A Review of The Devil’s Toys by Mara Birch

The Devil’s Toys by Mara Birch

The Devil’s Toys by Mara Birch

There are some questions and mysteries that are left untold and unexplored when it comes to telling a story. This is especially true in short tales where the story can gloss over how things came to be for the sake of getting to how things are. If done well, that can work for the most part. It still however doesn’t add to the characters themselves and that can be a shame.

A story in which a character is possessed by what seems to be a succubus, and becomes a futa as well, could have told of how that happened and really should have. If nothing else, that mystery would explain so much about why things are as they are.

  • Title: The Devil’s Toys
  • Author: Mara Birch
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0B45J87TJ
  • Publishing Date: June 14, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Madison and Grace are close friends who have known each other since they were children. Inez, Madison’s former neighbor and friend, attends the same college as them but has started keeping more to herself lately. When she stops showing up for class and vanishes one day, Madison and Grace are more than concerned.
Inez hasn’t been herself for a while now, and they fear the worst. So, doing what good friends typically do, Madison and Grace decide to search for her. But maybe it’s best they left things well enough alone—because some people’s demons are more than just metaphorical …

Something is very odd about Inez and her friends aren’t sure what that is. A mystery is very hard to resist but curiosity has done bad things to more than cats. Inez isn’t herself anymore and what remains has plans of its own.

The work tells a story centred on possession, futa transformation, dominance and control with hints of a succubus possessing one of the characters. It’s a bit violent, very harsh at times as well, overall being more about Inez’s friends falling to the demon that is possessing her.

The story is told from the perspective of Madison and as such there’s no real means for explaining what happened to Inez except for describing her physical changes and the succubus’ personality and what she does in the story. This leaves the question of how Inez was possessed never to be explored and it also doesn’t provide a means to tell what the succubus wants other than to have her way with Madison and Grace.

The succubus, who is never named, but uses Inez’s name, is very much physically a succubus, perhaps it’s more accurate to call her a demon for the most part. She is very centred on sexual control, her futa nature a means to that. Her personality is harsh, edging towards brutal at times and that is reflected on the erotica as that unfolds.

The erotica didn’t have a lot of heat for the most part, mainly as Inez forces the others in the story to submit to her and have her way with them. How that happens just didn’t have heat I thought, even if some of the BDSM themes worked at least from a character perspective. There’s a bit of a mind control theme as well, again somewhat fleetingly, but it didn’t have heat either.

I think, overall, that the work really could have used more of a glimpse of what happened to Inez. Did she want to be possessed? If so, why? Who is the succubus and what, if any, are her plans? I’d have liked more to the story than just the futa sex alone and I think there’s a lot of ways that could have happened. But it’s interesting as a story idea, the characters as well. There is a lot to build on and really should be.

Three pitchforks out of five.

There’s something of a succubus flavour to this work, but overall it’s more about dominance and futa themes. That said, there’s a lot that wasn’t explored, not the least of which is who possesses Inez, how that happened, and what they want beyond the story. That would be interesting to see explored and perhaps sometime it might be.


An interesting Morrigan Aensland Figurine Review YouTube

There have been quite a number of Morrigan Aensland figurines released, some of which I have, many of which I dearly wish I would. I found a really well done review of an amazing Morrigan figurine on YouTube which appears this time on the Tale.

In case you can’t see this video review here on the Tale, please try lhis link.

A screenshot of the figurine as displayed in the video as well, in case the review disappears and I hope that it doesn’t.

Morrigan Aensland bishoujo Figure Review by Queen Regent Kitty

Morrigan Aensland bishoujo Figure Review by Queen Regent Kitty

I do agree with many of the comments made, especially the ones about how Morrigan’s pose and expression are so exactly right for her character and all of the naughty things that she does. It’s a fun review, Queen Regent Kitty is very talented, and I loved her enthusiasm and delight throughout.

