Jul 19 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 548

The Queen of Pain is a succubus who, as a whole, is fairly well known. I came across something of a tangential queen to her which just made me smile. Being that a particular red tail Queen of the Realm is enamoured with baking and cooking… Why wouldn’t there be a Queen of… Jam?

Queen of jam by TagoVanTor

Queen of jam by TagoVanTor

This art was created by an artist on DeviantArt called TagoVanTor. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here as well.

I have to admit that the entire concept just made me giggle when I first found this delight. It’s quite clear where the inspiration came from, and there’s so many echos of the original character here. But just that little touch of the jar of jam, the delight in her expression just brings this to be so much more. Lovely colours, everything is very much true to form and that’s really nice to see.

I find myself wondering if she’s going to have an orgasm when a drop of the jam touches her tongue. Of course the question then becomes where does the jam come from and what does she spread it on…

There’s a really good erotic story in that I think…



Jul 18 2018

A rather interesting horn mask…

Sexy Red Glitter Devil MaskFrom time to time there are some masks that interest me. I like unique designs, something that’s attractive, something that suggests that the designers might have actually been thinking about how to make something that wasn’t trashy.

This is called the Sexy Red Glitter Devil Mask and it sells normally for $15 US, but can be found on sale from time to time as low as $5.

I have one of these and there’s really one complaint I have which is the string to hold it on is elastic and it is very easy to break. That said, once I replaced the string with a better one, it actually fits fairly well overall.

The band is rather thick and it does stand out against one’s hair as it’s not really made to be hidden well. But, again, changing to a better band, or adding a wig, helps with the illusion.

It’s not uncomfortable, if it’s put on correctly your vision isn’t impeded very much either. While it does have some glitter, that isn’t overly done and with the right dress it works fairly well. As a option to horn headbands, it’s not a bad one overall.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Better than most horn headbands, there’s just enough sexy in the look and that’s not a bad thing…



Jul 16 2018

Sing By TeraS

There are moments when we lose touch, when we get wrapped up in episodes which take us away. But, in spite of this, regardless of the events, in the tapestry that becomes woven, there are echoes that are remembered. Within these comes the need to listen and …


By TeraS


The winds of summer blew across the sands of time, gathering the heat of the season, drawing it like a blanket over the Realm. The thoughts of wearing as little as possible—well, somewhat less than what most wore, regardless when they set their minds to passionate pursuits—came quite often now. Sweat made skin shimmer in the heat and sun, the breeze on occasion passing by those fortunate enough to have the moisture evaporated away before the heat, or the passions, made it return. Many a swimming pool dotted the Realm landscape, little oases in which the heat could be quenched by the cool crisp waters. They offered respite from the season at worst, and erotic delights at their best.

As much as these delights called, there was one particular red-tail who found herself not quite able to take these moments as others did. Oh, not that the idea didn’t bring a smile, nor that she refused as such; it was simply that she didn’t have the time to give towards that measure of temptation.

But the thing about temptation one should never forget is how undeniable she is. Her song never leaves the hearer’s thoughts; her music is unlike any other. The shiver and delight when this singer knows she has struck a chord, strummed a rhythm, captured a melody, is always held in the listener.

She awoke to the tender caress of lips, light hands exploring, seeking. Between the dreamworld and the Realm, her thoughts were a bit muddled and confused. Someone was humming softly, the words hidden beneath sing-song interludes that played as much as she felt those fingers exploring her curves. Her red silk sheets, cool to the skin and so needed in the heat of summer, slid over her skin, leaving her bare to Song’s temptation. Soft lips pressed against a calf, the muscle beneath giving a tremor as her tanned skin was suckled upon, lips moving slowly higher. Fingers with purpose delighted in trailing over thighs, gently nudging the focus of this desire to open herself to the Song that … no, who … awaited her.

The ebon-maned delight moaned in the midst of Song’s play, her lips pressed against the pillow as questing fingers trembled in need even as her legs parted, just as Song desired. A breath over damp folds brought a gasp of surprise and the red-tail turned over to see … nothing.

