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Zal'Kazzir's Grimoire (Midnight RPG)

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Zal'Kazzir's Grimoire
Rules required Midnight RPG
Character levels All
Campaign setting Midnight RPG
First published 2008
Linked modules
Midnight RPG

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Zal'Kazzir walks a perilous road; he seeks to use the aid and power of demons and other fiends outside the purview of Izrador to aid him in his efforts against the Shadow. Time will tell if glory, damnation or both are his reward.

Zal'Kazzir's Demon Name and Truename

  • 'Zal'Kazzir's common abyssal name is "Za’al"
  • 'The True name of the Demon Za'al is "Fazhitazorilnavenath" pronounced Fah-zee-tazor-il-nah-vehnath

Known Demons

  • 'Valizdam, The Vrock-Beast, The Shape-Taker'

There is a demon, known to be in the employ of Vrolk the Vile who can assume the forms, and perhaps mannerisms/personalities of others. It seems to be able to know highly personal information (Valendil's Trail Sign) about it's target, but whether this is gained through magic, espionage or both is unclear. It is rumored that the sacrifice of a child is required for it to transform, it is unknown if the race of the child must match the race of the target to be copied, but this seems likely. It may also be necessary for this demon to consume another demon or demons, perhaps for power in order to accomplish it's transformation. Both of these 'costs' may simply be a price the demon extorts from those who would use it, and may be completely unrelated to it's actual capability.

  • 'Nazif, who is called Belal'

A courtesan imp, with all of the powers normally associated with such beings. Appears as a bloated, toad-like creature with an impossibly wide mouth full of shining white teeth and bulbous, prying eyes. Wears tweedy clothes and a hat, much in mockery of a tasteless courtier. Known to be sly and ingratiating, but not annoyingly so. Insists on being included, but is cautious enough to act subtly, rather than demanding acceptance. Enjoys bargains and deals, and is an insufferable name-dropper and gossip, but always to his own benefit.

Known Names and Truenames

  • 'Treatise on Demonology'
    • Names (8 Names)
      • Dharizava, Queen of Battle (Marilith) (MM 44)
      • Thal-goneth the Great (Nalfeshnee) (MM 46)
      • Galadia the Heart-Flayer (Succubus) (MM 47)
      • Xatherebos, Lord of Ruin (Balor) (MM 41)
      • Talize, Whisperer of Silken Secrets (Succubus) (MM 47)
      • Karvistazs, The Vulture-Knight (Vrock) (MM 48)
      • Vipheri, The Wise Mistress (Succubus) (MM 47)
      • Zaaliphron, Vizier of Viziers (Glabrezu) (MM 43)
    • Truenames
      • Valizdam, the Shape-Taker: (Vrock) (MM 48)
      • Bharizz, the Hidden Watcher: (Quasit) (MM 46)
  • 'Ardherin's Journal'
    • Names (16 names)
      • Faravor, the Chainbreaker (Shiradi) (BoED 170)
      • V'thai, Lightmaiden (Ghaele) (MM 94)
      • Arvak, Silverknife (Quasit) (MM 46)
      • Vengajarai, Throne of Righteousness (Throne Archon) (BoED 162)
      • Kyzethrial, The Violet Queen (Tulani) (BoED 171)
      • Kivatsatl, the Just Advisor (Couatl) (MM 37)
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA

    • Truenames
      • Taleessa, called the Golden: (Succubus) (MM 47)
      • Ktzloroth, the Black Prince: (Glabrezu) (MM 43)
      • Sa'alimel, called the Prism: (Ghaele) (MM 94)
      • Hunter-in-Darkness: (Bebilith) (MM 42)

  • Vipheri's Succubi cabal Demon Sister Names: For which each know the truename of the other.
  1. Vipheri, The Wise Mistress [TRUENAME:  ???]
  2. Datadeva, The Heart of Man
  3. Idadoled, The Soul Sucker
  4. Irifezy, The Blood Boiler
  5. Lerekiva, Windpure
  6. Movti, The Callow
  7. Nebacxon, The Shuddersome Woman
  8. Nilaberu, The Opulent Pearl
  9. Sidodra, The Rotten Girl
  10. Soseniic, Come-Hither
  11. Urexexi, The Heinous Whore
  12. Vyti, Trueclaw
  13. Afadie, Mithral-Tongue
  14. Doteta, The Statuesque
  15. Imirihy, The Insipid Bitch
  16. Irkar, Heart-hater
  17. Vinarha, Marrow-Biter
  18. Alokicet, Demon-Taboo
  19. Cafinea, The Rich-Maker
  20. Efizedea, Hellbringer
  21. Haaxe, The One
  22. Idazi, Toymaker
  23. Unizefra, The Lioness

Other Demonologists

  • 'Lolth'

Sister to Arundil, the Witch-Queen. Left the elf-court many years ago in search of power to battle the shadow. Known to use/traffic with demons and their ilk.

  • 'Ardherin, The Sorceror of Shadow'

Porcelin-Skinned Traitor Elf, Night King and Master Magus. Sent Vrolk the Vrock-Beast to take on Valendil's form, and left with it from the site of Vrolk's botched ritual. He is clearly astoundingly powerful.

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