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Tina Krause

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Tina Krause
Born (1970-07-29) July 29, 1970 (age 47)
Queens, New York, United States
Other names Mia Copia
Occupation Actress
Film Director
Film Producer
Years active 1994-present
Known for Lilith in the film The Thirsting
Eva in the film Eva of the Succubi

Tina Krause (born July 29, 1970, Queens, New York, is an American film actress, producer, director, and model.[1][2] [3] [4] She has played the role of a Succubus twice, the first being the role of Lilith in the 2006 movie The Thirsting, and the second, the role of Eva in the short film Eva of the Succubi.


Referred to as a 'B Movie Queen',[5] and an 'Indie Horror Queen',[6] the bulk of her film work has been with shoestring-budget independent producers of horror films and erotic spoofs. In an interview at Horror Society, she states that she was "discovered" at Chiller Theatre and has been acting "ever since".[2] [7] [8] Her first feature was Sorority Slaughter, in 1994. By the time she was in her 30s, she had become a "huge fan favorite".[1]

She has appeared in over 78 independent, direct-to-video features, including Penny Dreadful, The Drunken Dead Guy, The Thirsting, Zombiegeddon, and Play Dead.[9] She has also been involved in some fetish modeling under the stage name Mia Copia.[10] In 2009 she was involved with the film Horrotica which began its principal filming in the New York–New Jersey area in June of that year.[11]

In 2011 she portrayed Sally in Richard Chandler's Christmas Comedy film Scrooge in the Hood, which is a parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.[12]

Succubus Character

She has played the role of a succubus twice. Once as the succubus character Lilith in the 2006 film The Thirsting. The other as the succubus character Eva in the 2012 short film Eva of the Succubi.


Year Title Role Notes
2013 The Profane Exhibit Rave Girl
2012 Eva of the Succubi Eva Film Short
2012 When Death Calls Stacey Quoor
2011 A Story About Ian Famous Actress Film Short
2011 Scrooge in the Hood Sally
2011 She Wolf Rising The Hitch Hiker
2011 The Sex Merchants as Mia Copia
2011 Clive Unger's Madame X Customer Film Short
2010 Cross the Line Det. Angela Barnett
2010 Heaven and Hell Miranda Amedeo
2010 Salvation by Blood Teresa Film Short
2010 Feeding Frenzy Call Girl
2009 Gone with the Wieners Bridgett O'Stein
2009 Survive! Linda
2009 Pork Pork in Space Alien Queen Film Short
2008 Catching the Fever Tania
2008 Blood and Sex Nightmare Alicia
2008 The Recovered Beverley Sloan
2007 The Thirsting Lilith/Sr. Catherine
2007 Day of the Ax Sweetie
2007 Blood Oath Jennifer
2006 Presque Isle Woman on beach
2005 Penny Dreadful Marla Film Short
2005 The Drunken Dead Guy Laundry Girl/Angelina Barzini
2005 Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet Eegads as Mia Copia
2004 And Then They Were Dead... Sara
2004 Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots Mysterious Specter
2004 Silver Mummy Judy
2004 Bent
2003 Zombiegeddon Jenny Jackson
2003 Vampire Vixens Dracoola as Mia Copia
2003 Machines of Love and Hate Erika Marks
2003 Nikos Eva Braun
2003 Clowns and Suicide White Trash Woman
2002 An Erotic Vampire in Paris Isabelle as Mia Copia
2002 Serial Killer Girl in Photos
2002 The Vegas Showgirl Strangler Jennifer
2002 Revenge of the Necktie Strangler Sarah
2002 Quest for the Egg Salad Nienna
2002 Body Shop Hailey
2001 Witchouse 3: Demon Fire Rose
2001 Hayride Slaughter Desire Varga
2001 Blood for the Muse Clarine/Sara/Dark Muse
2001 Shoot the Girls Tonya as Mia Copia
2001 The Gosh Darned Mortgage Sinestra
2001 Strawberry Estates Sarah Richmond
2000 International Necktie Strangler Emily as Mia Copia
2000 Dinner for Two Margaret
2000 Danger in Blue 2 Officer Jenny Pierce
2000 Peeping in a Girl's Dormitory Tina Film Short
2000 Misty's Secret Tina
1999 Cannibal Doctor Margaret Orange
1999 Snuff Perversions: Bizarre Cases of Death Segment "The Electrocution"
1999 Eaten Alive: A Tasteful Revenge Lisa Film Short
1999 Quicksand at Deadman's Creek Woman in the forest
1999 Crimson Nights Jasmine
1999 Titanic 2000 Shari O'Kari
1999 Sixteen Tongues Bear Trainer
1998 Infamous Bondage Murders
1998 Evil Streets Jane K.
1998 The Vampire's Seduction Dracoola
1998 Duct Tape Killer
1998 Play Dead
1998 The Hypnotic Murders Vanessa
1998 Dungeon of Death 2
1998 Dead Students Society Donna
1998 In the Hood
1998 Psycho Sisters Janice Sicole
1997 Curse of the Swamp Creature 2 Christine
1997 Psycho Charlie Returns Part 1 Victim
1997 Bloodletting Lori
1996 Danger in Blue Officer Jenny Pierce
1996 Strangled!
1996 Strangled 2 Model
1996 Sorority Slaughter 2 Kim
1996 Slaughtered Socialites Snotty Socialite #1
1996 Virgin Sacrifices Victim
1996 Legal Entrapment
1995 Shriek of the Lycanthrope
1995 Trapped 3
1995 Betrayed Carol
1995 Fatal Delusion
1995 Zombie Holocaust Tracy
1995 Animal Room Acid Woman in Black
1994 Rana and the Vengeance of Ilsa von Todd Ilsa Von Todd
1994 Sorority Slaughter Kim
1994 Rana, Queen of the Amazon Ilsa Von Todd
1994 Hung Jury

Year Title Role Notes
2012 The O.C. Club (TV series) 1 Episode
2011-2012 Boston Massacre (TV series) The Empress 2 Episodes


In their review of the film Thirsting (aka Lilith), Sci-Fi Universe wrote, "Most actresses are unknown. Only Tina Krause has earned a solid reputation, particularly through her performances in films produced by rogues fantastic Seduction Cinema".[13]


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