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Lost Girl character
The Dark Fae Valkyrie Tamsin
The Dark Fae Valkyrie Tamsin
First appearance

Last appearance

End of Faes
Portrayed by

Rachel Skarsten
Ava Preston - Baby Tamsin
Eliana Jones - Teen Tamsin
Species Valkyrie
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 27 Episodes
Aligned Dark Fae
Fate Unknown
Last seen in End of Faes after Zee struck her with lightning, possibly fatally

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Tamsin was a Dark Fae Valkyrie who first appeared during the Third Season of Lost Girl. The role was played by the actress Rachel Skarsten. Tamsin has appeared in a total of eleven Third Season episodes, eight Fourth Season episodes and eight Fifth Season episodes.

She first appeared in the Third Season episode SubterrFaenean where she was introduced as Dyson's new partner after Hale became The Ash at the beginning of that season as part of what was called an experiment between the Dark Fae and the Light Fae. In the Third Season finale Those Who Wander she was last seen with Dyson driving over a cliff after encountering The Wanderer.

When she returned in the Fourth Season, she was reborn as a child and grew to adult age in a short period of time having no memories of her past life. It was also inferred that this incarnation was her last one when she grew her wings which marked this being the final part of her many lives. Through the fourth season she was part of Bo's quest to find The Wanderer and discover why she had aligned herself with the Dark Fae. She became close to Kenzi as well, the two becoming close friends. At the end of the season, Tamsin was present when Kenzi sacrificed her life in order to stop Bo's Father from arriving on Earth. Afterwards, Tamsin took Kenzi's soul, along with Rainer's to Valhalla. She was last seen outside of the gates to Valhalla where Dyson found her, he carrying her away, she seeming to be injured.

During the Fifth Season, Tamsin had assisted Bo in several cases and had traveled to Valhalla in an effort to help return Kenzi to Earth. Tamsin became close to Bo, having moved in with her after Kenzi left. Tamsin thought the relationship was more than it actually was and by the middle of the season had moved out. Tamsin did join in an attempt to confront the Ancient Fae who had returned to Earth, being attacked by the Ancient known as Zee and seemingly fatally injured by lightning.

Character History

Third Season

Tamsin first appeared in the third season episode SubterrFaenean where she introduced herself to Dyson as his new partner when Hale retired from the police force as a Detective to take the role of The Ash. She further explained that she was Dark Fae and that the two of them being paired together was an experiment by the Dark Fae and Light Fae to try and promote an ongoing peace hetween the two sides. When she met Bo, her goal was to prove that Bo had attacked a Dark Fae and injured them to the point of putting them into a coma. This action, if Bo was proved to be the one behind it, would mean the death penalty for her. She was combative with Bo and was focused on jailing her in any way possible. This puts both Bo and Dyson at odds with Tamsin and set their relationship for some time to come in the series.

She next appeared in ConFaegion where she was collateral damage in an attack of The Morrigan's when she, Bo and Dyson were infected with a parasite. When this occurred, her personality changed, becoming that of a teenager, and she became friendly with Bo and Dyson. At one point she shared a secret with Bo, noting that "Sometimes when I like people I have to make them go away." But after the effects of the parasite were removed, none of them remembered exactly what happened. Bo also took some Chi from Tamsin for the first time, but again, neither of them remembered this happening afterwards.

In Fae-de To Black, she showed an inability to relate to humans when one jumped off a roof. She showed an ability to process information and draw conclusions during the investigation. Tamsin also commented to Dyson that her dates do not last long, mainly because they can't keep up with her needs. She continued to be at odds with Bo, dismissing her theories as not being worth considering. However, by the end of the episode, she found Bo was correct in her thinking and teamed up with Bo to defeat the threat. At one point, Tamsin revealed that she carries bladed weapons on her and used one of them almost casually to kill a threatening UnderFae. Dyson also found himself a target of Tamsin's when she invited him out for drinks, but where that went was not revealed other than their professional relationship seemed to be less strained.

Faes Wide Shut had Tamsin and Dyson investigating an adult club run by a Fae. As this progressed, Bo came under suspicion when Dyson and Tamsin investigated a Fae murder and found that Bo might have been responsible as she was with that Fae previously. When they take the body to Lauren, Tamsin accused her of covering up for Bo which puts them at odds and forces Dyson to keep the peace between the two. However, the seeds of doubt are planted in Dyson's mind and he continues the investigation at the urging of Tamsin. She appears at the adult club with Dyson as they watch Bo and becomes involved in a plot by the Fae running the club. Dyson kills the Fae while Tamsin watches but does not much more than that in the episode.

