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Thicker Than Water

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Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water Book Cover, written by Mike Carey
Thicker Than Water Book Cover,
written by Mike Carey
Author(s) Mike Carey
Series Felix Castor
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group (Paperback)
Hachette Book Group (eBook)
Publication date July 9, 2010
Media type Paperback
Length 512 Pages
ISBN 978-1841496566 (Paperback)
ASIN B00GVG05WA (eBook)
Preceded by Dead Men's Boots
Followed by The Naming of the Beasts

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Thicker Than Water is a novel written by Mike Carey. It is the fourth work in the Felix Castor series by this author. In this work the character Ajulutsikael, also known as Juliet, is a Succubus.


  • Title: Thicker Than Water
  • Author: Mike Carey
  • Published By: Little, Brown Book Group (Paperback), Hachette Book Group (eBook)
  • Length: 512 Pages
  • Format: Paperback & eBook
  • ASIN: B00GVG05WA (eBook)
  • ISBN-10: 1841496561 (Paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1841496566 (Paperback)
  • Publishing Date: July 9, 2010

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Plot Summary

Old ghosts of different kinds come back to haunt Fix, in the fourth gripping Felix Castor novel. Names and faces he thought he'd left behind in Liverpool resurface in London, bringing Castor far more trouble than he'd anticipated. Childhood memories, family traumas, sins old and new, and a council estate that was meant to be a modern utopia until it turned into something like hell ...these are just some of the sticks life uses to beat Felix Castor with as things go from bad to worse for London's favourite freelance exorcist. See, Castor's stepped over the line this time, and he knows he'll have to pay; the only question is: how much? Not the best of times, then, for an unwelcome confrontation with his holier-than-thou brother, Matthew. And just when he thinks things can't possibly get any worse, along comes Father Gwillam and the Anathemata. Oh joy ...

Book Review

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  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Wow! It doesn't get any thicker than this!
  • Reviewed On: April 10, 2009
  • Reviewed By: Dee

I've already written a review of Vicious Circle, the 2nd book in the Felix Castor series, so my enjoyment of these stories is clear. Normally, I wouldn't bother doing another review but, in this case, I had to make an exception.

The first thing I noticed about this book almost immediately was it's "darker" tone, and keeping in mind the ominous supernatural themes these books tend to deal with, that's saying quite a lot.

They say "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Well, this time around, Felix learns the truth of this statement first hand.

Things start off with Felix being called to the site of a bloody murder by his police friend, Gary Coldwood. A man had been found murdered, his upper body covered in razor blade cuts. As Felix's luck would have it, the murder victim had somehow managed to write out the words "F. Castor," in his own blood, on the windshield of his car right before he died.

Not so coincidentally, the dead guy turns out to be a psychopath from Felix's childhood who once spent his time bullying the local kids in Felix's old neighborhood (and had even once come dangerously close to actually killing young Felix!). The two had never been friends, and it had been years since they last saw each other. Yet for some strange reason the guy spent his last few minutes of life writing Felix's name on his windshield?!

The mystery behind this is what drives Felix in his quest for answers, and the path he ends up walking leads him almost straight up to Hell's front door.

Thicker Than Water is not just darker, but much more personal than the other books. Mike Carey delves deep into Felix's family and his childhood. Not only do we get to meet Felix's mother for the first time, but we also find out that his older brother, Matt, the Priest, is somehow mixed up in the whole mess too.

In addition, there is more development with Felix's best friend, Rafi, who has been playing host to Asmodeus, one of Hell's most vicious demons. Trying to find a way to separate his friend from this demon has been the driving force in Felix's life ever since he made the mistake of trying to exorcise the thing. Unfortunately, at the time, instead of forcing the demon out of his friend, he ended up intertwining the two even more. Felix's ongoing efforts to protect Rafi ever since, plays a key role in this story and, once again, he finds himself on that same "road to Hell" that got him into this mess in the first place.

Felix's succubus-turned-exorcist, friend/object of lust, Juliet, also appears in this book and, in her unique way, becomes an odd source of comfort for him. She even goes as far as to grudgingly admit that his death would "make her sad." I've always enjoyed the developing friendship between these two and it's become one of my favorite parts of the series.

I'm not going to give away the ending. You'll just have to buy the book and find out yourselves. Suffice it to say that those of you who are fans of Felix Castor will definitely enjoy this book. Just prepare yourself to feel more than a little sorry for our favorite exorcist once you've reached the end.

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