May 24 2017

A bow tie, horns and tail aren’t much for a costume…

Black Devil AccessoriesThere are, of course, accessory kits that offer some items to turn, so the ad copy says, any dress into a more devilish one. While that might be true, along with the “devilish” comes the more “tacky” much of the time. Possibly the oddest thing I have ever come across this time in an accessory kit. A bow tie.

This is the 3 Piece Black Devil Costume Accessory Kit, which comes with the horns, the tail and a bow tie as displayed by the model here. It sells for about what you might expect, $5 US.

It is, really, another example of tackiness, but at a low, low price. Which really doesn’t make it any better at all.

What I cannot wrap my tail around is the bow tie. The horns and tail are lousy, but they make some sense at least. Why a bow tie?

I can’t think of a good justification to explain it other than the company that put this together needed to get rid of an overstock of bowties or something like that.

Perhaps I might be slightly more inclined to ignore the bow tie if the top and bottoms this model is wearing were included, though that might be stretching things a bit.

I don’t think it’s horrific. Cheap yes, but then it’s worth $5 so one shouldn’t expect much of anything from this.

It really does nothing for me, the horns are meh as is the tail and as for the bow tie… I’ve seen better.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

Uninspiring really, and if you had a costume that needed this to make it better, I shudder to think what that looks like…



May 23 2017

A Review of Breaking Hell’s Rules by Lyssa Dering

Breaking Hell's Rules by Lyssa Dering

Breaking Hell’s Rules by Lyssa Dering

Setting the stage for a story needs a hook, something that’s a bit different, a little distinct which then leads towards the telling of the story that’s unexpected. The characters themselves hold the core of the story, but then what happens around them needs to have meaning, a reason as to why things happen as they do.

But telling a story with meaning, offering a threat, but not really giving it a hold, a means for following through, takes some of the power of it away. It doesn’t mean that everything is lost, far from it, but offering up a choice to be made and then washing it with but a single sentence, is a little bit rote, all things considered. Finding a soul to love for a succubus is important, no matter what that means after all.

The work tells the story of:

Freedom wasn’t supposed to be this dangerous…

When succubus Reth finally meets their soul quota and gains freedom from Hell, they decide to take up residence in New Orleans. Immediately they discard the body they’ve been wearing since 1952 and slip into something a little more virile, pleased to find they get a cozy apartment for their trouble. Too bad the apartment has a joint lease with their body’s ex-boyfriend Jude.

Jude is walking around with a black eye and a bad attitude, and when Reth tries to explain things, Jude doesn’t believe them. Plus, he refuses to move out. Reth doesn’t want to take Jude’s soul, and they really like this body. So they show him some succubus action minus the soul-grabbing, hoping to scare him off.

But they never expected for the mortal to take a liking to them. And they never could have predicted just how pure Jude’s soul would be. When Reth unwittingly commits a sin against Lucifer, they’ll need Jude’s help to avoid an eternity of suffering… For them both.

Reth’s paid their dues and now things are supposed to be different. They don’t need to claim souls anymore. They don’t need to be dealing with Hell any longer. But it seems that the body they’ve chosen has a roommate that they can’t resist. The truth, it seems, brings them to a choice that Reth doesn’t want to make. Perhaps, it’s not impossible for a succubus to find love in another soul.

The work takes a slightly different view of succubi and by doing so makes them to be neither a she or a he, but a “they” instead. It’s a bit jarring at the beginning, but over time that fades into the background. While Reth does claim souls, they inhabit bodies or rather their forms, over time and as such they shift from being male or female as their path takes them. This does work well, is isn’t dwelled on either. Reth is who they are, from beginning to end, but more so, they grow as a character in really unexpected ways which were a delight.

Reth’s character begins as being a bit standoffish, a little bit difficult to like, but when Jude comes into the picture, that’s when the story takes a turn and Reth becomes amazing both in character, but in their story as well. In the same way, Jude’s self loathing and confusion is a terrible thing at the beginning, but soon he becomes focused, more sure and that develops him as a character tremendously.

There is a smattering of erotica along the way, which is lovely, hot and passionate. The erotica is male/male themed, but it isn’t silly or over the top which happens a lot. There’s real love and connections made and in being so the genders of the characters become irrelevant.

