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Thrall to Demon (Dungeons and Dragons)

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Thrall to Demon (Dungeons and Dragons)
Game background
Title(s) Thrall to Demon
Type Allegiance to the chosen Demon Lord, becoming a Minion
Effects You bind yourself to a demon lord, gaining some power over their portfolio
Source D&D Wiki.com
Design details
Settings All settings
Mythological Minions

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Thrall to Demon, in the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons role playing game ruleset, is a power which can be given to characters when they swear allegiance to one specific Demon Lord. The ability was created by the user MisterSinister on the D&D Wiki.

Thrall to Demon (Minion)

  • Prerequisite: Any evil alignment, must swear allegiance to the chosen demon lord before a representative of that demon lord with at least CR 11
  • Benefit: Choose a demon lord when you take this feat. From this point forward, whenever you would make a d20 roll for an action that relates to the demon lord's portfolio (GM's discretion on edge cases), you can invoke the name and power of your patron as a free action. If you do, you may roll the d20 twice and take the better result.
  • Special: You may take this feat only once - no lord likes a servant of two (or more) masters. Usually, it is not possible to use this ability to aid in an action that would have outcomes that do not lead to suffering, hatred or similarly-negative outcomes. The GM should decide whether the demon lord in question would look favorably on such use of their power to guide whether this feat provides any benefit or not. You cannot take this feat if you have taken the Servant of the Obyrith feat.

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