Tamsin's relationship with Bo, Dyson and Kenzi changed during the episode The Kenzi Scale. She saw through the illusion of a Faux Kenzi and helped Bo to find the real Kenzi and save her. While breaking Bo out of imprisonment, she was forced to use her abilities to defeat Dyson by using his own fears against him. When this occurred, her true face appeared, that of a skull, and as well, the after effects of using her powers was shown when she lost some of her hair afterwards. During their search, Bo again fed on Tamsin and noted that Tamsin's Chi was like nothing she had ever tasted before. After they find Kenzi and save her, Tamsin has a different view of Bo and her attitude towards her seemed to soften and change. As well during this episode, The Morrigan demanded that Tamsin force the Dark Fae who was in a coma to awaken and identify Bo as the person that attacked him. Tamsin did so, and obtained the proof that Bo was the attacker before the Fae passed away. When The Morrigan demanded the proof, Tamsin refused to give her the information and apparently made an enemy of The Morrigan in doing so.

During Fae-ge Against The Machine, Bo was on a quest to obtain an invitation for her Dawning and Tamsin went along with her. She did not need to and eventually brushed it off as something she needed to do in order to not have the others berate her for letting something happen to Bo. During the episode, Bo's relationship with Tamsin seemed to become better and more friend-like and overall it seemed as if they were on good terms with each other. However, twice in the episode, once when Bo was picking tarot cards, and again at the end of the episode when she was standing in a parking lot, the card of The Wanderer appeared to her. This angered Tamsin on both occasions, but the reason why was not explained in that episode.

Her appearance in The Ceremony was as part of the illusion that Bo faced during The Dawning. She appeared as the next door neighbour to Bo and Dyson, pruning her hedge with hand shears, her hands covered in blood. This was an image brought trough Bo's subconscious mind and was not reality as the series shows it.

Delinquents was a turning point in Tamsin's arc when it was revealed that she was a bounty hunter on a mission. She had been hired to locate Bo and then bring her to someone that was searching for her. She did not do so and when a mentor of her's named Acacia appeared to remind her of the mission she needed to complete, Tamsin refused to do so again. However, when Acacia was killed and her hand was delivered to Tamsin, she began to take steps in order to neutralize Bo's abilities and allow her to take Bo to the one that wanted her.

In Adventures In Fae-bysitting she and Dyson discovered a mass grave of Fae when they were reexamining a Fae killing that appeared to be Bo's. During this investigation, she displayed the ability to sense fear from the bodies they discovered.

During Hail, Hale, Tamsin confronted Bo and tried to understand her better, but found that she could not really do so. When Bo revealed that Lauren was missing, Tamsin eventually helped Bo to locate were Lauren was being held. However, they were attacked by a guard and Tamsin was shot, suffering a stomach wound. At the end of the episode, she was unconscious and Bo discovered that Tamsin was involved with some kind of plan that involved Bo, but did not know exactly what it was.

In the Third Season finale Those Who Wander, Bo sought out the help of two Kitsune that Tamsin had introduced her to to try and help Tamsin recover from her being shot. In doing so Bo discovered that Tamsin was close to death, the loss of her hair marking the end of her current life cycle. It was also revealed that Tamsin had died and been reborn many times in the past and seemed to have memories of each of her incarnations. Upon her recovery, she and Bo encountered Massimo the Druid who provided what Tamsin called "juice" which would give strength for a time. After returning to where Dyson and Lauren were being held, they were imprisoned there, Tamsin encountering Aife who was imprisoned there as well. Bo injected Tamsin with the "juice" from Massimo and after staging a fight, they were able to overcome the guards and free the Fae there. Soon afterwards, Tamsin and Bo confronted each other and Tamsin attempted to use the Rune Glass to enslave Bo, but it failed. Following a battle between them, Tamsin made the choice to not complete her mission and side with Bo, telling Bo that in doing so, she had cursed them both. After Tamsin collected Dyson, the two encountered The Wanderer who Tamsin told Dyson was in fact Bo's father. Tamsin tried to drive over him, but did not succeed and drove off a road and over a cliff. The final image of Tamsin in the season was of her truck upside down, the cab crushed and the wheels slowly spinning.

