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My name is Dai .

email me if you wanna know more :D helldaemen@yahoo.com

Has a terrible love for succubi , I mean the thought of giving everything you have for the love of woman is romantic right? - --Helldaemen 18:45, 20 September 2011 (PDT)

And who doesn't love a beautifull dangerous woman?

The Succubus Factor

I've seen soooooo many bad succubus movies that I have come up with a review test I call

"dun dun dun"

The Succubus Factor!

Here's how it works I grade a movie using the following scale to judge how well they portrayed my lovely lovely Succubi

1 point/ Horns ! Though it may be cliche for todays moviegoers , for a succubi Afficiando like me ; shes gotta have the horns. 1 point/ Tail (see above) 1 point/ Wings (Again see above) 1 point/ Doen't have fangs!!! I don't know how many times I've seen that one bleh! 1 point/ Is Devilishly Beautifull ... A Succubus represents to me a master of feminimity and as such she should show it 1 point/ Doesn't have fangs ...I'm looking at you Jennifer's Body 1 point/ Is a master of seduction 1 point/ Kills through sexual passion ...and not gore (again you Jennifer's Body) 1 point/ Explains the Lilith Origins ....and correctly 1 point/ Is From Hell

10 Points Total

Future Article Ideas

Email me if you have anything you want or think would make a cool addition. --Helldaemen 18:45, 20 September 2011 (PDT)

Currently researching and working on: Black Moon Chronicles Catherine (Video Game)