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Wicked Delights

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Wicked Delights
Wicked Delights Book Cover, written by Kate Hill, Adrienne Kam, Lisa G. Riley, and Kimberly Kaye Terry
Wicked Delights Book Cover, written by Kate Hill, Adrienne Kam, Lisa G. Riley, and Kimberly Kaye Terry
Author(s) Kate Hill, Adrienne Kam, Lisa G. Riley, and Kimberly Kaye Terry
Publisher New Concepts Publishing
Publication date June 13, 2006
Media type Paperback
Length 260 Pages
ISBN 978-158608828

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Wicked Delights is an novel written by Kate Hill, Adrienne Kam, Lisa G. Riley, and Kimberly Kaye Terry. In this work, the story Tamed By The Tiger by Kate Hill has a Succubus character named Raine appearing in it.


  • Title: Wicked Delights
  • Authors: Kate Hill, Adrienne Kam, Lisa G. Riley, and Kimberly Kaye Terry
  • Published By: New Concepts Publishing
  • Length: 260 Pages
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1586088289
  • ISBN-13: 978-158608828
  • Publishing Date: June 13, 2006

Plot Summary

Sexy, humorous, delightfully raunchy. This is what four of today's hottest authors of multicultural, erotic romance have delivered in this anthology of tantalizing tales guaranteed to scorch the skin off your palms. In this erotic collection, you'll indulge your every fantasy and explore worlds just beyond reality. Kate Hill, Adrienne Kama, Lisa G. Riley and Kimberly Kaye Terry offer you wickedly sensual, eclectic tales of love and lust that will take you away from the humdrum of real life to a land where men are real men and unerringly know the secret, carnal delights of the women they're determined to conquer.

  • Tamed by the Tiger by Kate Hill: Raine Santangelo, a Succubus, has never failed a mission. Until she comes across the weretiger, Sanjay--who thrusts her into a perilous path of irresistible passions and danger.
  • Forsaken-Immortal Surrender by Adrienne Kama: Ambrosia Kennedy is a certified vampire hunter, and she's on her first assignment-to discover if the goth rock band, Forsaken, are vampires, or if it's all an act. What Ambrosia isn't prepared for is the dark sensuality of Forsaken's lead singer, Umberto.
  • Unparalleled by Lisa G. Riley: Edris Perseveranth has no room in her life for anything but heading the Parallel Plus police force and discovering her mother's killers. But when she's pulled into the erotic dreams of a sexy, blue-eyed stranger who is able to revive her passions, she finds herself longing to make it real.in the flesh.
  • Pleasure Principle by Kimberly Kaye Terry: Arlinda Nyoni doesn't want or need a man in her life for anything other than a momentary, pleasurable diversion. And then Samuel St. John walks into her life, demanding much more than a fleeting encounter.

Book Review

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  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Wicked Delights- A Joyfully Recommended Title
  • Reviewed On: July 8, 2008
  • Reviewed By: M. Nix "Joyfully Reviewed"

Tamed By The Tiger by Kate Hill

When Sanjay, a weretiger, learns that his son Rahul is marked for death by the Wakened Veils--a group of female assassins, each with supernatural powers--he does what any concerned father does. He shifts into tiger form and rescues his son. Now it's his mission to find a solution that would please the women AND keep his son alive. Enter gorgeous Succubus, Raine Santangelo. She is the key to helping him find a peaceful solution. As time goes on both Sanjay and Raine realize that more than just Rahul's life is at stake. Their blossoming love and even Sanjay's life are greatly at risk. They will do whatever it takes to come out with everyone's head intact and their hearts unbroken.

Forsaken-Immortal Surrender by Adrienne Kama

Ambrosia Kennedy is a vampire hunter on her first assignment. Her targets? The Goth band Forsaken, four incredibly sexy men. They use vampirism as part of their act. It's Ambrosia's job to find out if it's really just an act. Her main focus is the band's lead singer Umberto. He is so sinfully sexy and darkly erotic that it's a wonder Ambrosia is able to keep her wits about her and gather the necessary data on the band. In the blink of an eye, though, Ambrosia goes from hunting to being hunted. Umberto wants the sexy Ambrosia, and he will have her. She finds herself powerless against his skill and charm. Soon though, Ambrosia doesn't want to fight, she wants to explore these new found feelings. But there are bigger, badder things out there determined to stop this new relationship from developing and to stop Umberto and the rest of the band from breathing! It will take all of their strength and wits to overcome this!!

Unparalleled by Lisa G.Riley

For years Enrique Thomas Rivera has been dreaming of an ebony-skinned beauty. She's been a part of his life since she was two years old and he was five. He's grown up with her, watched her become a controlled, disciplined, stunning woman. Soon the dreams turn from innocent childhood antics to torrid, passionate lovemaking. Enrique despairs of ever meeting his other half, the woman who completes him. She's been in his dreams for years and he doesn't even know her NAME! Edirs Perseveranth has had to control everything within her life ever since she was thrust into the role of adult at a tender young age when her mother was killed in the line of duty. Now a law enforcement agent herself, Edirs will use whatever resources she can discreetly find to discover the truth of her mother's murder and bring the killers to justice. Even if it means leaving her familiar world of Parallel Plus and going to the world of Sub Parallel where she suspects her mother's murderers are hiding. Meeting her dream man, Enrique in the flesh was not something she could have ever begun to anticipate. Can she find her mother's murderers, get her sister out of trouble yet again AND carry on her relationship with Enrique in real life as opposed to their late night dreams?? If there's a will, there's a way...and both Enrique and Edris will it, so maybe it will happen.

