Jul 18 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 600

It’s the 600th Succubi Image of the Week and being so I’m going to be a little self-indulgent… Over the past while I’ve been supporting the art of Doc000 on Patreon, you can also find their DeviantArt page here and their NewGrounds page is here as well.

I asked for some 3D art of my Succubi Queen self to be created and the Doc kindly has been creating some wonderful art for me…

And so… for the 600th image…

Let me tell you a story…

TeraS Reading by Doc000

TeraS Reading by Doc000

You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here.

One of the most difficult things to get right is, of course, the Queen’s bemused smile… I’m so delighted that Doc was able to bring that out and create one of my most favourite works of the Queen of the Realm…



Jul 17 2019

Vile is perhaps a bit too much for this devil costume

I’ve commented from time to time as to the names of some costumes. How they don’t seem to match up well, or come close to describing the costume itself. I stumbled across this week’s disaster and… I find it a bit difficult to argue with the name… as you will see…

Vile Vixen Costume

his is called the Vile Vixen Costume and it comes with a red faux leather bodysuit with a sheer mesh bust and a red devil horn headband. The whip and shoes the model is wearing are not included and it sells for $78 US.

I don’t care for the horns, they look lousy, the whip is one that has appeared before and it really adds nothing to the overall look anyway. The bodysuit really isn’t too terrible, but the horns that come with it just don’t work at all.

It is an interesting idea, I don’t think I’d call it vile however. That said, using a better set of horns would add a lot. Beyond that however, there’s really nothing you can add to this as the bodysuit overwhelms any sort of additions to the look.

I might consider breaking things up with a black belt and boots, but that’s really not going to do a lot to improve this, and that’s really the main issue here.

The costume is limiting in too many ways. There’s no way to use some imagination to make things look better as a whole, whip or pitchfork not adding anything, different shoes or boots just not doing a thing either.

Two pitchforks out of five.

I’m being rather generous here, but that’s mainly for the effort in making the bodysuit what it is.



Jul 11 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 599

I’ve mentioned, from time to time, that the Warcraft succubus isn’t one of my favourites and that’s mainly to her hooves which really bother me a lot. I found a work of art which is based in the Warcraft universe of a succubus character, and I have to say that, honestly, this concept really appeals to me in a lot of ways…

The Succubus by Felox08

The Succubus by Felox08

This art is the work of the artist Felox08 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

There’s clearly some little touches to this character of the Warcraft succubus, but it isn’t overstated and really this is a character onto herself. I like the change from hooves to something far less so, there’s still purpose to her feet, they aren’t just there for looks by any means. Lovely tail, her wings being torn very little looks lovely too. Her “armour” is exactly right for her, wonderful expression and pose as well. I especially love her expression, her wild mane of hair and there’s a wonderful sense of seduction and power which just works perfectly here.

Overall, she’s a far better succubus than the original one in Warcraft, and it was a delight to discover her.



Jul 10 2019

Suprema is, I think, not quite the right word for this costume…

Some names given to devil girl costumes are… wrong. That is to say a word is used incorrectly, does not reflect the costume’s reality and it just makes me roll my eyes. There’s a certain vision of what a word means, and if a costume cannot pull that off, then, really, it’s more of a very bad joke.

Demon Suprema Costume

This is called the Demon Suprema Costume and it comes with the red corset, matching arm pieces with arm and wrist cuffs, a matching flame skirt and a red horn headband. The shoes this model is wearing are not included, and based on the description it’s hard to say if the horns she is wearing are part of this costume or not.

Based on the price of $99 US, I find it hard to believe they are. I’ve seen those horns offered elsewhere for about $35 US, so I think it’s unlikely.

The overall look is cheap and very unfinished, the horns seem to be able the best part of this overall costume and, again, it’s not clear if they are part of this or not. I don’t care for the ribbons or the attempt at “wings” either. It just seems there’s not a lot of thought, seduction or sexiness to be found here.

Which beings me to the name of this mess. “Suprema” suggests that this is the best costume of all. That there’s very little which could be seen as being better than this. That, to be clear, is a very large misnomer.

There’s nothing of value here, save the horns, but, again, it’s questionable if they come with the costume or not. I’d be more inclined to get the horns, one of my red corsets and a leather skirt and be far more seductive than this could ever be.

Another zero out of five pitchforks.



Jul 04 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 598

The darker, or as some see them, more evil succubi have their own temptations and attractions. Not all evil is ugly and it is not always that something is really evil, but perhaps not quite seen for what they truly are. An image then this week of a succubus who is a bit stereotypical in form, but quite beautiful in their bearing…

Succubus by Adrianiglesias

Succubus by Adrianiglesias

I found this work originally on DeviantArt and you can find that page here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

There’s quite the feeling of… if not evil then certainly danger in this artwork… She’s dangerous in her form, her look and overall presence of course. Her tattoos are quite lovely and well done, the mixture of shadow and light play off each other very well. There is a very strong darkness in her character of course from her long nails through the green glow of her eyes and the sharpness of her tail and horns.

