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The Ambush (eBook)

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The Ambush
The Ambush eBook Cover, written by L.L. Frost
The Ambush eBook Cover,
written by L.L. Frost
Author(s) L.L. Frost
Series Succubus On A Mission
Publisher Small Bites
Publication date June 5, 2018
Media type eBook
Length 44 Pages
Preceded by The Assignment
Followed by The Search

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Ambush is an eBook written by L.L. Frost. It is the third work in the Succubus On A Mission series by this author. In this work the character Adeline Pond is a Succubus.


  • Title: The Ambush
  • Author: L.L. Frost
  • Published By: Small Bites
  • Length: 44 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: June 5, 2018

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Plot Summary

Within arm’s reach of her bakery and the protection it offers, Adie’s attacked! How will she escape when her opponent is so much more powerful? And what will happen when her guys smell another demon on her? Will the trust her word when she can’t tell them the truth?

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures towards achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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