Pleasure Principle by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Arlinda Nyoni is a struggling boutique owner with hot fashions. When she is approached to create the designs for an upcoming charity event she jumps at the chance, but the opportunity comes with a twist. Instead of dealing with the founder of the charity, Mariana St. John, she will instead deal with Mariana's brother Samuel St. John. Little does Arlinda know that Sam took one look at her petite frame and coca-colored skin and was lost, at that moment plans were changed and he appointed himself the point of contact between Mariana and Arlinda. He wants Arlinda with every fiber of his being. Now to convince her to let down the walls she's erected and to earn her trust and love because, quite frankly, he will accept nothing less than everything. She is beautiful to Sam and everyone around her, her beauty radiates from the inside out making her glow. Now it's Sam's mission to show her that there's so much more to her than her looks. Will she let him in? Or will she sabotage this wonderful relationship like she does all the rest?

Wicked Delights is an anthology of wicked proportions! Each story is a tender love story swaddled in deep erotic heat. I tried to print this book out but the stories were so hot it short circuited my poor printer!!

This group of stories starts off with Kate Hill's weretiger story Tamed By The Tiger. I admire Sanjay's determination to save his son's life even though he clearly knows there was a puzzle piece missing in the story that his son was telling him. If it was as simple as his son claims, the Wakened Veils would not have marked him for death. Sanjay has a smoldering intensity about him, which comes out when he confronts Raine. Raine is dedicated to her job of bringing wrong doing men to justice and protecting the women that need her help. The heat between these two flows like a rolling heat wave. Raine is a Succubus who has not fed in a long time, as such, I expected her to jump Sanjay's bones but instead something far more intense happens. Their relationship gets emotional; emotional entanglement is a thing Raine has long avoided because of her past dealings with men. But when she realizes that her feelings for Sanjay are not going away and neither is he, the ball really gets rolling. Passionate love, stunningly hot sex, and secrets that MUST be told...Tamed By The Tiger is a great start to this hot anthology!

Next in line is Adrienne Kama's Forsaken-Immortal Surrender. I totally enjoyed reading about Ambrosia. I can tell right off that she is new to her job, but well skilled and determined to do a good job despite being green. Ambrosia's assignment is to act the girlfriend to the lead singer of the band Forsaken. This pairs her up with Umberto a vampire over 300 years old. Little does she know, she is no match for him, and Umberto proves that to her in a blinding moment of startling intensity. Darkly sensuous and smolderingly erotic; if I were in Ambrosia's position I would have handed in my badge immediately. Theirs is a relationship full of complications: she's a vampire hunter attracted to the very vampire she needs to kill, he's a vampire attracted to the woman that is part of a group sent to kill him. This story rocks! I really can't say more about it without giving spoilers. What I can say is that Umberto and Ambrosia's joining, is just the TIP of the iceberg in the intensity of this story. Towards the end of this book, I was rocking back and forth with my fist in my mouth, things happened that I did not expect to happen. Talk about secrets! Can't go wrong with Forsaken-Immortal Surrender. I surrender! I surrender!

Unparalleled by Lisa G. Riley is an enjoyable read. Introducing me to Enrique and Edris at early ages. I loved them from the start. Enrique proved himself to be an alpha male while young and only more so when he became an adult. Edris loses her precociousness when she gets older making her rather rigid and not as fun loving as when she was in her youth. Enrique gifted with "third-eye" sight sees things he does not understand, right down to dreaming and "seeing" Edris but never knowing her name. As the two grow older in their parallel universes the dreams go from childhood playfulness and experiences to adult passionate lovemaking. I want a dream man like that!! I wanted to know if the heat that Edris and Enrique experience in their dreams, transfers into real life. I wanted to know who killed Edris' mother...so many questions! Ms. Riley answered them all, even showing me a side of Edirs that was there, but hidden. I love Edris and found myself hoping that she would get to meet Enrique in real life because she needs that, she needs something that would bring something out of her that she's buried deep. This was a good story, and a great addition to the anthology.

Rounding out this great group of stories is Kimberly Kaye Terry's Pleasure Principle. Unlike the previous three stories neither of the main characters has any paranormal powers, but they are in no way lacking in anything. Arlinda is a woman who creates fantastic designs and owns her own boutique but in spite all of this, she has a lack of self-confidence that she keeps hidden deep within, only allowing her best friend Maya to see sometimes. When she meets the sexy Samuel she is ready to jump his bones, but doubts and insecurities surface making her unsure of herself. I can relate to Arlinda; we all experience insecurities and doubts. As Sam becomes more and more enamored of Arlinda he begins to chip away at her defenses. I read the story mumbling and fussing the whole time. I wanted to shake Arlinda and tell her to ease up just a little bit on emotionally fighting Sam or she would lose the best man she's ever come across. Sam is just hot and I must say the man has got the self-control of a saint! How he did the things, oh the things, he did to and with Arlinda I don't know. The erotic heat and intensity in this story is enough to rival that of an active volcano. At times I had to put the story down for a moment to compose myself and continue reading. Following the journey of Arlinda coming out of her shell, the journey of Sam's efforts to earn her trust and love made this an excellent end to one of the hottest and most enjoyable anthologies I've read in some time.

Grab up a copy of Wicked Delights today!! You will NOT be disappointed, you will sit on the edge of your chair, yell at the characters and dream of them when you are done!

Dee reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

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