While the main plot is very good, and both main characters and the supporting ones are very interesting, have depth and I liked, there was one character that didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Lilith was a fleeting presence in the work and it’s a shame because of how she’s portrayed before and afterwards. A few paragraphs of anger and then she’s gone didn’t, at least for me, really show a lot about her.

What’s missing here, overall, is that the background about succubi isn’t explored as much as I think it needed to be. The story itself is a delight, but without the missing parts I think it was a bit too quick, a bit too unsure at times. Perhaps building on the universe more might have helped in slowing the action somewhat.

Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s a different take on succubi, one that I thought was really interesting, but as much as it was, the exploration of that weren’t as deep as I wanted them to be. Getting to the meaning of why things are would have been nice. Telling more about the aftermath would have been good. Most of all, getting deeper into Jude’s life I think would have answered a lot of questions lift behind.



May 21 2017

A Review of A Demon’s Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle by Satine LaFleur

A Demon's Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle by Satine LaFleur

A Demon’s Desires & The Succubus Brothel Bundle by Satine LaFleur

A review of a collection of stories today on the Tale which brought with it a bit of a problem for me. There are certain names which place images and memories in one’s mind. For example, the use of a character’s name that appeared in a television series is a bit of a problem for me. It’s difficult to overcome the images and voices when a story is using the name, but completely different characters.

That said, once past that issue, it’s up the story to hold interest, give the character life and make things interesting. That can work, it sometimes needs a bit to develop, but it’s not impossible. But sex alone doesn’t make that work really, character development does.

The collection tells the story of:

This bundle is a collection of different steamy and sinful stories from A Demon’s Desires and The Succubus Brothel, two series from Satine LaFleur. Follow Tamsin the succubus and Vex the demon on their separate quests to satisfy their sexual hunger and uncontrollable urges.

The Succubus Brothel

  • A Hotbed of Lust and Sin: Tamsin has lived her sinful and hedonistic life as a succubus for hundreds of years, feeding off of the sexual desires and primal, carnal urges of others to survive. She’s tired of having to chase down every meal, and has set up the perfect base of operations for them to come to her instead. Willing, ready, and able to give her exactly what she needs. This dominant succubus knows what she wants, and she definitely knows how to get it just as good as she gives it, bringing all of their ultimate fantasies to life.
  • The More The Merrier: Hedonistic succubus Tamsin has spent centuries living in sin–feeding off of every sexual desire she could, seducing men, women, and magical creatures alike, and traveling the globe while she did so. In our last short she decides to open up a brothel instead, allowing the eager residents of the land to come to her with their carnal needs and overwhelming lust. Now she’s overcome with an insatiable hunger for sexual desires that don’t seem to be satisfied by using just one partner at a time. Join this dominant demon as she takes the matter into her own hands, mouth, and… well, you get the picture, feeding off of a group of wayward soldiers while making all of their lustful dreams come to life.

A Demon’s Desires

  • His Meeting with the Mage: After being held prisoner in a dungeon for decades Vex finally escapes, only to realize he has no idea who, or what, he is… or what the urges he’s now feeling are. On a journey to find his memories, Vex comes to realize he’s living in an age of magic, dragons, witches, and demons… in fact, he himself is a demon possessing a body that isn’t his own, and now he has carnal urges and sexual desires to feel and taste flesh that are stronger than any mortal has ever experienced. He wants it, he needs it in a way he never knew possible. Can this busty open-minded mage satisfy his taboo, demonic desires?
  • He Takes What He Wants: Vex has recently found out he’s a demon possessing the body of someone long passed, but the more pressing concern for him is the urges he can’t control anymore. His body is compelling him to indulge in all sins of the flesh–to touch it, taste it, and carve it open so he can watch the blood flow. Now his inner demon is in control, and when he happens upon a village with a beautiful, pure woman that he becomes mesmerized by, he has to have her, and he’ll get her by any means necessary… no matter the consequences. No longer responsible for what his body does, or how far it’ll go to experience passion with the innocent maiden, will Vex’s sexual desires cause him to take what she holds most dear?

A collection of stories about the needs of one versus the world around them. The expression of the darkness within and the cravings that some cannot be without. Sometimes sex is just sex, but sometimes it’s life itself, satisfying that need can be all that matters.

