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Allison - Tera's Sister

Further information on the Succubi Collective universe can be found in the entry, Succubi (Collective).

Allison is one of TeraS' succubi sisters, though she wasn't always that way. She's busty, sexy, and kind, with long blue hair and bright blue eyes that sometimes glow violet in color, with small pink horns protruding from her forehead and a long, flexible pink tail. She most often wears a japanese-style schoolgirl uniform, finding them the most fun to wear, with a scandalously short skirt and tight top.


Once a rather shy, plain girl who didn't think very highly of herself, Allison was convinced by a few of her friends to attend cheerleading tryouts. She was reluctant, but they bullied her into it, and before she knew it she was in the gym before the head of the cheer squad, a beautiful woman calling herself Tera. Allison was still reluctant, still shy, but Tera convinced her to give it her all, and so she did her best...though was ever afraid that she'd mess up. Tera had confidence in her, and Allie felt as if that gave her confidence too. Then, Tera gave her a gift...revealing herself for what she truly was, a Succubi, and filling Allison with that power. The power transformed her into a succubi, too, enhancing her beauty (though likely just bringing out the beauty she didn't know she had) and giving her the sort of seductive, playful attitude that she has today. Adopted as Tera's sister, she gave up who she used to be to learn as much as she could about being a succubi and live up to her sister's hopes for her.