Gathering silk sheets to her chest, she looked about in confusion. She’d felt the touch of a song, the passion of the music still played about her core, but of the singer she saw nothing. She released the sheets, which pooled about her waist, leaving her cleavage bare to the ceiling fan above as it slowly turned, bringing some relief from the heat that burned within her. But the heat would not be quenched. No wind, no matter how cooling, could douse the fire now kindled. Shaking her head, Tera’s wild mane flew about even as she gathered her thoughts. Looking across her bedroom, she regarded the oasis of the bathroom and the shower within. The cool sheets beckoned for her to stay, to allow the song to play on. But the heat pressed upon her, the sheets slithered from her form as she moved through the fever to the next oasis on her journey. As the water began to fall over the royal form, from the sheets came the lilting giggle of delighted song.

The Queen of the Realm closed her eyes and allowed herself to be bathed in the cool waters falling upon her. Her wild, ebon mane soon was drenched in wetness, slick against her back. Red-tipped fingers soon found themselves draped around the shower head, bracing herself as her thoughts began to clear. The water helped to dampen the flames and she shifted her stance, allowing more of the cool waters to caress her mound and draw the heat away. But Song would not dim from her thoughts: the music played on within the succubi and her heat turned the waters to steam around her. The cool against her skin met with the heat of the steam, which soon clouded over the glass shower door, spilling out into the bathroom, enveloping all with an erotic vapor. She soon was ensconced in billowing clouds, not that she saw them, her eyes closed against the falling water that fought against her flaming heat.

Song returned to her, the music enveloping, delighting in the heat she’d created in her Mistress and lover. Fingers returned to Her Majesty’s skin and the white-haired flame gasped, the water trying to quench parted lips and questing tongue. Slick fingers curled over tanned hips, seeking, needing, Song trilling in delight. Wet lips nuzzled over titian-toned skin, heated and cooled, shivering and afire. Red horns sparkled in the waters as warm, wet skin met another heated presence. Shapely curves pressed against and into long, matted hair, sharp points of aching need buried into her mistress’ form, Song mewling in ecstasy for this moment. The music of passion enveloped the singer and her audience—or should we say instrument?—now as Song’s fingers sang their tune of devotion through her Mistress, pushing away the cool waters and replacing them with the heat of Song’s soul.

The music strained towards its crescendo, to explode throughout the melody’s peak and then, on the knife-edge of temptation, red fingers slipped free, ebon mane took flight as the tempting red-tail spun on her heels and so-green eyes opened to find … nothing.

The shower was thick with steam. The waters hadn’t quenched her fires and the damp wall found itself caressing the Queen’s back as she pressed against it in thought, but her thoughts did not focus for her, instead dancing with the music still playing within her. So-green eyes looked into space as the missing pieces of the tune danced with the ones that sung within her. Cooling down had not helped, the heat of Song made all part before that need. As that realization came, the listener smiled in bemusement and turned off the water.

Blue waters sparkled against the sun above, rippling as a hot wind blew across them. Red tiles of a particular colour marked the edge of the pool, bordering it from the surrounding patio. The heat of summer pressed onto the scene below: the kidney-shaped pool of blue and the single white chaise lounge nestled by its edge.

Song stood by the edge of the pool, her long, platinum white ponytail draped against the small of her back. She hummed softly, the music from her Mistress forever within her. The waters invited her to plunge within them, to slake her thirst, but she knew that they would not take away the need, want, or desire for her. Dark sunglasses perched on her brow as she looked towards the sun above and the rhythm continued within. Idly she traced a finger against her cleavage in thought, the white bikini she wore “borrowed” as she was far too hot, within and without, to bear wearing anything more. Teetering slightly on the white heels she wore—because Mistress loved to see her Song wearing them—she called out her refrain, willing her passion to appear. Arms wide, her voice brought the humming to words, the words to song and the Song herself brought the heat building within her to new heights. The rapture of her music camouflaged the sound of a patio door opening, the clicking of sharp red heels against the patio stones muffled and unheard.