I just really wish I’d known about this figurine sooner so I could have gotten one. I’ll just have to adore this work of art from afar…


A Review of His Girlfriend Is A Witch by Janet Graceland

His Girlfriend Is A Witch by Janet Graceland

His Girlfriend Is A Witch by Janet Graceland

There are some stories which focus on transformation of characters which explore various themes. On occasion, either, or both Succubi and Incubi transformations happen, sometimes with a gender transformation as well. Overall, this can work well, but when such things seem tacked onto the story or really don’t matter much overall, was there a point to such things happening?

If the story works well without a Succubus or Incubus transformation, or appearance, was there really a point to it in the first place? Perhaps there is, to some small extent, but what’s the point if there really doesn’t seem to be one?

  • Title: His Girlfriend Is A Witch
  • Author: Janet Graceland
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: August 31, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.comNo Longer Available

The work tells of:

Michael’s girlfriend, Samantha, is a witch. On his twenty-first birthday, she has promised him one magical wish. But when Michael has difficulty on deciding what he wants, Samantha suggests spicing up their sex life. How? By turning Michael into a woman. When that happens, their life is completely changed forever.

Micheal knows his girlfriend is a witch and when offered a gift, he’s unsure of what he wants, but Samantha is. The gift opens their lives and love to something they didn’t expect, but if it’s what they both want, that’s all that matters isn’t it?

The work is mainly a gender transformation story with some mind control aspects at the core. The story focuses on both main characters, what happens to them along the way, and the result of their choices. It’s a bit rushed at times, the erotica is somewhat tepid overall. While there are transformations told, the actual succubus and incubus transformations are very fleeting.

Both Samantha and Micheal are gender transformed into being a succubus and an incubus which also brings personality changes and they aren’t the same characters when the transformations are complete. But this isn’t all that important to the story overall as this happens in the last few pages.

While the prior transformations in the story made sense, these last ones really didn’t add a lot. The last transformation could have been as easily to being pets to their Mistress without the succubus and incubus aspects. Both of the main characters were that anyway at that point. As such, the story really didn’t interest me very much and by the time the theme changed to something I am interested in, there wasn’t much that was done with it either in a character development or plot expansion.

Two pitchforks out of five.

There was really very little Succubus or Incubus themes to be found in this work save for the last handful of pages. The focus was more on gender transformations and a bit of mind control around the edges. The story did have its moments overall, but it really wasn’t anything like a Succubus or Incubus story save in passing. It’s no longer published on Amazon as of the time of this review, but I have reviewed other works by this author that do have Succubus or Incubus themes that were far more interesting.


Succubi Image of the Week 782

I do love cute Succubi, but occasionally even the cutest of them are just that little bit evil. Something a bit different this time for the Succubi of the Week where she is very cute but so very demanding as well…

Succubus by CHoney

Succubus by CHoney

This ever-so fun work of art is by the artist CHoney on Pixiv and you can find the original page here.

She has a delightful smile, the little fangs are perfect. Her eye colour gives that little bit of warning that she’s rather naughty if her whip, domineering pose and outfit aren’t quite clear on that. Love that her horns, tail and wings all match in colour and latex-like shininess too. The bow on her tail is just adorable too. Just a cute Succubi with some naughty things on her mind which makes me smile…


Why does there have to be sparkly horns

Hot As Hades Costume
As is likely well known by now, I really don’t like sparkly horns in Succubi costumes. It’s just that side of trashy to me and when they appear it’s a bit of a turnoff. Sometimes there is some sense to the choice, sometimes it might make sense. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

This is the Hot As Hades Costume and it comes with the bodysuit, matching gloves and the sparkly horns. It sells for $63 US.

Overall the pattern works and the horns do match, which seems to suggest that some thought was put into this look and style. I’m not particularly happy about the horns of course. Nor does the fringe trim on the gloves and bodysuit do a lot for me either. It’s something of an expected overall look for a bodysuit and horns ensemble however.

