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WhoreLore Series Title Art
Genre Adult Fantasy Adventure
Format Online Download
Starring See Episode List
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 10 (List of episodes)
Running time 30 Minutes
Production company(s) IML Group LLC.
Distributor IML Group LLC.
Original channel Web Series
Original run 2006 – 2010
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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

WhoreLore was an online adult video series that parodied the World of Warcraft Universe. Originally to be called WhoreCraft, an injunction from Blizzard Entertainment caused the makers of the series to change the name to WhoreLore.

The films were set in a fantasy world similar to that of the World of Warcraft video game. The production was of a generally high standard with good costume design, makeup and prosthetics. The fight scenes and dialog were of above average quality as well.

Production of the series began initially in 2006 and continues currently according to the official website, although no episodes have appeared since episode 10. The series was available on a pay-per-view basis on the series website.

As of June 1, 2010, there had been ten episodes released. Each episode ran approximately 30 minutes in length. Only one episode, episode three, had the appearance of a Succubus as one of the characters.

Episode List

Season One

Episode Title Starring Summary
1 Rogues do it from behind Monica Mayhem
Why? Cause naturally that's where they take it!
After all, what you give, you will receive!
2 Pirate Booty Mia Rose
Justin Syder
Fayne Almighty
A quiet day of herb farming is cut short when
a beautiful elven priestess witnesses a brutal attack
on an unsuspecting warrior. She comes to his aid, but little
does she know just how much it will cost her. Mia Rose,
our brave priestess does the right thing by saving a poor
warrior. Mia gives a hardcore blowjob then climbs on top
in her favorite position for the ride of her life
3 The Awakening Mia Rose
Ava Rose
Taylor Rain
Jessica Jaymes
Nick Manning
The adventure continues with the elven priest Tiana and her
half sister, Remus. Remus is sent on a quest to awaken a
demon of the night. She has must gather a set of articles in
order to complete the ritual. However, all is not simple as
Remus enlists the help of Tiana to obtain an item.
4 Man Hunt Shyla Stylez
Mindy Lee
Tony T.
The guild master Titus is captured and tortured by an
evil gang of thugs. Held in a heavily guarded woodland
camp, our heros must save him before it is too late.
5 Calm before the Storm Nadia Nyce
Mindy Lee
Phyllisha Anne
Lisa Marie
Cly Maxwell
Our heroes co-ordinate their battle plans in the safety
of their home. However not all is as it seems as a visitor
arrives at the gates. All is calm before the storm.
6 Change August
Biannca Dagger
Brittney Skye
Lisa Marie
Monica Mayhem
Nic Manning
Steve Saxe-Cobury
Evil is close and for the Whores, closer than they think.
The evil spy reports back to his master only to discover
that his true faith will be death.

Season Two

Episode Title Starring Summary
7 Birth of Destruction Dakoda Brookes
Biannca Dagger
Barrett Blade
Winter Sky
Monica Mayhem
The path is hallowed in the souls of others and from within
the despair emerges a character capable of vanquishing
those who thrive for harmony. Can this entity overthrow
the powers of virtue, or will her sexual appetite get the best
of her? There's no telling what'll happen when the storms
collide, when the flesh melts.
8 Demon Within Winter Sky
Dakoda Brookes
Ava Rose
The entity is getting stronger and so is every one's sense
of danger from it. Only time will tell what will reap from
this sexual demons presence.
9 Retribution Barrett Blade
Monica Mayhem
Our Demon Child has taken form in a stronger body and
is making her way to her secret destination. Only a Holy
Paladin who has been secretly watching her journey has
the power to stop her. See which whore will be taken
down and which whore is forced to go down.
10 The Rage of Bonan Evan Stone
On the other side of the world a slave is given a new hope.
Women and foes from wide and far will fear
the rage of Bonan!

Succubus Character

WhoreLore character
Jessica Jaymes as the Succubus
in Episode 3 of WhoreLore
First appearance

The Awakening
Last appearance

The Awakening
Portrayed by

Jessica Jaymes
Species Succubus
Gender Female

Episode 3 of the series, The Awakening, involved two sisters (one a priest and the other a warlock) summoning a succubus (played by Jessica Jaymes) for an unknown purpose. The sisters were attacked by a rival warlock and then were saved by the succubus who they had awakened.

The plot of the episode focused on Remus gathering everything she needed to complete her quest, including the sweat of a troll. The episode ends with a hardcore scene starring Nick Manning, Ava Rose and Jessica Jaymes. Ava Rose is in the final scene for a short time then Manning and Jaymes play out a scene in which the demon pounds the succubus into submission. The final scene is very aggressive which seems to reflect the demonic characters.

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