Song’s gasp of surprise came as oil-slick skin pressed against her own. Her body burned in need as her ebon-maned Mistress entrapped her. Slick fingers drew over heated skin, leaving behind a sheen of wetness that bound them together. Red lips nuzzled against skin, heat passing between them. Mistress allowed her Song to turn, to see. Pink lips found red lips to suckle, nibble, moan against. Fires kindled in Song and temptation burned hotter than summer, making it seem like a cool breeze against the heat they shared.

Mistress’ smile was delightfully wanton and Song’s needs thrummed in expectation. She’d been ever so naughty, hadn’t she? Mistress would have to do something about that … wouldn’t she? Red-tipped fingers found the knots tying white bikini to wet skin, top and bottom soon being discarded onto the patio stones below. Her Song mewled needfully as Mistress drew her across the patio towards the chaise lounge. Heat within egged Song on, teasing at Mistress’ bikini, pulling at the strings, shivering as her desire was bared.

Song’s passions sang of her want, Mistress opening herself to them fully. Lips suckled over heated skin, gently licking and tasting her temptation’s sweetness. The music within them both fanned the fires into an inferno, a wave of heat far beyond anything the summer itself could create. Cries of passion made the waters of the pool turn to steam, billowing out over the patio like a sauna. Song arched in screaming ecstasy as her Mistress’ pleasure became her own. The Song of love and wonder sang for them and the summer watched in awe as their passions overcame all.

A sultry ballad, sung by two souls ever being as one.

Jul 15 2018

A Review of Demon Seed by M Wills

Demon Seed by M Wills

Demon Seed by M Wills

Temptation is, of course, a theme that crops up very often in stories with succubi appearing in them. It is the way in which the main character of the story is brought to temptation, lead sometime down the garden path, which can be very interesting to watch unfold. But in the telling of what happens, there does need to be time spent in telling why things are and bringing the story to an end that makes the read worth while. If that cannot be done, that does leave much to be desired.

The work tells of:

Jay expects a weekend away with his stepmom, his stepsister, and his cousins to be boring…until he unleashes an ancient demon. She’s a lust demon, forced to obey Jay’s will and with the ability to possess any woman Jay orders her to.

Jay’s weekend just got a whole lot more interesting. With the demon’s help he sets out to do everything he’s always wanted to do to his three cousins: the blonde cheerleader, the half-Indian nerd, and the stoner hippie chick.

But what Jay doesn’t know is that the demon grows stronger with every sexual encounter and is planning to break free of Jay’s control and bend the entire world to her will. Can Jay stop her in time? And what–or who?–does he have to do to stop the demon from freeing herself?

Jay discovers a gem in which the lust demon Nadjal has been trapped for a very long time. Offering the temptation of having control over those around him, Jay’s thoughts turn to his family and what Nadjal could do in their bodies. But not everything has been told to Jay and Nadjal’s plans run deep and beyond Jay’s imagination.

The work is mainly a possession story in which various female characters become the vessels for Nadjal, she uses them to tempt Jay and turn his actions to her benefit. There’s not really much told about Nadjal beyond her being a lust demon, though in many ways she’s a succubus as well. She is a very short point at which her true form is show and then she’s a shadow in the background, toying with Jay and his family to her ends.

As such, this work goes off into some taboo territory, the summary clearly says what that is, and as a result there’s a lot of erotic scenes that come. But they really don’t have a lot of heat, reading very much like a teenaged porn movie scene mixed with a good hint of possession erotica. But the erotica really isn’t backed up with much heat. It becomes the core of the story, the entire work rests upon it and as there’s really not a lot of heat I don’t think it works overall.

The plot overall works, Nadjal plots and schemes, her goals and power growing as the story progresses. But the dialogue is thin, the story needs to be fleshed out more than the erotica allowed I felt. There’s a good deal of building up the story and directing it towards the climax of the work, but there’s a problem when that arrives.

