incubi and it’s a bit of a shame the succubus is never named or her role goe anywhere. That said, the story overall is interesting and seems like a good lead to the larger series. Perhaps at some point succubi or incubi will appear in a larger way, but it seems unlikely.