An interesting Photoshop Succubus YouTube

A YouTube time lapse video that I came across this time on the Tale. It mainly interested me for the images the artist used obviously, but I also found it quite interesting in how things were put together to make the final image and how it all blends together.

In the event you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

The completed art is very striking and as an image of one of the Succubi, I think it’s a very strong representation as a whole.



A Review of Succubus Temptations by Nastya Bednaya

Succubus Temptations eBook Cover, written by Nastya Bednaya

Succubus Temptations eBook Cover,
written by Nastya Bednaya

Relationships are a complicated thing in more ways than can be easily explained. Things get a lot more complicated when a work tells of a reality where things are going to hell, quite literally, and meeting succubi and incubi on the street isn’t anything special.

But that brings with it the question: if nothing is special, then what makes the characters interesting and compelling?

The work tells of:

Life for Jennifer is not going to plan. Recently single amid a burning Apocalypse, she is turning into a half-succubus sex demon after an ill-advised fling with her ex, an incubus sex god whose entire existence is to give women pleasure.

To add insult to injury, her career is stagnating, and it turns out she lives in the same crappy apartment as she did before the Apocalypse, but this time there is no running water! Hardly the glamorous life she pictured before demons started roaming the earth.

However, she is not going to take it lying down. Always sardonic, Jennifer turns to her neighborhood dive bar in search of whiskey, but what she finds is even better: Jack, a former professor turned self-loathing incubus who is the perfect counterpart to her free love hedonism, he just may unlock parts of Jennifer’s heart she didn’t know existed, that is if they are both brave enough to try.

Jennifer is, and isn’t, a succubus, being caught halfway between becoming and being human. But while that is its own problem, the larger issue is what the hell she is going to do about Jack and what he’s looking for in her.

The work tells of a lost love and how that loss turns one upon themselves and where that lack of purpose and direction can take them. Jennifer as a character seems to be lost throughout the work and that tugged on me quite a lot. She’s never sure of herself, seeking solace in drinking or other diversions and as the story goes, so does how deeply the flaws and crutches come to define who she is.

This tends to turn the story very melancholy and once into this tone, the work never really comes out of it. It seeps into the characters, the world building and there’s never a point where something close to hope comes out and makes itself known.

While that works to bind the story together, it makes the story drag on at points, lose its way, and in the moments where Jennifer or Jack try to start to come to terms with things, the mood overcomes them and they fall back into the trap they were almost out of emotionally.

It takes a good deal of the work for the story to find its footing, to get past the deep well and crawl out towards something of a resolution for the characters. The ending is… hopeful, even if the world itself has little of that honestly. Still, there’s a certain appeal to what Jennifer comes to realize and what difference that makes for her.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I think the overall idea works well, there’s a good interaction between the characters overall. The problem for me is the seeming lack of clarity as things progress for Jennifer. I found myself trying to sort out what she was going through verus her interactions with other characters. At times the story felt lost and seeking answers, a reflection on Jennifer overall.

But it left something lacking and needing in the background and I’m a bit lost as to how things turned as they did. It’s not that the story isn’t a good one, for it is, it’s a question of how morose things turn and where some semblance of light can be seen.


Succubi Image of the Week 690

Something a little bit different for this weeks Succubi image and that’s mainly because this is a physical artwork and not a digitally created one. While that is something different, the main reason I chose this artwork is the striking design of this Succubi, her pose and especially the artist’s style in creating her…

Succubus by LaValence

Succubus by LaValence

This work is by the artist LaValence on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

This is just a delight in so many ways, I especially love the mixture of gold against her horns and skin, it’s a really nice contrast. The white eyes work really well with her smile, and the textures and shading in her hair are just perfectly done. Her pose is, I think, very inspired and adds that little bit of seductiveness to her form as a whole which brings everything together.

Sexy, powerful and a lovely Succubi by far…



The costume reviews… never… end.

Purple Black Sequins Devil 3 Piece CostumeYou’d think that I’d come to the end of reviewing devil costumes… You’d think there was no further examples of tacky, silly or, even worse, ugly costumes to pitchfork.

Well, you’d be so, so, so wrong. Something this time that rides the edge of tacky, but, maybe there’s the slightest bit of something positive to be found. One can hope.

This is the Purple Black Sequins Devil 3 Piece Costume and it comes with the bodysuit this model is wearing, the poor excuse for a horn headband and the leg straps. The tutu, gloves, pitchfork and fishnet stockings, or boots for that matter are not included. Originally priced at $80 US, with a coupon on some sites it can be purchased for $32 US.