The work just sort of… ends. There’s really not a good resolution to the work and that really is a disappointment. After all the time spent in building up Nadjal and bringing her plans to form, the story just tosses her aside with a short sentence, the aftermath comes with a whimper and the story ends. In truth how it does seems to suggest Nadjal’s story isn’t done, that Jay’s troubles aren’t over but the last few paragraphs felt like the author just rushed to the ending and they really shouldn’t have.

There are some minor editing issues here and there in the work, nothing too distracting, but at some points the mistake did take something away from the story itself. That said, the theme of the work is somewhat taboo, there’s more focus on Jay’s sexual escapades than on Nadjal’s and as a result the story seemed to be missing something throughout.

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s less a story about a succubus than it is about possession and the loosening of some mortal boundaries. I didn’t really find the heat in the work, Nadjal was a bit too stereotypically evil for my tastes as well.

I’m sure the themes will appeal to some readers, but personally there wasn’t enough succubus erotica for my tastes and if that had been more present in the work, I might have enjoyed it more.



Jul 14 2018

A Fantasy Board Game Succubus Figurine YouTube

There is a kickstarter going on, or was, which had the goal of creating a role playing board game called Anno Domini 1666. I know very little about this game, mainly because there’s not much in the way of succubi appearing in it. However, there is a YouTube that I found which shows succubus figurine from this game that I thought was quite interesting.

If the video doesn’t play here on the Tale, please try this link.

As YouTube has a tendency to make videos vanish, here’s an image of the figurine, unpainted, which I think is interesting as a whole.

Succubus from Anno Domini

Succubus from Anno Domini

As this game is set quite some time in the past, I do like her overall look, her tail is a bit odd, but in the context of the game, and what little information there is about succubi in it, there is some sense to it.

Overall, I just found her to be interesting, in form and presence. There are some really well done painted figurines that can be found online which make her features stand out far better of course.

Perhaps there will come a point where I’ll be adding her to the SuccuWiki, or at least an article about the game to a point. I do look forward to seeing what the creators of the game will make succubi to be.

One hopes that they are not stereotypically so…



Jul 12 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 547

I love succubi characters where one can see they have more than just a sexy smile, a teasing nature and, of course importantly, good fashion sense. An image this week then of a succubus I think has a lovely nature and a smile that’s delightful. Most of all, she is the cuteness and that really appeals to me.

Succubus by AtomikMamiko

Succubus by AtomikMamiko

This work is by the artist AtomikMamiko on DeviantArt and you can find the original page there with this art here. This artist’s DeviantArt page can be found here as well.

I think her hair is amazing, both in form and how well it contrasts with her outfit and overall look. Rather unique curled horns work well here and while there’s a hint of dance from her fingernails, overall she looks sexy and it work well here. Her stockings are interesting, I think I would have liked her to be wearing heels however as a whole…

Nonetheless, her smile is alluring, her pose is just right and her tail and wings just bring everything together just so… which makes me smile.



Jul 11 2018

I may have another set of horns to dislike

Devil Mistress CostumeOver the past little while there’s been the appearance of a pair of… well, they are silly looking shoulder horns with the most awful means of attaching them. That said, I’d thought that perhaps I’d come to the end of having to see them. But, as many will know with my never ending search for a non-trashy succubus costume… They have returned.

This is called the one-piece Devil Mistress Costume and it comes with… well, the shoulder horns and the dress. Shoes are not included and it sells for $90 US.

I still can’t see why they can’t make the straps red. I know they won’t match the dress, but honestly the straps look ugly, they do nothing for the overall look.

The dress isn’t a complete waste and really just adding a reasonable set of horns would make this barely palatable. But this just looks wrong and I think the model’s expression here says a lot by itself.

The dress could use a better hem as well, though that’s more my dislike of ragged lines on a dress.

Overall I get the feeling that they had some spare dresses laying about, threw the shoulder horns at it and called it a day. It’s disappointing in so many ways, but most of all the list price of this “work of art” just doesn’t match up with other possibilities in this price range.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The dress isn’t overly awful, but the shoulder horn straps are.