Fourth Season

Tamsin's first appearance was in the second episode of the Fourth Season, Sleeping Beauty School where she was found by Dyson at the scene of their car crash. However, Tamsin had been reborn and was a precocious young girl through the episode with little or no memories of her past life, slowly aging as the episode progressed to the point she was a teenager by the end of the episode. She was a challenge for Kenzi to deal with, at one point flushing a potion which Kenzi was using to disguise herself as Fae and forcing her to go to Massimo for more. At the end of the episode, Tamsin was left alone in Bo and Kenzi's home unprotected and alone.

Her next appearance was in Turn to Stone where she aged from a teenager to adult in a short period of time, but was still immature and had no memories of her past. After feeling rejected by Bo, Dyson and Kenzi, she was approached by Massimo, the Druid, who misled her. He planned to take her hair, as it had great value, but Bo intervened. In the process of doing so, Tamsin grew a pair of white angel wings and declared herself the angel of death, intending to kill Massimo. However, Bo touched Tamsin and used her power to show Tasmin that she didn't hate her and Tamsin relented, coming to trust Bo and ask about love, if that was what she felt. She left with Bo, to continue to be living with Bo and Kenzi for the time being.

In Let the Dark Times Roll, Tamsin attended a Dark Fae party with Bo and Kenzi where she met Bruce and at the urging of Kenzi fought to free him from a punishment that The Morrigan put Bruce under. Tamsin won a "dance-off to the death" and was last seen with Kenzi and Bruce back at Bo's home.

Tamsin returned in Groundhog Fae where she was stuck in a time loop with Bo. During this time, at one point she and Bo became intimate, but also spent some time talking about their relationship. Tamsin also revealed to Bo that she held herself responsible for The Wanderer finding Bo. Bo forgave Tamsin for this and Tamsin promised Bo that she would be there for her. At the end of the episode, Tamsin left the Yule celebration alone because Dark Fae were not allowed to be present after midnight which upset her.

A pivotal moment in Tamsin's past was revealed in Destiny's Child where she and Kenzi searched Trick's lair for clues to explain his lack of action and assistance to Bo in dealing with The Wanderer. In doing so, they came upon Trick's book in which is wrote with his blood to change reality as he wished. Opening a box which contained some of Trick's blood, they attempted to find the answers they were looking for. When this did not work when Kenzi tried writing Bo's name in the book, Tamsin took hold of it and her name appeared written in blood on one of the pages. A flashback then showed in the distant past that Tamsin had encountered Trick when he was the Blood King. Trick made a deal with Tamsin to give her a new life and a chance to redeem herself in exchange for her not taking Rainer, The Wanderer's soul to Valhalla, but instead leaving it to Trick's mercy. He would then use his blood to write Rainer out of history, trapping him in eternity and never allowing him to return. Kenzi managed to break Tamsin's hold on the book and when she recovered from the experience, Tamsin told Kenzi not to trust Trick for unknown reasons at that time.

In End of a Line, Tamsin's mentor Acacia returned, her hand being reattached to her body by Massimo. Tamsin then became involved in Bo's search to find if a Zombie attack was directed by Rainer or not. Eventually it was figured out by Tamsin that Acacia was responsible for the attack in an attempt to turn Tamsin and her friends against Rainer. At a later point in the episode, Tamsin saw a picture of Rainer for the first time and told Bo that Rainer was not the person that had hired her to find Bo and bring her to them. Tamsin also seemed to advantage of Dyson's breakup with Bo and tried to seduce him with the goal of being more than Dyson's partner on the police force.

During Origin, Tamsin was present with Bo, Kenzi and Dyson at Hale's burial. Afterwards she spent most of the episode reading from a book which told of various prophecies that Bo appeared to be connected with. She also revealed the significance of a crest which was part of a collection which Hale bequeathed to Dyson to both Dyson and Bo. This information indicated that Bo was "The One", but the significance of this was not explained in this episode.

In the season finale Dark Horse, when Tamsin was made aware that Rainer had died and his soul was hers, she told Kenzi that it meant she had a chance to end her exile from Valhalla. Tamsin also translated a section of text for Kenzi which indicated that only "the Daughter's Heart" could close the portal through which Bo's Father was attempting to pass through. She then accompanied Dyson and Trick to the portal and defended it against an oncoming horde of Remnants. Tamsin was present when Kenzi sacrificed her life in order to close the portal. After Kenzi's death, Tamsin claimed Kenzi's body and soul, taking them with the soul of Rainer who she also held, to Valhalla. Afterwards, Dyson found Tamsin collapsed outside of the gates to Valhalla. When he revived her, she warned him not to allow Bo to find the other Hel shoe no matter what before Dyson carried her away.

