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Tail Self

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Tail Self, sometimes referred to as a Tail, but not to be confused with the being known as Tail, Tera's other side, is the second personality that is found within a Collective Succubi or Incubi. In general, when a Tail is in control a clearly different personality emerges and the normal hair, horn and tail colour of the Succubi or Incubi is altered from its normal appearance.


Generally the appearance of a Tail Self is noted by a change in the normal color of a Collective Succubi or Incubi's tail and horns as well as their hair color.

For example in the case of Tera, when her Tail is in control, her hair color shifts from black to red, and her horns and tail shift from red to black.

This shift also indicates the personality change. For example in the case of Tera and Tail, the change indicates the shift from Tera's personality concerns with love, as reflected in her tail colour, which is normally Red. The shift to Tail's personality, which is concerned with strong desire and determination, is reflected by her tail and horns being Black.


A Tail Self is in fact a previously existing Succubi or Incubi that has passed on through death into the Lake of Fire where they remain until a new Succubi or Incubi is created in The Realm. Upon the acceptance of their new existence as a Collective Succubi or Incubi at the Lake of Fire during the Ceremony of Becoming, the Tail Self is merged with its Succubi or Incubi permanently.

The severing of a Collective Succubi or Incubi's tail will result in the death of that being. However, that act is not a simple thing and will require some effort to accomplish to put it mildly. Upon this event, both the TailSelf and the Succubi or Incubi that they were part of will be returned to the Lake if they are able to do so.


The purpose of a Tail Self varies and can be any of many different things. It can be as teacher, protector, guide or friend. It may be a means for redemption, protection, or a way from the dark past a Tail may have. In the end, they serve as a means to give the new Succubi and Incubi a chance to be more than they were before and the means to do so freely.

The Story of the First Tail

In the mythos of the Collective Succubi there is a story of the first of the Tail Selves and how they came to be:

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

It was night in The Realm. A quiet time for reflection and remembering. A chance to sit down and think about all of what had been and want might still to be...

And to remember promises made.

On the white sandy beach that trickled around the shores of the Lake, a single solitary figure sat quietly contemplating her life.

Her toes were in the edge of the waters of the shoreline there. The sapphire blue waters bringing warmth to her as her eyes looked out far into the waters...

And the tears that slowly came from them as she remembered...

She sighed a little as her toes dug a little deeper into the sand. Her chin on her arms as they rested on her knees... Her fiery red hair cascading over her face and shoulders... Her long black tail laying on the sand unmoving...

And just occasionally above the soft murmur of the waves breaking on the shore around her, a sigh of sadness from her lips...

From behind her there was a soft rustling and then a voice said to her, "Don't do this to yourself. You know that it won't change the past. You did what you had to do and that is all there is."

She didn't look away from the lake as she answered, "I don't believe it. I don't believe that I had to do it. I... I could have made another choice. And I didn't..."

That same voice asked her, "What can you do? What could you have done differently? You know what you are. You cannot help doing what you did. None of us can."

Her eyes narrowed a bit, "We can. There has been enough of this from them. We have to be apart from them. We have to learn to stand on our own. If we continue as we are there will be nothing of our kind but what they want us to be. I've done their bidding for the last time. There's only one way to make sure that it will never happen again..."

She stood up then and took a step into the surf, the blue waters clinging to her legs in that step...

The voice asked her, "Do you understand what you are doing? You will be no more. You will never be again. Why do this?"

She turned then and looked back at the person behind her and for a moment almost changed her mind. But then she said with conviction, "Prophecy. I am needed for another. If I remain then her future will never be. It's a good thing to save another's hopes..."

The voice pleaded, "Please. Don't do this."

She allowed him a smile, "Can't. Someone has to be the first to gamble on another way. I'm willing..."

Before anything could stop her, she dove into the waters and began to swim out into the Lake putting distance between herself and the one she had been speaking to. She didn't look back as she traveled further and further into the waters, the night fog rolling across the waves and taking her from view.

Then there was a clap of thunder and for a moment the waters churned violently before turning dead calm. As they would remain from that moment on in The Realm.

The last mark of her passing into the Lake, a single wave of black on the blue seas that rolled out from where she had disappeared off into the horizon beyond and back towards the shore before disappearing after a single wave touched the shoreline...

And left behind was the King knowing that his only Sister was gone forever... Her name never to be spoken again...

In the Royal Castle there was the sound of a child crying...

The King returned to the Castle from the Lake where he had failed to stop her. He knew the prophecy and that now all of them were on a path that could not be stopped.

He entered their bedroom, and for a moment marveled at his wife looking at their newborn Daughter. She was wrapped in a white blanket, her green eyes open and looking at her parents in wonder. Tentatively at first, the tip of her red tail peeked out from the blanket before wrapping itself partly around the wrist of her Mother. Her red horns were small... Just barely there... But it was clear that she was a Succubi...

The King smiled at the scene before kissing his wife on the cheeks and sitting with her as she nursed their child...

In the Library of the Realm, a white tailed Succubi opened a new volume of the Book of the Succubi. The pages were blank for a moment and then in a flowing script the words appeared that were foretold by those that cared to read them...

She is the last and the first. There will not be another child born to our kind. There will be pain and loss. There will be change. There must be for the future. Her name is Tera. And she will be not like any Succubi that has ever been...

And within the newborn's mind, a voice whispered to her, "Hello Tera... I'm Tail..."

Weep not for the memories...
Weep not for the memories...

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