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Master Miller is one of the creators and owners of Tabitha.


Master Miller used to be human. What he is now, even he's not sure. Various experiments have transformed him into a being that feeds off of sexual energy. He's equipped with various energy based powers, and even some magical abilities.

His involvement with Succubi

Somewhat paranoid and xenophobic, due to his past, his initial contact with Tera was rather hostile. He tried cloning her to determine what made a Succubi tick, and to learn all their strength's and weaknesses. None of his attempts at cloning were successful. One attempt resulted in a giant cashew. Finally he attempted to build a Succubi from scratch. The end result, Tabitha, was initially a failure until she was revived by Tera.

Master Miller's relationship with Tabitha started out rocky. Her no longer being entirely his creation resulted in him distrusting her. Eventually this distrust came to a head and Tabitha went to one of his labs that was floating in space, and set a timer for the lab to drop its atmospheric shielding. He showed up, and at the last moment he threw her through a portal, saving her life, and causing him to be sucked out into space. She later managed to retrieve his body and revive him using his own lab equipment. Master Miller and Tabitha have now reconciled.


While hostile, or at least annoying to those he doesn't know and trust, he can be equally kind to those that he does know and trust. While he can be very kind, he's also not afraid to use violence, and has been characterized by those who don't know him as being unstable. A few years ago, a Dominatrix attempted to seduce and control him. After failing repeatedly, she remarked that he was "too crazy to brainwash". He later killed her by ripping her chest open and pulling her organs out.


One of his experiments resulted in the ability for his soul to willingly leave and return to his body. At times, his body and soul are in conflict with one another, his soul usually taking the more moderate position in a conflict.

While he resembles a young man, he may in fact be far older then his appearance would suggest. This preservation of youth is due to him having his body regenerated occasionally.

When excited or angry, his eyes glow red.

Can also split into a good and evil side. The good side being blue and the evil side being red. The effects of a long term split are yet to be known.

Can imitate anyone's voice with perfect accuracy. When doing it just for fun, the imitation usually sounds like a badly compressed audio file.