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Template:Infobox DnD character class

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Primary role {{{role}}}
Secondary role {{{secondaryrole}}}
Power source {{{power}}}
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Publication history
Editions {{{editions}}}
(as a standard class) {{{standardeditions}}}
(as an alternate class) {{{alternateeditions}}}
Source books {{{source}}}
First appearance {{{first}}}
Mythological origins {{{mythical}}}
Based on {{{based}}}
Image [{{{wizards_image_URL}}} Wizards.com image]
Stats [{{{OGL_stats_URL}}} OGL stats]

All fields except name are optional.

{{infobox DnD character class
| name              = <!-- Class name or names -->
| image             = 
| caption           = 
| role              = <!-- 4th edition role (or primary role for classes with multiple roles) -->
| secondaryrole     = <!-- 4th edition secondary role or roles, if any -->
| power             = <!-- 4th edition power source -->
| alignment         = <!-- Alignment restrictions -->
| editions          = <!-- All editions the class has appeared in -->
| standardeditions  = <!-- Editions as a standard class -->
| alternateeditions = <!-- Editions as an alternate class -->
| source            = <!-- Sourcebooks the class is presented in -->
| first             = <!-- First appearance of the class -->
| mythical          = <!-- Mythological basis of the class -->
| based             = <!-- Other creative origins of the class -->
| wizards_image_URL = <!-- URL for official class art on wizards.com -->
| OGL_stats_URL     = <!-- URL for the class' OGL stats -->
Edition parameters

If a class has only appeared as a standard class, only use the standardeditions parameter. If a class has only appeared as an alternate class, only use the alternateeditions paremeter. If a class has appeared in all editions, but was an alternate class in some of them, use both the editions and alternateeditions parameters. If a class has appeared as both a standard and alternate class but has not appeared in all editions, use the standardeditions and alternateeditions.

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