At the end of the fourth season, Tamsin appeared to be injured from her battle with the Remnants, but had apparently taken Rainer's and Kenzi's souls to Valhalla. She was last seen in the company of Dyson who was carrying her away from the gates to Valhalla.

Fifth Season

Tamsin's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in the season premiers Like Hell, Part I where Tamsin had become Bo's roommate after Kenzi's death the season before. Tamsin had taken one of the Helskor that Bo had possession of in an attempt to hide it from her, however she did reveal that she had given it to Trick eventually. Lauren, after seeing Bo vanish into thin air when she puts on the Helskor demanded answers from Tamsin, but instead of answering her questions, Tamsin eventually gives Lauren a book of her experiences there which explains the purpose of the Helskor, that for the wearer of them to bring a dark army from Valhalla to Earth. After being pressed by Lauren to help Bi, Tamsin saw Freya, the Queen of the Valkyrie, but was made to do the bidding of Bo’s Father. However, Bo managed to overcome Tamsin and returned Tamsin to normal. She then admitted that for the first time, she has a family in Bo, Kenzi and her friends and she did not want to lose that. By the end of the episode, Tamsin had attempted to help Bo and Kenzi, but did not succeed, then being held captive by her sister Valkyrie because of her actions against them.

During Like Hell, Part II, Tamsin escaped from her sister Valkyrie and returned to Earth. She came into conflict with Stacey, another Valkyrie who was a rival to her. Stacey came to Earth to find a soul to replace Kenzi's which had been returned to Earth and wanted to collect another soul that was "close to Bo's heart." Eventually Stacey attempted to kill Lauren, but Tamsin intervened and stopped Stacey, the two of them having what Lauren and Kenzi called a "Valkyrie on Valkyrie doubt-off" which Tamsin won when she put down Stacey's hair and Stacey ran off in tears. At the end the episode, Dyson asked Tamsin if she was upset about his kissing Stacey, but she insisted that she was not, the two agreeing to be friends and pinkie-swearing to that.

In Big in Japan, Tamsin attempted to cheer Bo up with her cooking and drink skills, but when this didn't work, she accompanied Bo on a night on the town. They encountered a Fae who invited them both out for drinks and then afterwards found herself in bed with Bo. The Fae was also present and revealed that he wanted both Bo and Tamsin to protect him from assassination. Tamsin discovered that the assassin was an old bounty hunter rival of hers, and then the Fae they were protecting was an idol of hers. Eventually the truth came out and Tamsin helped Bo to reveal the truth to the Fae's family. Following an attack on Bo where she almost died because she was unable to feed, Tamsin forced Bo to reveal the truth about herself and in doing so saved Bo's life. During Bo's feeding, Lauren told Tamsin that she was "full of surprises and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they're just what everybody needs." After Lauren left Tamsin alone, she came close to tears. At the end of the episode, Dyson pressed Tamsin to quit the police force and help Bo in her investigations which Tamsin seemed to consider before she joined Bo, Dyson and Lauren on Bo's couch to watch movies.

During When God Opens a Window..., Tamsin's relationship with Bo was strained at times as they attempted to work together as a detective agency. At several points Tamsin's more "hard ass" methods came to odds with Bo's own and they had several discussions in an attempt to clear the air between them, eventually succeeding. Bo fed on Tamsin several times during the episode due to the effects of an arrow tipped with "Fae Kryptonite" which disrupted Bo's ability to heal herself, Tamsin having broken the arrow in half and then pulled it from Bo's shoulder where it had been embedded. Lauren eventually solved this issue and through the events of the episode, Tamsin leaned that Dyson had a son named Mark, and that Bo had been intimate with him, and Bo swore Tamsin to never speak of what happened to Dyson.

