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Candice Greene

Intersex Female
3D Render, Artist, Novelist
Birthday: December 21, 1963

About Me

My name is Candice Greene, I am a Adult Graphic artist, and novelist. I work with my friend Edwin Morgan to create science fiction, and fantasy novels. My latest work has been for Angels Falls which is a deviantART group that concerns Super heroes. During Halloween 2011 I created a seemingly harmless character named Samantha who was pretty much just a demoness. She would be an obsession with me that would give birth to a novel I call Girl Friday which is my first, and only endeavor into the demonic world.

Girl Friday as far as a Super Hero view is not to be taken seriously as it is good nature in the end. It is fo adults, and can be graphic as I will link Futanari Palace before deviantART.

Yes I mentioned Futanari as the Manga content is present yet this is done western style so don't expect what you think.

As far as me, I am Transgendered, I was born that way and if anything improved my chances of living a normal life albeit my choice). I am very friendly, and sociable. I created this in hopes I can add to the mystic about succubi.

My Stories

Girl Friday Futanari Palce

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Girl Friday deviantART

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My Characters