On November 27th, 2022, the 8,000th article was added to the SuccuWiki!
December 1st, 2022 marks the SuccuWiki's Fifteenth Anniversary!

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Welcome to The Wiki of the Succubi - SuccuWiki!

Currently there are: 8,002 articles in the SuccuWiki.
On December 1st, 2014, the 3,000th article in the SuccuWiki was added.
On July 18th, 2016, the 4,000th article in the SuccuWiki was added.
On August 4th, 2018, the 5,000th article in the SuccuWiki was added.
On January 20th, 2020, the 6,000th article in the SuccuWiki was added.
On May 15th, 2021, the 6,969th article in the SuccuWiki was added.
On May 29th, 2021, the 7,000th article in the SuccuWiki was added.

About The SuccuWiki
TeraS, Queen of the Succubi, your seductively wonderful webmistress.

Welcome to the Wiki of the Succubi - SuccuWiki!

The SuccuWiki was created to be the home for all information on Succubi and Incubi. Categories include television, books, electronic media as well as toys and collectibles that are succubus or incubus related. Whether in modern or ancient form, whether a myth, story or other tale, it can be found here. SuccuWiki attempts to be a high-quality source of Succubus and Incubus materials, from G-rated to X-rated, we cover them all.

SuccuWiki is, as the name implies, a Wiki that is designed to expand the knowledge about the Succubi in all their forms. It would be appreciated if the focus of it remains on the Succubi and as well Incubi. That does not however mean that related characters, worlds, and other things that are part of the Succubi world cannot be added to the Wiki as needed.

  • Note to Role Players! Do you have characters that are either Succubi or Incubi? Please consider adding them to the SuccuWiki!

If you apply for a User ID on SuccuWiki, you will need to give a valid email address and respond to the email you are sent from this website. Otherwise your account will be terminated and your access blocked to the SuccuWiki. Upon confirming your email address, your application for access to the SuccuWiki will be examined by the Admin and a decision made. This has become necessary due to a flood of spammer attacks on this website, meaning that, unfortunately, there will be a delay in full editing access being granted to it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one person in particular for their kindness in making it possible for me to obtain the Succubus.net domain. I hope that Cliff likes what has been and is being created here. And a special thank you for Arcane for his help and allowing me to lean on him for his help. I'd also like to thank my online family for their support in making this vision come true.

With Huggles

Queen of the Succubi

If it is necessary to contact me, please email me at: succuwikimistress@succubus.net