Oh where to start my ranting… Firstly, the image is very deceptive with regards to what you get. You need to read the fine print to know how much more you have to buy to come close to this look, which as an aside means this will add up to about $160 based on the original price if you get everything the model is wearing.

What’s more bothersome for me is how tacky this overall look is, especially with the fishnet that appears underneath her tutu and the bodysuit. Didn’t anyone have a look at this before publishing the image? Wouldn’t it have been a thought to get rid of the fishnets and try to make things look even slightly better?

The horns are ugly, especially with the faux fur,  it wouldn’t have taken much to clean them up some, perhaps even style the model’s hair a bit to frame her look better. This could have been something better and sexier given a little more effort and thought as a whole.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s an idea, actually not terrible one given some effort, but as things are, it’s disappointing.



A Review of Hell’s Horny Demon by Alana Church

Hell's Horny Demon by Alana Church

Hell’s Horny Demon by Alana Church

A review today of a new work by Alana Church, the first in her new series called Hell’s Horny Angels. I’ve reviewed many of her works in the past, and I’ve always been delighted in her writing, her characters, and how her stories unfold.

Evil is, when you think about it, a state of mind and if one is truly aware, then the concept of choice cannot be ignored. It is in finding out who you really are, regardless of the means taken to get there, which defines what has been hidden away and out of reach… and what you are willing to do because of it.

The work tells of:

Lorelei is a demon, a punisher of the damned. But one fateful day she is able to escape from Hell. Sister Kathleen is a nun, dedicated to helping others. What will she do when an otherworldly being takes up residence in her mind? Can she control the perverse urges of a horny demon? Or will she fall into a sinful, sexy darkness? Find out today in “Hell’s Horny Demon: Possession!”

Lorelei may be a demon, but that doesn’t mean she necessarily has to like what she is beholden to do. A chance moment, a means to escape the darkness beings her to coexist with a nun seeking to do good. Perhaps not everything should be taken at face value by either of them, for when the truth arrives, the needs of both will be more than each alone.

Lorelei isn’t exactly a succubus, though how she is described and her actions do, on occasion, tend to be somewhat succubus-like. That’s not a criticism, far from it, she is her own being, has her own view of the universe and isn’t above making that very clear to those that she encounters. The thing is, a fragment exists within her, one that opens some really interesting plot ideas and makes her far more than just a demon alone.

Similarly, Kathleen isn’t all she seems to be on first glance, there are aspects of her that Lorelei brings out over time and creates an internal struggle that steels Kathleen in ways that are quite unexpected. It’s not quite a coming of age, more of a coming of understanding of herself and that was interesting to see.

The erotica’s heat works well, it doesn’t overcome the story and adds more to both of the main characters than what’s expected. That said, there’s also the question of the more forceful moments when Lorelei’s influence causes the story to turn, sometimes oddly, but continues to bring the two of them together, whether they like it or not.

What tickles at my thoughts as the story unfolded was where this work is set and how it may fit into other story characters lives. One specifically comes to mind, who has encountered demons before, and I wonder how she would react to meeting Lorelei and Kathleen, and what the result might be. The work creates two very strong characters, but towards the closing moments, the strife and confrontation that builds up gets redirected and in a way that makes sense with the overall universe of this author’s writings.

Perhaps the only thing that’s missing, and I’ll trust that the next work in the series will address is, in Lorelei’s departure from hell, someone has to have noticed, might even have figured out where she is. If so, then, what’s the conflict that comes from that and what does that mean for Kathleen?

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Lorelei is interesting, Kathleen is quite firm in her resolve. That’s a combination that could cause no end of issues in the future, not for themselves perhaps, but to others that have kept the truth from both of them. That could well being them into conflict with something Lorelei escaped from and if Kathleen can come to a resolution, there’s some interesting ways this could unfold.

Always a delight to see this author visit the world of her succubi and I await the next work in the series with high expectations.



Sunrise By TeraS

After too long without musing… and with the help of my Heart, a beginning anew…

By TeraS

Time passes in ways that can’t quite be explained by even the most attentive souls. Something happens in some way to divert one’s attention and, when that comes to be realized … well, perhaps an eternity hasn’t passed, but certainly more time than one expected, or wanted, has.

The Realm … however … is.

Time is less of construct than it is a means of marking one moment from the next there. The moments come and go, some marked in passing, others known but not really brought to the fore as they might well have been. That’s not to say that the passage of time isn’t important … even if a certain red-tailed Queen of the Realm continues to insist that one specific day of the year not be marked in any way.

Of course, that never quite works out that way.