As part of It's Your Lucky Fae, Tamsin convinced Lauren to loan her $75 to buy Bo a stuffed cat for a birthday present. The cat was cursed and caused Bo to be slowly transformed over the course of the episode into a catlike being. Lauren and Tamsin came to verbal blows over their relationship as well at one point in the episode. Tamsin was present with Lauren in Bo's car when Bo drove in search of a trio of missing Oracles blindfolded as well. Tamsin was also present when Bo visited Cassie, one of the Oracles, and found that Cassie's apartment was covered in blood and Cassie was missing. Tamsin was also present with Lauren when Bo found the missing Oracles. Tamsin and Bo had an intimate moment at the end of the episode after Tamsin gave Bo a cupcake for her birthday, and then herself. wrapped in a bow, as Bo's birthday gift. Following this, Bo revealed the present that her father had sent her and Tamsin told Bo about her past and how she saw their relationship going forwards, and what they could do about the plans that Bo's father had for her. It was also during this discussion that Tamsin found out that the person that had hired her to find Bo was Hades, Bo's father and also learned that Bo had been born in Hel. Tamsin also worked with Dyson to remove the curse that Bo was under and transfer it to Cassie's nephew Seymour.

In Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts, Tamsin was seen with Bo in bed at the beginning of the episode. Following a request by Dyson, she and Bo went undercover to investigate the murder of a football player. Tamsin acted as a cheerleader at one point and also played on the football field, she scoring the winning touchdown for the team she was playing for. Bo fed on Tamsin at one point in the episode in an attempt to heal from the injury she suffered from one of the Ancients, doing so twice, but to no avail. Tamsin was present at a meeting with Bo, Dyson, Lauren and Trick where she learned of the return of the Ancients, but not what the reason for their return was.

During Here Comes the Night, Tamsin was present at the scene of a tornado disaster that was created by the Ancients with Bo and Dyson. Tamsin also revealed at several points her feelings about Lauren's relationship with Bo and at one point found Bo and Lauren in bed together. Tamsin was also asked by Dyson to remove evidence of the Ancients being involved with the disaster and as well to remove flyers that the wife of one the possessed humans had put across the city. Tamsin finally expressed to Bo how much she loved her and when Bo explained that she didn't love Tamsin in the same way, Tamsin was heart broken and left Bo, her future actions unknown.

In End of Faes, Tamsin decided to move out of Bo's place. She did however return to assist in the plans to remove the Ancient Fae as a threat by attending a party with Bo, Dyson, Trick, Lauren and Mark. Tamsin was present when the Ancient Fae known as Hera revealed that the Ancient Fae known as Iris was the true danger. When Tamsin was left behind to watch the actions of the Ancient Fae, she struck up a conversation with Zee before she was attached by Zee using lightning. It was unclear after the attack if Tamsin had been injured, how severely, or if she had perished from the attack.

Powers and Abilities

Tamsin is a Valkyrie who's powers have not been clearly defined in the series as a whole. She has the power to intimidate others into doubting themselves to the point of incapacitation. When she uses this power, her facial features change and her face transforms into a skull-like appearance. As well, soon after this happens, she loses some of her hair. She has also shown the ability to wake others from a coma, but at the cost of their mental facilities being destroyed or with her eventually killing them. She also has shown the ability to sense fear from dead bodies and it likely also able to sense it in living beings. How exact this ability can be is uncertain.

It has been revealed that the loss of Tamsin's hair indicates that she is coming to the end of her current life cycle. It also has been revealed that she has had many lives and seems to remember them all to some extent. The life of a Valkyrie was described as: "This is the way of the Valkyrie. To live. To serve. To expire. Over and over again." However, when she was reborn in the fourth season, it was claimed that this rebirth cycle was her final one.

Her prowess as a fighter is unclear. She fought Dyson in a boxing ring and beat him and as well, she used a bladed weapon to defeat an UnderFae at one point in the series. Otherwise nothing has been revealed about this.

While the actual abilities and purpose of Valkyries have not been identified in the series, Tamsin seemed to have a connection with a tarot card that depicted "The Wanderer." In Norse mythology, Odin was known as "The Wanderer", which may explain Tamsin's connection, as Valkyries chose the souls of the dead and brought half of them to Odin's hall.