Overall a lovely dark fantasy succubus that portrays that aspect of succubi form very well.



Jul 03 2019

It’s red… not so sure about the sexy part…

As always, the search for a succubus, or most of the time, devil costume, seems to result in things that make me cringe. I wonder why, exactly, the costume in question was seen to be a good idea… and why, exactly, it appeared.

Sinful Red Sequin Devil Costume

This is called the Sinful Red Sequin Devil Costume and it comes with the rather material challenged outfit and the sequin flame chocker. Horns and pitchfork are not included, not that they help to make this look any better, and it sells for $99 US, but can be found on clearance for as little as $40 US.

There’s really nothing going for this look, it’s trashy, unflattering and overall it’s missing anything close to being seductive. It has the well seen look for being cheap, and that’s concerning considering that this originally cost almost $100 US originally.

Even as lingerie, which really this is more meant to be, it’s just lacking so much that being seen in this by one’s significant other would likely remove any amorous aspects to the evening that this was meant to inflame.

Come to think of it, tossing this in a fire might be the best thing to do with it. There’s no real way to improve this look, there’s nothing of artistic or seductive value to be found either. It’s just disappointing.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Red lingerie and a pair of horns are far better…



Jul 01 2019

Canada Day in the Realm 2019

Tis Canada Day in the Realm, which comes with the return of my heart’s talented words to commemorate this day… and, as always, to bring a smile and a giggle of delight…


O Canada!
No Realm, but one nice land!
True patriot love in succubi command.
With playful hearts and glowing eyes,
quite mischievous and free,
above our bangs our horns shall rise,
O Canada, for thee.
Gorgeous and glad, glorious and free,
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

Incubi, too,
stand proud, tall, and erect
(watching their mates results in great effect)!
Their tails reach out to wrap around
the beauties whom they see,
arousal in each sight and sound
sets their libidos free!
He touches her, Eternal-ly!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!

In Canada
we try not too make spills,
and, in the Realm, we first break stiff men’s wills.
We don’t approve of making mess
that’s not necessary.
With huggles we get more success
(what fireworks we’ll see!).
We’ll tie and rub to set you free;
send Canada upon a lustful spree!!
Send Canada upon a lustful spree!!

Come closer, dears;
our scents are in the air.
You’ll be seduced, and we’ll not leave our chair!
Your Queen is neat. Ours has her beat
in sexuality.
Both Will and Kate will feel so great
once they stop in for tea
(or Diet Coke). Just watch and see.
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!

Will Canada
hang on to all its dough
while other lands have economic woe?
Those succubis have tempting eyes.
One look, we think of sex!
Not one pays out; one stare, one pout,
she instantly collects.
Their bonds bring sweet maturity.
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!

In Canada
state secrets do not leak.
No Snowdens here
to dig them up, then speak;
but succubi, were they to try,
would get them in a blink.
It’s no surprise; the coolest spies
melt, babbling, at a wink.
With one soft kiss, they’d take a knee,
and, Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!
O Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!

O Canada,
your capital is hot.
Your leaders, though . . .
. . . most definitely not!
How could Rob Ford be so adored?
He’s one big, sweaty mess!
Our Queen is cool, makes thousands drool
in her red summer dress.
Cum, vote to live harmoniously.
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!

Hey, Canada,
are you sure its July?
Grey, chilly, damp;
when will we see blue sky?
No cloven feet, but we’ll bring heat
and warm you one by one.
With horns and tail, we never fail
to make warmth so much fun!
Friends from the Realm thaw you with glee.
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!

O, Canada!
As Britain takes her fall,
folks to the south
may make you want a wall.
Some orange-haired types make us scared:
could we act quite so dumb?
The Brexit mess suggests a “yes.”
Or we could make you cum!
Give us your votes and minds today!
O Canada, the Realm’s a better way!
O Canada, the Realm’s a better way!

O Canada:
one hundred fifty years!
You call that old,
and worthy of grand cheers?
Such time goes by for succubi
and they’re not yet full grown;
for centuries, with practiced ease,
they’ll make you pant, beg, moan,
hard and on edge, peaking so strong!
O Canada, we’ll fire you up so long!
O Canada, we’ll fire you up so long!

O Canada,
if you have had your fill
of all this heat,
are joints the way to chill?
Will you just spark up in some park?
Lie down for a true high!
No drugs in this orgasmic bliss,
just fun with succubi!
All other trips shall underwhelm.
O Canada, get freaky in the Realm!
O Canada, get freaky in the Realm!

O Canada,
you’ve won the N-B-A!
Now come, enjoy
true stimulating play!
The balls will bounce as every ounce
of stamina is shot
when both sides score, then we’ll take more.
You’ll dribble all you’ve got!
We’ll slam and dunk; you’ll watch and sigh.
O Canada, come play with succubi!
O Canada, come play with succubi!



Happy Canada Day to all!