But this moment finds two red-tails entwined—yes, it is not just the tails, but the red-tailed people—on the patio of their home, looking towards the distant horizon where the first inklings of the beginning of the new come to appear. Resting against her Eternal, her thoughts are of what stories she hasn’t heard, the ones inside that need to be told, all the moments past when the words were there, on the edge of moving from the space between her horns and fingertips to leap into the universe.

She feels his hands in her own, wonders if the words can still make their way to be shared in some small way, however meaningful they may be. The doubts are there, as they always are, for that is part of her soul. She smiles to think of her heart, his promise, waiting, as long as it has been to see her words, and she wonders what he will think of where she starts from now. Perhaps it will not be the best thing she’s ever done, certainly her ellipses will be no end of problems, they always are, after all …

The thing is … every story starts with the first word and grows into what it was meant to be. Not trying is … not trying, after all…

Perhaps the sunrise is a metaphor for her own tales returning, the stories starting anew. Or a sunrise might just be a sunrise in the Realm: two Eternals watching the moment come, the day begin, and the promise of new tales … and tails … Either way, something good will come from the words put down and shared.

For all of the questions she has, Tera holds on to the thought of her family, holds on to the stories they tell, and gets ready to let fly the stories she tells in return …

A Review of Seduction of the RA by Devlin Price

Seduction of the RA by Devlin Price

Seduction of the RA by Devlin Price

A review of the first work in a new series today, which has some good aspects to it, but seems to be faltering on being a bit too focused on the sexual aspects of the story and not enough on the storytelling, which is a shame.

Being alone isn’t the end of a story, it’s the beginning of finding out who someone is. But that search to understanding needs more than just ecstasy, they need to find their way.

  • Title: Seduction of the RA
  • Author: Devlin Price
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B091D26MW4
  • Publishing Date: March 29, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Anna grew up as a Fairy Princess in Arcadia. But, on her 18th Birthday when she failed to develop any powers she was exiled from the only home she knew. In an effort to find herself, she goes to University with regular mortals. On her very first day, she meets Marcus, her dorm RA. They find each other electrifying and can’t keep their eyes, hands or mouths off each other. One thing leads to another, and their passions take her to new heights and possibly ignites her powers.

This is the first work in the A Succubus on Campus series by this author which begins in a somewhat uncertain way. Anna used to be a fairy Princess, she used to have everything. But on her 18th birthday her world falls apart. Being seen as human, she enters the mortal world and begins a new and terrifying life. But something isn’t quite right with her and it seems that she might be something more than human,,, or fairy.

The work reads as a mixture of a coming of age story and a reasonably hot flash work of erotica, with more of an emphasis on the sex than story as a whole. There is a smattering of background information, but it;s fleeting and leaves a lot to be desired. Hints about Anna’s past are mentioned in passing, but aren’t detailed well. That’s a shame as the reader, much like Anna, is thrown into the story and being so there’s a lot of missing detail that would have been nice to have.

Setting that issue aside, Anna is very much a lost thing in the story so far, and there’s a lot of “train of thought” from her perspective that tends to get wrapped up in directions that I didn’t feel added a lot to the story. Her focus only really seemed to come when she was either involved sexually or was angered as things progressed. I can see this being a mixture of her being lost and alone, then having to deal with a change that she didn’t expect. The confusion works well for her character, but at times feels to be missing something in the storytelling.

When the erotica comes into play, it moves rapidly, feeling like the emotional aspects are set to the side for the heat. It does work within the storytelling itself, but I found that this occurred too many times for one short story. There was storytelling to be done and it was set to the side for the sex, which was a bit of a shame.

I’d like to see more time spent in expanding the characters than has been so far. There are gaps, which should be told in time I expect, and given the number of minor characters that appear from Anna’s past, it would be a shame if they weren’t expanded on, or past events told.

I’m expecting that this work will become something of Anna and her group of lovers against the world story and I’m not against that. I’ll just hope that less time is spent in the sex and more in the telling of the why, who and how of things. Sex alone cannot support a story, and the characters in this work i think deserve better.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There’s too much emphasis on the sex in this story and not nearly enough on Anna’s background, the fairy world or, most importantly, just how it is that she is or might be a Succubus so far. Yes sex is part of things, that makes sense, but it feels like too mich emphasis was placed on that aspect rather then the questions that surround her.

I hope that in the next book there will be some expansion of Anna’s story, a look at the fairy world she comes from. The hints so far interest me and i hope that the author builds on the world they are creating.

Perhaps the one thing that needs to be kept in focus is that sex alone does not make a story interesting, there needs to be something more to things and if that comes in the next part of this series, I have hopes overall.