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The Institute of Metaphysics (Webcomic)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Webbanner for the webcomic series The Institute of Metaphysics by Klin. [1]

The Institute of Metaphysics is a webcomic series created by the artist Klin on the Comic Genesis website. The first comic appeared on September 3rd, 2006 and is currently ongoing. The series updates somewhat irregularly, but generally on a twice per week basis at various times. The series is best described as being about an elite school dedicated to the breaking of physics and the paranormal. The Institute harbors the secrets of faculty and its students, but their personal trials often threaten to upset the balance of the Universe and societies of this alternate universe.

The series has had several arcs that have stretched from the beginning as well as several one-offs and shorter character development arcs as well. While there is some deep, serious drama in this work, there is an undercurrent of humour that comes out from time to time as well.

In this series is a student named Lila Foeril, who is a Succubus. She is trying not to act in the normal ways that Succubi do, and, in doing so has proven that she is very smart and able to meet her goals and exceed the expectations of others around her.

Series Information

  • Title: The Institute of Metaphysics
  • Artist/Writer: Klin
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Began: September 3, 2006
  • Ended: Ongoing
  • Rating: Mature
  • Updates: Irregularly, but generally twice a week
  • Website:


A more detailed list of characters can be found on the Cast Page at this series' website here.


The Succubus Lila Foeril in the webcomic series The Institute of Metaphysics by Klin.

Li Wei Chou: Male. A former Taiwanese gangster who survived a slit throat. Overprotective of his 13-year-old sister.

Rahureul Firwyn: Male. A metamorph in the form of a half-elven. Reason unknown.

Lila Foeril: The Succubus of this series. She is 21 years old and her major is in Applied Theories. Lila has the closest thing to a 4.0 GPA anyone has ever seen. She aspires to work high-ranking research projects for the Magick Council. Lila desperately wants a long-term relationship with a guy who can look past her succubus roots, but chasing the dream is long and difficult. Nonetheless, she will forge through her failures.

Nathan Hamilton: Male. The red-headed werewolf. Or is he a werewolf?

Daisuke Hirai: Male. Faceless. (A mujina.) A bit morbid.

Tracee Lyndon: Male. Missing an eye. Goes by Trace. Bishounen.

Kaoru Nakamura: Male. Ninja. Doesn't get along with Trace. Bishounen.

Christopher Silver: Male. Smokes, cusses, and is a cleric-in-training. Obsessed with the Akhkharu.

Ason Soncial: Male. Demon, Type I. Prankster.

Cironh Tadoel: Female. Elven.

Darilon Volodymyr: Male. Secretive. The key to solving something-or-other. Bishounen.

Patian Tian Yu Zhang: Female. Ailurian seer. Ex-supermodel.


Ahdriam Aderyn: Male. Headmaster.


Reverand Jared Jedidiah: Male. Mentor of Nathan

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