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I'm an administrator of SuccuWiki
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First, a little about me.

I'm pretty good with MediaWiki, and I met Tera on the MediaWiki Users forums when she was having trouble with editing her wiki.

That led to me helping her out, and since I like the idea behind her wiki, I decided to stick around and help her out some more.

If you need me for anything, just leave a message on my talk page.

TeraS.jpg This user pays homage to Lady TeraS - Queen of the Succubi.
Succubusmarriage.jpeg This user would love to romance a succubus.
Morrigan.jpeg This user is a fan of Morrigan Aensland.
Lilith (darkstalkers).jpg This user is a fan of Lilith Aensland.
Demi-succubus.gif This user believes succubi can be adorable.
Succubiarebadass.jpg This user believes succubi are badass.

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