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Time For Clocks and Demons

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Time For Clocks and Demons is an ebook written by Anthony Stevens, published by Lyrical Press, inc. The novel has a section within it called Three Demon Night which has Succubi and Incubi within the story.

Time For Clocks and Demons eBook Cover. Written by Anthony Stevens.


  • Title: Time For Clocks and Demons
  • Author: Anthony Stevens
  • Author's Website:
  • Publisher: Lyrical Press, inc.
  • Publishing Date: June 15, 2008
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B001AK4406
  • Length: Novella (168 KB)

Plot Summary

Once for knowledge, twice for surprise, thrice for pleasure. Time for Clocks and Demons showcases a trio of intense tales from author Anthony Stevens. A spoiled little rich girl is hypnotized and taught a lesson in craftsmanship, erotic humility and submission by the Clockmaker. In The Weekend, a husband enslaves his wife for a short vacation involving stringent bondage, display and forced orgasms. And finally, Three Demon Night sends newlyweds on a Caribbean honeymoon. Their surprise wedding gift includes a dimensional traveler, some really sexy succubi and incubi, and more raw sex than they imagined possible.

Suspend time and distance to indulge a few fantasies...

Warning: This book contains bondage and extreme sex.

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