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Azazel (Dungeons and Dragons)

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Azazel, Outcast Prince of Scapegoats
Game background
Title(s) Prince of Scapegoats
Home plane Nine Hells
Power level Duke of Hell
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Blame
Domains Outcasts' End (Level 137)
Alias(es) The Serpent
Superior Mephistopheles
Design details
First appearance Dragon #91
Settings Greyhawk Campaign
Mythological Azazel

Azazel in the Greyhawk setting in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, is an outcast Duke of Hell, Demon Lord and one of the Rabble of Devilkin. He is known as the Prince of Scapegoats. He is concerned with blame and absolution.


Azazel "The Serpent", one of the Outcast Dukes of Baator, is known to be extremely conceited and scornful. Cast out of two successive dukedoms for his unbearable behavior, Azazel constantly plots to regain his former position. He always wears gaudy jewelry and regal clothing. He only considers Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Mephistopheles, and Adramalech his equals. Azazel's appearance is of a a scaly-skinned humanoid with a serpent's head and large scaled wings.

Publication History

Azazel first appears in Ed Greenwood's article "The Nine Hells Revisited" in Dragon #91 (November 1984).[1]

Azazel was briefly detailed in Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (2006).[2]


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