If it needs a label it’s not a good costume

Fever Hot Devil Costume
At some point, one would think, it’s clear that the costume design you are considering just doesn’t work.

It’s not sexy, it’s not very devilish, and overall you aren’t quite sure what it’s supposed to be.

But perhaps if you stick a huge label on the front screaming what it is, that will fix everything. Well it doesn’t.

This is called the Fever Hot Devil Costume and it only comes with the dress. The horns, which I dislike, are not included, nor are the fishnets or the heels the model is wearing. It sells for $40 US and it’s possibly one of the worst devil costumes I have found in years.

Calling this tacky would be a compliment by far. There’s nothing that’s appealing, nothing sexy and most of all, the giant label pasted on the front is just sad.

There’s no way to improve it… Other than being set on fire that is. Perhaps this is a warning to others as to what you shouldn’t be designing.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Why this even exists is beyond me…


A Review of The Black Cat Cocktail Club by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory

The Black Cat Cocktail Club by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory

The Black Cat Cocktail Club by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory

Some time ago I reviewed a work in the Poppy’s Potions series by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory in which there is a succubus character named Fifi. I rather liked her, wanted to see more of her and learn more about her.

A review of a short side story this time in which the rare appearance of a drunk succubus appears.

  • Title: The Black Cat Cocktail Club
  • Author: J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory
  • Published By: Rain Press
  • Length: 110 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09FRTF1W6
  • Publishing Date: September 17, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

The women of Haven Hollow aren’t your typical forty-something singles. Poppy’s a gypsy who creates potions, Wanda’s a witch, Fifi’s a succubus, Libby’s a zombie, Darla was once a ghost but now she’s corporeal and Bailey’s a medium.
When they find themselves forming an unlikely friendship over potion-brewing and booze, Wanda decides their impromptu group needs a name. But, somehow, ‘Flushed and Forty,’ ‘The Haven Hollow Hoochies,’ and ‘The Witchy Winos’ aren’t exactly cutting it.
When Hellcat, Wanda’s feline familiar, starts stealing sips of various libations, Poppy tries to bat him away and accidentally knocks an experimental potion into her drink. Seizing an opportunity, the cantankerous cat immediately swallows down Poppy’s beverage and… vanishes!
As soon as they realize Hellcat is no longer in the house, it will become a mad dash to try and find him in order to reverse whatever magic Poppy inadvertently subjected him to.
And somewhere along the way, they just might find a fitting title for their boozy bunch.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sharing a drink with friends. Unless you are all supernatural beings and the drinks get a bit wild. Still, not much can go wrong for the most part. Usually.

The work is a fun tale of a number of the main characters in the series getting together for drinks and togetherness that goes a bit wrong. It’s a cute adventure that works really well and adds some interesting aspects to most of them.

However, Fifi, the succubus of the series, is barely present, doesn’t add much to the story, save for her being a bit drunk and then disappears as the story continues. It’s a shame really, Fifi is interesting on her own and adding more depth to her would have been nice. This work was originally a work in a collection and it focused on the main character of the series Poppy. As a result Fifi really is mainly for humorous effect in the story and then just fades away.

That’s a bit of nitpicking I know, but it felt like Fifi could have not appeared and the story wouldn’t have changed much as a result. As such this isn’t really a succubus story, it’s a succubus flash amidst all else.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s a cute and fun story and it’s nice to see Fifi again. It’s a bit of a shame that she’s so thin in the story, there’s an interesting idea that comes from her that doesn’t go far. As a result this isn’t much of a succubus story, it’s a new layer of development in the series however which was a nice read.


Find A Way by TeraS

The pause in Regina’s story continues this week, for which I am sorry. Due mainly to me not feeling well, it’s hard to put into words the thoughts which I’d like to. Still, I am rather stubborn, as is my Queen of the Realm self, and so, eventually, we will …

Find A Way
By TeraS

Perhaps the starting point is my grandmother.
I never knew her, though the stories of her wisdom whisper tales from the past. There are small scraps of paper upon which her ever-so precise writing can be found, the words written there speaking of her times, her place in what is now our history.

There are trials and tribulations noted there, clearly expressing her opinion, the reasons for doing or not doing something. Her stubbornness, certainly a family trait by far, can be seen in her diagramming, planning and, to some, plotting.