The stories themselves are interesting, have heat, tell something about each of the main characters. I dearly wish the author had picked names other than Tamsin and Vex however as for me, as a Lost Girl fan, I couldn’t quite separate the characters I love from that series to these in the stories here. They are not, to be clear, the same characters, and they gave their own voices, but some of the moments gave me pause as I tried to keep myself from returning, almost continually, to Lost Girl’s story arcs and characters seen.

Setting that aside, the stories themselves are complex, interesting and had some good heat at times. Between the Tamsin and Vex stories, I felt the Tamsin ones were a lot stronger, I found them far more interesting as well. The Vex stories were, for me, too violent and as such I didn’t find my way into those stories as I did with Tamsin.

Tamsin was more persistent in her stories, she was a force to be reckoned with. The opening passage told of her past, how she made some of the choices she did and what things meant for her. It was a slightly different take on succubi and their needs, which was interesting. At times she was very flippant, skimmed over some plots that I really wanted to see explored, and once the groundwork of her home was laid out, things turned rapidly towards the erotica.

There’s some good heat to be found, Tamsin is very dominant and while some of the sex borders on porn movie levels, it just manages to keep from falling down that path too far. There’s a hint of the struggle within Tamsin, how her needs push her sexuality, but the hints given aren’t expanded on and I really was looking forwards to seeing her fight her nature, or at least be tipped over the edge on occasion.

Vex’s stories centred on the theme of pain and suffering, some very harsh domination and a series of sexual encounters that didn’t have a lot of heat for me. The story itself, of trying to work things out was interesting, but when the erotica came into play or the violence came crashing into the story, I found myself flipping the pages and skimming those parts. It’s really a question of my own tastes with regards to the Vex stories and I just didn’t like them all that much. They read like a very pale shadow of Tamsin’s in many ways.

Being that the Tamsin stories where stronger, I would have liked to know more about her, the past she’d been through. There are hints, vague ideas, but they only add a bit of spice to things before they are passed over and the story rushes onwards. Much the same can be said about Vex as well in that there are some teasing thoughts about him, but they aren’t explored as much as they could have been.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I enjoyed the stories about Tamsin a lot more than those about Vex, mostly I think because there was less seduction in the latter as well as it being quite violent in comparison. My other issue with the collection comes to, in my thoughts, seeing the characters from Lost Girl when I see the names Tamsin and Vex. It’s hard to get around that mental picture and I kept stumbling over it.

I wish there would have been more about Tamsin, overall, especially more about succubi in this universe. I would have liked more about her thoughts, why she made the choices she did than all of the sex scenes. Most of all, it would have been a delight to be able to have to deal with the problems of running a brothel and a pub, how she manages to keep her succubus nature from being exposed.

As for Vex, I just couldn’t find my way into the story for all of the violence. There didn’t seem to be a focus, a point to things and the character himself was a confused mess within himself. Sorting that out, in some way, would have been a good thing. There’s some appeal in parts of the work, but that’s not enough to overcome the things that I couldn’t quite enjoy.

A contrast in storytelling, more than anything else, which has some attraction, but needs more.



May 20 2017

A unique Succubus WIP YouTube

A YouTube this time of an artist creating what I think of as a somewhat gothic succubus work of art that is simply beautiful… The title of the work is interesting, the imagery quite striking, and most of all, there’s a presence in this art that I found captivating…


If you cannot see this YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link, and as my custom on the Tale, here is an image of the completed artwork as well…

Be My Valentine by Ana Rodrigues

Be My Valentine by Ana Rodrigues

The art is called Be My Valentine and is by the artist Ana Rodrigues, and you can find her website  here where she has a store in which you can find this art and many other lovely works for sale.

There’s a unique gothic vibe to this art which I think is rather unique. Her expression, her pose, the overall appearance of this succubus seems to suggest a story which I find myself wondering about.

Here’s a haunting sadness in her eyes, perhaps a sort of regret? Just something that struck me and I wonder about…

Lovely art, the artist’s site is well worth a visit and I hope you will!