The horns would have to go, there are so many better looking ones. I’d likely remove the fringe on the bodysuit, but keep what’s on gloves as they are. As a last minute choice when there’s nothing else on the shelves it’s an option, being on the edge of trashy but not quite too much so.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There are better costumes at around the same price. Perhaps one might consider those long before this one.


A Review of Beloved Demon by Luke Thunder

Beloved Demon by Luke Thunder

Beloved Demon by Luke Thunder

The construction of a story’s plot sometimes holds a seed of an idea that, for me, is something to ponder and wonder about. If the myths taken and changed for the sake of storytelling is done well, that can be quite an engrossing read. Expected and stereotypical aspects of a character’s being tend to make me lose my interest.

However, the unraveling of a mystery, in all of its forms, along with the tale told well of the main character finding their purpose and meaning, keeps me involved. A succubus that is trying to figure out herself while the world turns around her, or tries to take her, leaves much to be explored after all.

  • Title: Beloved Demon
  • Author: Luke Thunder
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 226 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0B9644H7C
  • Publishing Date: August 9, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

“Demons” occur in many different variants in the literature. The most popular at the moment are of course the sex demons, which are traditionally called “succubus” and “incubus”. “Succubus” — from the Latin “succubare” = to lie beneath — is the female form, supernaturally beautiful, desirable and irresistible. In this form, the demon collects male sperm in order to then pass it on to unsuspecting women in the male form “Incubus” – of course also supernaturally beautiful, desirable and irresistible – and thereby reproduce itself. If you’re thinking of “Rosemary’s Baby” here, you’re pretty much right.

Angela doesn’t care for mysteries, it’s part of her being who she is and what she deals with everyday. But there’s a single mystery that has been lurking in the shadows waiting for her. The truth will come out, the past will return with a vengeance. But then Angela isn’t exactly without her own mysteries that not even the past expected from her.

The work is really a very complex interweaving of mystery, action and tales of erotic moments that gives rise to a very unique mythos that surrounds Angela. The mystery of why her life has turned out as it has remains throughout, holding some untold aspects to the very end and beyond which work well to keep one engrossed in the storytelling.

It’s not entirely focused on the erotica, those scenes and moments are well done overall. The story sets itself to dig into her mystery, tell of how things came to be, and then what happens when the darker side demands its pound of flesh from Angela. The supernatural theme, focused on the creation of the mythos between good and evil, the revelations about both demons and angels are thoughtfully done and unique. The story holds itself to carrying Angela through the strife around her and gives her character the chance to grow and evolve.

Angela, the main character and succubus of the work, is something of a mixture of myths which explains her personality. While her succubus aspects are at the fore the story, she doesn’t become consumed by them. There are moments when things turn in unexpected directions, she reveals a new aspect of her being. This all makes her wonderfully complex and delightfully interesting.

There are other characters who are, or can be, described as being succubi or incubi as well. Some are fleetingly in the story, a bare handful remain with Angela to one level or another. Much like Angela herself, they aren’t really stereotypical in their nature as a whole. There is one character however that was really so very much expected in what he did and while it made sense, I’d hoped for a bit more depth in him than what came to pass.

Written well, the story’s strength is the mythos created by far. There’s so much depth and threads created to tie everything together. The work does wander on occasion, there could have been a better resolution told between Angela and her mother than it was. That’s more of a fond wish for all Angela went through by the end of the story. It’s a really well told work of succubus fiction that kept my interest throughout.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The ending of the work feels a bit rushed as a whole. There are some left over threads touched on, there’s hints of further growth for Angela which just makes her that little bit more a delightful and unique succubus. Perhaps the author will continue this to a follow-on story, perhaps not. Nonetheless the mythos created and the story told was really well done.


Three by TeraS

A short poem today, mainly because I haven’t been well. Still, there’s a point to things in the Realm and it revolves around…

By TeraS

Red, Silver and Red
Colours of eternal love
Passions forever entwined
Desire in boundless wonder
Ecstasy afire in delight
Three souls being as one