What seems to be forgotten in the passage of time is that she was searching for a way, a means to a goal that couldn’t be expressed openly. There was a vision of something better she wanted to be, if not for herself, then, in time, for the family who would follow in her footsteps.

Which brings me to my mother. I’m not sure of what they’d spoken of in the past, what thoughts they’d shared. One thing was clear: they were both stubborn, set towards their goals and the future they wanted. I look, from time to time, at her journals. Bound in red leather, because of course they would be. Precise blue lines marking where words should be placed and be regimented thereon. She preferred cursive; printing didn’t really hold onto the emotions she wished the words to convey. I can tell when she was angry: the words crushed together, bumping into each other, letters missing bits in the rush to get the words on paper. It’s also clear when she’s being pensive, considering: the words draw out, the letters more spaced, considered, seeking time to allow her thoughts to come before being set to paper.

Regardless of the placement of the ink, she was trying to figure things out. The Realm wasn’t quite what she wanted, but she’d made the start. I can trace a finger over the words she wrote when the path had been set. It’s kind of a stutter in her writing, a putting away of a thought and taking up another, until they were finally settled, the path she’d walked being set forward.

So where does that leave me? My own handwriting is a mess, not having the perfection or the elegance it might have been given from the past. Being left-handed makes such things somewhat more difficult. My penmanship is awful, the writing falls short of being legible, and printing isn’t that much better.* My mind races forward three or four steps ahead of my hand trying to keep up, thoughts placed on the page being somewhat muddled much of the time.

My typewriter was a blessing for those that had to read my words. I still recall the crashing of the arms, my fingers moving faster than the mechanism could keep up with, having to stop and pry them apart. Now, with keyboard, the words appear on the screen, but the thoughts don’t always make it to the screen as they might otherwise do. But in time they do, for they matter, and my heart and soul have things to say, after all.

There are stacks of notebooks within which reside my thoughts, hopes, and wishes. Turning the pages, I can see my past self wondering, considering, asking questions that I look back on and smile. Not everything has come as I thought it would, many dreams having come to be in ways that are so much better than the past could have hoped to be.

Which brings me to my daughters. What will their words say, how will they be recorded, I wonder. Is paper and pen too archaic for them? Will their thoughts be held in some technology unimagined and still to be? How will they express themselves so they might be able to look back and see where things came from and why they are? Will it all be remembered somehow? These questions were, perhaps, pondered in the time before and will be once more.

They do remind me however, that other things are more important. The notes left pinned to the fridge by magnet, the lazy cursive having i’s dotted with hearts written by one hand, the slightly more precise printing by another hand having its own i’s dotted with hearts once more.

The words make me smile, a reminder of the love felt from words written so long ago, but with no less passion. Simple words to be cherished, gathered together, and held. Grandmother would have adored them both. Mom would have spoiled the two of them silly. I remember the words written in their handwriting, the same in my own.

In any medium, love will find a way.

*Her Majesty’s editor, while acknowledging the special gift of deciphering her handwriting, notes that all the characteristics she attributes to prior generations are present in her penmanship, and that all that feeling finds its way through to the astute reader. The editor also quotes a wise philosopher who said that Goddess could only create so many perfect beings; everyone else is right-handed.

A Review of The Soulless Consciousness of Depravity by Sherry Stone

The Soulless Consciousness of Depravity by Sherry Stone
The mythos of succubi allows for stories to be told in which the concept isn’t set in stone. That provides for stories that take a different look at things and how things unfold.

Perhaps the telling thing is such stories is what happens to the succubus herself, and what she creates in her passions.

  • Title: The Soulless Consciousness of Depravity
  • Author: Sherry Stone
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 39 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09H32NBGB
  • Publishing Date: September 23, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

A consciousness, that see itself as a Succubus; an entity that is the essence of evil and debauchery, it controls unsuspecting innocent hosts and feeds on their sexual experiences. Once the entity has satisfied her needs she cast the hosts aside.
The hosts experience the entity in a dreamlike state, as she takes them through one promiscuous encounter after another, Perhaps a public restroom, where the host accommodates two lusty ladies.
The consciousness has a knack for random encounters. Like the hapless host that is led to a lesbian affair with her High School English teacher aboard a luxury cruise ship. Or the host sunbathing by the ocean drawn into a very public display of filthy sexual contact in the sand on the beach with female a body builder.
However the entity has one Achilles Heel and though she meticulously avoid that danger, one host wields the power to finally tame the entity, by not allowing it to cast its host aside.

