Aug 15 2018

Yes, it’s an angel costume, but a pair of horns can make all the difference…

Evil Black Angel CostumeSomething a bit different over the next few weeks in that I’ve stumbled across a few interesting angel costumes. They’re sexy, have a good deal of naughty in them… and just adding a pair of black or red horns would make the costume delightfully succubish I think.

This is called the Evil Black Angel Costume and it comes with the strapless dress and the wings. The fishnets and shoes are not included and it sells for $100 US.

Adding the fishnets and shoes will being the total to $175 and at that point there are a lot of other options to consider for looks that are far better.

However, I can see this working as a succubus costume with a pair of black horns alone or red horns and a red tail.

It’s very sexy and naughty, which is always a good place to start and it really wouldn’t take much to turn this into something more… horny.

I’ll give this three pitchforks out of five with the addition of horns and a tail.

But I don’t think I would add this to my collection because I have a few little black dresses that I think are every bit as sexy.



Aug 11 2018

An interesting Succubus Art WIP YouTube

Another of the many succubus art in progress YouTubes that I share from time to time on the Tale. This week’s art is, I think, quite unique and original in the overall look and style this artist has. Certainly this is one of the more unique works of succubus art that I have found.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist also shared the completed work on DeviantArt, which I am sharing a smaller version of, and you can find the page with this work here.

Succubus by ArtofIzanagi

Succubus by ArtofIzanagi

Overall, she’s quite interesting, from her overall look, glowing eyes and rather different expression. But what I think is most unique is her choice of clothing in that it seems to be a part of her, possibly coming from her wings and extending over her form. That’s quite different and I think it’s a stylistic choice that adds quite a lot to the completed work.

It’s also striking how the blue is balanced out over her entire form. While that’s a mixture of things, it does would well to five her some needed contrast too.

Just unique and interesting as a whole.




Aug 09 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 551

Finding really unique looking succubi is one of the things I enjoy most about sharing art of them each week. The view of each artist, how their views and ideas shape the images shared offers some really interesting perceptions. This week, a succubus image from a game who’s form brings rise to imagination.

Mighty Monsters Demon2 by Vaejoun

Mighty Monsters Demon2 by Vaejoun

This art is the creation of the artist Vaejoun on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here as well.

There’s an interesting complexity in this art and I think that comes to the mask-like visage she wears against the more evil parts of her form. By that I mean her face is temptation, but her feet and hands suggest that underneath the pleasure there’s something darker waiting.

It’s well done, the sensual aspects work well with the dangerous parts of her form and it offers a unique reflection on some of the myths about succubi in their more evil forms.

Lovely art which leaves something to think about is always a delight to find…



Aug 08 2018

It’s red and shiny, but it’s not much of a costume really…

Red Sequins Devil CostumeOne of the things that disappoints me about many devil costumes is the dress. Almost all of them have a really poor hem line and that bothers me more than anything else. While I can understand the choice made, I always wonder if there was a better choice. Much like that of the horns that go with the dress or the pitchfork seen with it, someone’s not thinking.

This is called the Red Sequins Devil Costume and it comes with the sequin tube dress, the lousy pitchfork and the deflated horns this model is wearing. The shoes, which I actually like, are not included. Amazingly, this sells for $50 US on many sites and I can’t understand why.

It’s a very simple design, obviously, and that just lends itself to just going to a store, finding a really sexy red dress, a pair of sexy shoes and looking far sexier with just a little bit of effort.

Come to think about it, that’s how I seduced my Eternal…

As for this wonder, one and a half pitchforks out of five and that’s only because I like the sequins on this dress.

The rest is just forgettable.



Aug 06 2018

A moment for my Evil Dragon Chi

I’d normally be sharing a story today on the Tale, but I find that my thoughts aren’t allowing me to do so.

Earlier this morning I received a note through the Collective in which… one of my fears has come to pass.

Chi, my evil dragon, has been battling a foe who has taken many I love from me over the years. The fight has been long, more difficult than I can possibly share here.

Chi passed in the last few days, cancer having taken its toll…

I’ve been spending the morning…. well… mourning…

I’ve known Chi since the very first days of the Collective, got to know him personally as I think many who know myself and Chi know…

He is, not was, an artist, an amazing storyteller. He published a book on Amazon, one of the last things he did was to send me a signed print copy of that work which is sitting here beside me as I type this…

Chi created what has been called the SuccuDress, for me… I took that art and had the dress made, it’s the one I wear every year at the charity Halloween ball I hold… it’s appeared in a lot of the images I use while RPing and elsewhere…

His RPing, the words, the seductive teasing nature, was something that I always loved to read… It told of how talented he was, the amazing way he could write a scene, RP with others, and always made the best stories he could.

I’ve always called him “evil dragon”, it’s a bit of a story behind that, mostly from the first RP we did together on Yahoo Chat no less, in the 1990s, which tells you how long I’ve known Chi…

I mentioned that he is an amazing artist… Over the years he sent me his original sketches, finished artwork, and the little doodles of things that just make me smile and, I will admit, bring me to tears as I look to what I think are his best works that I’ve framed and hung on my office wall here at home…

Chi was an inspiration to me, to many. We all, in the RP community, knew of his battle, pulled for him every step of the way… We suffered the highs and lows and in the moments when he could be on Skype, his strength came through…

I’m not sure what else to say, not sure how I can tell of the hurt and tears I have right now…

I can say that in my mind, my evil dragon has awoken, unfurled his wings and is soaring above, his golden scales shining brightly as he revels in his freedom…

This is not goodbye Chi… just… see you soon…


With Love and weeping memories…



Aug 04 2018

A very unique Succubus character WIP YouTube

I enjoy looking at succubus art, especially those works in which the art displays a succubus that’s different than what’s considered usual. Some art goes quite a bit out beyond the expected and that is the focus of the YouTube art that I’m sharing today. She’s very different, without question, but nonetheless, she is a succubus.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video disappears from YouTube, here’s a screenshot towards the end of the video which gives a fair idea of what this succubus character looks like.

Succubus by Gabi Leal

Succubus by Gabi Leal

The video never reveals her entire appearance, but nonetheless she’s very unique overall. I really would like to know what she looks like overall, I just thunk she’s interesting and that’s attractive to me in being so.

There’s just something about her look, the expression… call it, almost dangerous look she has which I think is very striking overall. Her horns, while being quite a bit odd at first glance, do seem to work well here for her.

Something different to consider and mull over…



Aug 02 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 550

There is some succubi art in which the a look, an expression, tells so much about the character that one’s imagination can fill in the rest of the story quite well. An image then this week of a succubus called Lilith, a smile that cannot be missed and a look in her eyes that connects the story together perfectly.

Lilith by Maryloza

Lilith by Maryloza

This work is simply called Lilith and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Maryloza. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

The most captivating thing about this art are Lilith’s eyes. The gleam, the colour, the arch of her eyebrows is such a draw by far. Then her smile builds upon that temptation, the hint of danger in her expression I think draws one towards her. The colours are really well chosen, I don’t think that red would have worked as well as these colours here.

A sexy and dangerous visage of Lilith and within that comes such wonderful stories…