She holds strong opinions and can be rude and single-minded at times, but her ability to analyze information seems to be highly skilled.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Tamsin is Dark Fae and has been partnered with Dyson as an "experiment" to help with peace between the Light and Dark Fae.
  • At some point in the past, Tamsin was a bounty hunter and seems still be to be if in secret from those around her.
  • Initially, Tamsin was interested in proving that Bo was a murderer for The Morrigan. When Tamsin first met Bo, she was cold and rude. She openly expressed hatred and a desire to see Bo imprisoned, as she believed Bo was secretly killing Dark Fae by feeding.
  • In ConFaegion, the two were friendly when they reverted to childlike states.
  • In Fae-ge Against The Machine, Tamsin helped Bo during her invitation to The Dawning.
  • According to Tamsin, she is a Valkyrie. However, no explanation of what that means in the Lost Girl universe is given save that she says to Bo that she has to kill people that she likes. In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja "chooser of the slain") is one of a host of female figures who decide which soldiers die in battle and which live. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • Tamsin's powers as a Valkyrie seem to revolve around placing doubt in the minds of others. What else she can do is not clear other than seemingly be able to each inside the minds of others and alter them somehow.
  • Valkyrie only reveal their true forms to their opponents.
  • They use their powers of intimidation to plant doubt in others which overcomes them.
  • Bo was confirmed by the Fae she attacked as his attacker, but Tamsin decided to keep that secret from The Morrigan.
  • Tamsin seems to have made an enemy of The Morrigan by defying her.
  • Tamsin hates crying.
  • Tamsin seems to be devastated that Bo could be The Wanderer, or connected to them.
  • She had a friend named Acacia, who was a mentor. Acacia was killed apparently when Tamsin refused to complete the mission she had been secretly working on as a bounty hunter.
  • Apparently she can sense fear in others, even if they are deceased.
  • Tamsin is coming to the end of her current life cycle and will die, then be reborn again.
  • Her powers have been diminished because of her age, but with a potion from Massimo the Druid, she can regain her strength for a time.
  • Tamsin was aware that The Wanderer is Bo's father.
  • Upon being reborn in the fourth season, it was revealed by Massimo that Tasmin having wings was an indication that this was her final rebirth cycle.
  • Tamsin was stuck in a time loop with Bo and during that period was intimate with her.
  • Tamsin has revealed to Bo that she was responsible for The Wanderer finding her.
  • Trick made a deal with Tamsin to give her a new life and a chance to redeem herself in exchange for her not taking Rainer, The Wanderer's soul to Valhalla, but instead leaving it to Trick's mercy. He would then use his blood to write Rainer out of history, trapping him in eternity and never allowing him to return.
  • As part of this bargain, Trick wrote with his blood and changed Tamsin's reality, giving her a new life, but with all of the implications and events that have happened to her in the series.
  • At this point in the Fourth Season, Tamsin found herself back in the same situation as she was when she made her deal with Trick for a new life having, it appeared. not changed anything in her life for the better.
  • Tamsin's mentor Acacia reappeared in the Fourth Season in an attempt to turn Tamsin and her friends against The Wanderer and kill him.
  • Tamsin hunted down Harvey's mother and put her in prison.
  • Acacia claims that she had no choice but to side with The Wanderer in the past.
  • Tamsin took advantage of Dyson's breakup with Bo and seemed to be moving in on him intending to be more than his partner on the police force.
  • Tamsin claimed she was no longer a killer.
  • According to Tamsin, after looking at a drawing of Rainer, she claims that he was not the one that hired her to find Bo.
  • Tamsin has indicated that she was required to know every crest of every house of the Fae when she was collecting souls on the battlefield as part of her being a Valkyrie.
  • Tamsin can apparently understand Norwegian.
  • When Bo tasted Tamsin's Chi in Dark Horse she said it tasted different from when she did so before, calling it "happy."
  • Tamsin having Rainer's soul to deliver to Valhalla means for her a chance for her exile from Valhalla to end.
  • Tamsin defended the portal through which Bo's Father was to come through with Dyson and Trick.
  • Kenzi's death seemed to hit Tamsin especially hard.
  • Apparently the gates to Valhalla are hidden somewhere in an alleyway covered by graffiti to camouflage them.
  • Tamsin warned Dyson not to allow Bo to gain possession of the Hel shoes.