The work is a series of hot flashes interconnected with reflective moments and the succubus of the work considering herself. The erotica is well told, the heat is delightful, and the characters themselves are interesting. Perhaps the most telling part is when the succubus possesses others, what they and she feel, and the aftermath of what happens.

The succubus for most of the work isn’t named, being so in the last encounter, taking the name Mel and I think that works well. She’s not evil, not stereotypical either. Being something of a formless being for much of the work, her thoughts of being so gives her a lot of depth and a path for growth overall. She gives some thoughts to others of her kind, of what their world is like and I dearly wish there’d been more told about that. The hints of what that is are something I ponder as a result in their poetic aspects.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I’d have liked to know more about Mel, more about the world she comes from. There’s some really tempting hints of that, but not delved into. That’s not an issue for the story, but it’s something that might have been played on to expand the story a bit more.


An interesting Succubus 3D Model YouTube

From time to time artists share some wonderful 3D succubus characters on YouTube. This time on the Tale, a short turntable video of something of a warrior succubus that’s quite interesting…

In case you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video vanishes, here’s a still showing the succubus herself…

Succubus 3D Model by EugenKilmov

Succubus 3D Model by EugenKilmov

I like the organic armour she’s wearing, the double horns work well with her look too. I do wonder what she would take into battle, I’m not sure a pitchfork is the right matching look for her. That said, she has a strong presence about her.

She’d make for a good succubus character design in a role-playing game…


A Review of The Cambion by V. Kent

The Cambion by V. Kent

The Cambion by V. Kent

Not all stories about incubi or succubi necessarily have them actually appear. Sometimes they aren’t really physically present, acting through possessing someone that makes a mistake.

A review then of a work that offers something different but doesn’t quite follow through.

  • Title: The Cambion
  • Author: V. Kent
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: September 18, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Grad student Margot has been crushing on her tweedy archaeology professor for five years, so when she learns he wants to do some “experiments” with an artifact he believes was used in ancient sexual rituals, she wants in.
When he summons a sex demon, it’s too much for him to handle… but can Margot handle the demon, and fulfill her sexual fantasies at the same time?

Margot has been fawning over her professor for a long time. A statue offers something unique for her to experience which might bring them closer together. But not everything is as it seems, and the door might be opened to something otherworldly.

This is mainly a story of possession that leads to the erotica which takes over the story afterwards. It’s not really a story about an incubus, though the demon of the work has those aspects. Overall the erotica didn’t have much heat, much of the moments are hot flashes with some adult movie spice to them. There’s not much character development once the erotica comes into play and that’s a shame.

The story before the erotica has promise, there’s a story that could have been told about the statue, about the past in flashbacks or something similar. It’s a bit disappointing that the professor didn’t understand what a cambion was, I don’t think that really worked well considering all else he was aware of. It’s a plot hole that could have been handled better.

The work, overall, needs more added to it. The erotica could be given more heat, the story more depth and, probably most of all, Margot could have been explored further in her wants, needs, and I think getting further into how the demon/incubus changes her would have added a lot.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s less a story about an incubus than one about a possession and what follows. Overall it had some promise, but really didn’t explore the story beyond the erotica for the most part. Perhaps telling more of the story of the statue, or the past seen through the eyes of the incubus might have been something to make things more interesting. Otherwise this just didn’t have the heat, or the story, I’d hoped for.


Succubi Image of the Week 721

One of the more prolific artists when it comes to succubi and demonesses is the artist Vempirick. One of their characters that I adore is Vale, a delightfully sexy and seductive succubus. A work then this week on the Tale of Vale that is just so telling about her character…

Vale pinup by vempirick

Vale pinup by vempirick

You can find the original work on DeviantArt on Vempirick’s page here.

Vale’s smile and expressions are the thing that I love the most about her. She’s sexy and seductive, there’s no question, but the sparkle in her eyes and the joy in her expression when she’s entwined with the unwary or seduced is just perfectly done.

Amazingly detailed, her hair is wonderfully designed, again the sparkle in her eyes is just captivating. She’s just such a well designed and sexy character which makes her appearances in other art by this artist that much more fun.