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The Book of Lilith (II)

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The Book of Lilith
The Book of Lilith Book Cover, written by Barbara Black Koltuv
The Book of Lilith Book Cover, written by Barbara Black Koltuv
Author(s) Barbara Black Koltuv
Publisher Nicolas-Hays
Publication date January 15, 1986
Media type Paperback
Length 224 Pages
ISBN 978-0892540143

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The Book of Lilith is a book written by Barbara Black Koltuv. The work looks at the myth and legend of Lilith in a psychological and Jung analysis.


  • Title: The Book of Lilith
  • Author: Barbara Black Koltuv
  • Published By: Nicolas-Hays
  • Length: 224 Pages
  • Format: Paperback & eBook
  • ASIN: B00DHYWF36
  • ISBN-10: 0892540141 (Paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0892540143 (Paperback)
  • Publishing Date: January 15, 1986

Plot Summary

Lilith is the mythological seductress that has been repressed since Biblical times. She is the representative of the essentially motherless form of the feminine Self that arose as an embodiment of the neglected and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess. Dr. Koltuv, a clinical psychologist and Jung analyst, shows the mythological she-demon Lilith as an archetypal part of the Self and helps the reader to reconnect with this powerful energy in order to transform it to themselves in this fascinating study.

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