May 19 2017

A Review of Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Sometime ago I reviewed the second work in a series called the Seduction of Sin in which a succubus appeared and you can find that review here on the Tale. The work left a lot to be desired in a lot of ways, but having come into things with the second work, I went back and this review will be about the first work in the series.

It’s difficult to follow a story when it tends to ramble, dance around the main plot and otherwise spend a lot of time adding what feels like filler to what otherwise might be an interesting story. More so when there’s nothing attractive, the characters are flat and there’s nothing but bad things happening. That’s a thin story, as a whole and no amount of erotica mixed into that can, at least for me, make things a better read.

The work tells the story of:

Lucy is a beautiful college student who is having a very bad day. But when she finds a special book in the university library, everything in her life is about to change. The book is old and magical and it contains a spell that supposedly summons a demon named Xathulu.

Casting the spell sets into motion a climactic showdown and a sexy romp between Lucy and the devil demon Xathulu, as she seeks to fulfill her destiny and her lustful passions. This is the outrageous story of a hot and handsome demon and the woman who wants him bad!

Lucy’s at the end of her rope and there’s nothing left for her to hang onto. Finding a book and speaking the words within brings into the world a demon with one intent. But things still go wrong, Lucy makes a fateful choice and with that comes nothing but darkness.

The work is a bit of a difficult read in that the text rambles a lot, Lucy’s thoughts rushing about, she going from place to place, bad things happening to her. There’s really no hope at all and that theme plays into just about every character within the story itself. Beyond that, what erotica appears has little to no heat, reading very much like scattered porn scenes and not that much erotica itself.

Xathulu, the other main character, is shallow, uninteresting, and serves only to provide a means for Lucy’s downfall in various ways. There’s no depth to him, being very one-dimensional in his goals and what he intends with Lucy. While he plays upon many of her sexual needs, he’s less of an incubus than a stereotypical evil being. It’s a shame because there might have been more to him as a character, but that doesn’t happen.

The erotica had no heat for me, there wasn’t anything that I thought was interesting overall. There’s no passion, nothing gained save for Lucy’s downfall to Xathulu and then the story goes off the rails into turning things darker and darker. The ending is abrupt, seemingly within much purpose and while it is, in a way, a cliffhanger, I didn’t find myself wondering what came next.

The writing was a bit uneven at times, at several points in the story I found it difficult to continue reading and that was mostly caused by how indifferent I was to both of the main characters. I needed to be involved with them and their story and it just didn’t play out that way for me.

One pitchfork out of five.

There’s really very little in the way of story, a lot of possible tangents are passed over and that’s a bit of a shame honestly. No real heat to speak of, a rather dark story overall and the storytelling rambles around the plot lines, never really having a focus. As for the incubus himself, there’s very little there to be found.



May 18 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 487

I’ve never really been able to find a piece of Morrigan Aensland art that, for me, has the feel of a glamour pose without going over the top. I feel that such art needs to have a certain look, perhaps something a little Betty Paige in form would be a lovely thing to have. This week’s image comes really quite close to the look I’d like to see…

Morrigan by Emi-Liu

Morrigan by Emi-Liu

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves Emi-Liu. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and you can find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here.

This is a gorgeous piece of Morrigan art… I love that so much detail is in her hair, her expression is so deliciously bemused and the glimmer her eyes have is amazing. I especially like that there’s less emphasis on Morrigan’s cleavage and more put towards everything else.

Of course her pose forces this to happen, but even so there’s something lovely about a reclining, thoughtful Morrigan by far…



May 17 2017

There’s a possibility in this wig I think…

Enchantress Red and Black WigIt’s been quite some time since I last considered a wig as a possible costume option here on the Tale. Overall so many wigs are okay, but needing something more, at least for my tastes. For example, there are not many wigs that manage to pull off being both red and black well. That’s a rather important thing, for me. This wig, if nothing else, interests me…

This is called the Enchantress Red and Black Wig and it sells for around $20 US.

As an aside, I rather like the clothing choice they made with this model to show off the wig. I’d like to know more about that dress…

That said, I think the red and black mixture looks interesting, sort of a transition between two sides of a particular Queen of the Succubi as it were…

It’s not quite as nice as when i have red highlights in my hair for Halloween, but it is an option i think as a whole…

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s not terrible and that’s something positive isn’t it?