  • Tamsin was at odds with Bo from the beginning of the fifth season, trying to stop her from having both Helskor and going to Valhalla, but did not succeed.
  • Tamsin has become Bo's roommate in Like Hell, Part I.
  • Nismat, a person's name that Tmasin's diary refers to is Tamsin spelled backwards.
  • According to the passage in Tamsin's diary that Dyson read: "The wearer of the shoes can collect souls to build a dark army. The army to end all life."
  • Lauren took a lock of Tamsin's hair from Massimo's collection of items after he was killed by Bo.
  • According to Freyja in Like Hell, Part I, Tamsin had an extra seven lives through her deal with Trick.
  • Apparently, at some point in the past, Kenzi saw Tamsin eating an entire box of Vector cereal at one time.
  • The entire "Here's Tammy" fire axe moment in the episode Like Hell, Part I is based on the same scene in the movie The *Shining.
  • The episode Like Hell, Part I marked the moment when Tamsin revealed her connection with Bo's Father to Bo.
  • At the end of Like Hell, Part I, Tamsin was being held by her Valkyrie sisters in Valhalla.
  • Stacy is a Valkyrie sister of Tamsin's, though Tamsin doesn't really see her as a sister of value.
  • Apparently there is such a thing as a "Valkyrie on Valkyrie doubt-off".
  • Apparently saying bad things about another Valkyrie's hair is a no-no.
  • Tamsin seems to have decided to side with her friends over those in the world she comes from in her last life, seeing that having a family is more important and matters more to her.
  • Bo's father does seem to have some influence over Tamsin in Valhalla, but if that influence is also present on Earth is unclear.
  • Tamsin and Dyson have pinkie-sweared to be friends at the end of Like Hell, Part II
  • Tamsin is a bear in the morning until she wakes up.
  • Big Tak'o was Tamsin's main competition when she was a bounty hunter.
  • Musashi was an idol of Tamsin's, and when she met him Tasmin gushed like a fan girl over his exploits.
  • Tamsin can, it seems, speak Japanese and has a good grasp of their culture.
  • Tamsin considered quitting the Police Force to work with Bo on her private investigations at the end of Big in Japan.
  • Bo and Tamsin are working together as a detective agency.
  • Apparently, Bo and Tamsin share not just food but playtoys as well.
  • Bo was injured by a arrow which had a substance on it which acted like a tracking device. It also overcame Bo's healing powers, Lauren calling it "Fae Kryptonite." Tamsin broke the arrow in half and removed it from Bo's shoulder.
  • Tamsin has been sworn to never tell Dyson that Bo had been intimate with his son Mark.
  • Bo and Tamsin have an intimate moment in It's Your Lucky Fae and Tamsin reveals her feelings to Bo about her.
  • Tamsin borrowed $75 from Lauren to buy Bo a stuffed cat as a birthday present for her.
  • Tamsin has told Lauren directly that she intends to be part of Bo's life as well, if not taking Lauren's place with Bo.
  • Tamsin and Dyson tricked Seymour into absorbing the Aitvaras which removed the curse from Bo and transferred it to Seymour.
  • Bo revealed to Tamsin that she was born in Hell and her father is Hades.
  • Tamsin knows that the person that had her search for Bo was Hades, Bo's Father.
  • Tamsin is aware that Bo was born in Hel.
  • Bo has told Tamsin that she needs to find a way to get away from her father before she is used in her father's plan to do something "terrible."
  • Tamsin claimed to beat up perky girls when she was in high school.
  • Tamsin played the role of a cheerleader and a football player in an episode.
  • Tamsin caught the winning pass at the end of the game.
  • Bo was struck by lightning from Persephone which left an injury on her shoulder that Bo's normal feeding and healing process could not repair when she fed on Tamsin.
  • Bo, Tamsin, Lauren, Dyson and Trick are all aware of all of the information they have gathered, that all three stolen human bodies are alive and pose a threat.
  • Dyson gave Tamsin the "Bo's a succubus" speech.
  • Tamsin has found Bo and Lauren together in bed.
  • Bo tried to explain to Tamsin that she didn't love her in the same way that Tamsin loved her. Tamsin's heart was broken and she left Bo immediately afterwards.
  • At the beginning of End of Faes, Tamsin has moved out from Bo's place, her current home not clearly stated, though Tamsin did comment that she was going to Motel 6 first, and then "wherever the universe takes me."
  • Tamsin did however attend the party that the Ancients held for Bo.
  • It was discovered by Tamsin and Lauren that Zee and Hera had been tying up Iris every night. Through this it was discovered that Iris was, in fact, more powerful than either of Zee or Hera.
  • While Tamsin did break up with Bo, it's clear that she still has strong feelings for Bo.
  • Zee attacked Tamsin with a bolt of lightning that, at least, stunned her, if not injured her, though killing Tamsin was also a possibility, if unlikely.

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