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The Collective Succubi Tabitha as drawn by her co-creator Master Miller

Tabitha is a Green Tailed Succubi created by Master Miller and Tera. Green tailed Succubi are known as being concerned with lust and sexuality.


After some failed attempts to create a clone of Tera, Master Miller decided to try and build his own Succubi from scratch. Due to a genetic error that his creation possessed, the engineered Succubi hemorrhaged and bled to death once she was removed from the cloning tank.

After Master Miller left his lab, Tera came in and took the failed creation into the Succubi realm. She was then placed into the Lake of Fire and merged with a tail to create Tabitha.


Tabitha is loyal to both Tera and Master Miller, as they both had a hand in creating her. She addresses Tera as "Queen Tera", and Master Miller as "Master".

Other Characteristics

Tabitha is generally calmer and of a milder temperament then her Master is. She has great self control, and likes to seduce and control other women. She's intelligent, though not as good with technology as her Tail self is. She has shown a fondness for S&M as well as D/s relationships with other women.


Tamara is Tabitha's Tail Self or Tail as they are commonly known. They share similar traits, however Tamara far exceeds Tabitha in technological knowledge. She usually shows up to create various technological means of arousing and controlling another women.