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Tabitha by DarkShadow
Name Tabitha
Title(s) Resurrected Succubi of the Garden
AngelKitty Unrevealed
Age mid-30s
Gender Female
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Tail Colour Green
Personality Calm and reserved, but quick to action
Fondness for S&M
Strength(s) Very Technologically Adept
Weakness(es) Dark places
Favorite Place Tinkering in the Realm Laboratories
Home in the Realm Has an apartment bordering the Plains of Questions
Alias The Searcher
Created By MasterMiller
Quote You're kidding... right?

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Tabitha is a Collective Succubi, and is one of the Realm’s more unique succubi.

She is a green-tailed succubi who is busty and sexy with long red hair and deep red eyes that sometimes glow green in color. She most often wears an oversized blue sweater and little else. Tabitha's existence is not like other Collective Succubi, being that she was artificially created, died, and then was resurrected by Tera's actions in the Realm. As a result, her personality and interests reflect on her experiences.

Physical Description

Tabitha stands a little under six feet in height and while she is very curvy in her form, she prefers to wear a simple blue sweater that drapes over much of her. She has small green horns and a green tail. Tabitha tends not to care too much about her appearance, mainly being more interested in what is happening around her and what she could be tinkering with next.


Tabitha is generally calmer and of a milder temperament then her Master is. She has great self control, and likes to seduce and control other women. She's intelligent, though not as good with technology as her Tail self is. She has shown a fondness for S&M as well as D/s relationships with other women. Tabitha is loyal to both Tera and Master Miller, as they both had a hand in creating her. She addresses Tera as "Queen Tera", and Master Miller as "Master".

Powers and Abilities

Tabitha's powers include many of those that those in the Realm have with some special aspects. She has the ability to read the minds of others, generally using that power to draw unsuspecting souls into her tender mercies as the mood strikes her. She has the power to alter her form, like all succubi and incubi do, though she tends to use that power mainly to shift her clothing, on occasion, towards something more dramatic or dominant in scope.


After some failed attempts to create a clone of Tera, Master Miller decided to try and build his own Succubi from scratch. Due to a genetic error that his creation possessed, the engineered Succubi hemorrhaged and bled to death once she was removed from the cloning tank. At the time of Tabitha's passing, Tera was drawn to her and decided that fate wasn't playing fair. After Master Miller left his lab, Tera arrived and took her to The Realm, not knowing her name, or anything else about her save that she had the spark of being a succubi within her. Tera took Tabitha's body to the Lake of Fire and offered her form to the tails which dwell there. In time Tabitha's tail found her drifting in the waters before merging with her and resurrecting her. From that point onwards, Tabitha has been exploring who she is, learning about herself and trying to come to terms with what happened to return her to the universe.


Tamara is Tabitha's Tail Self or Tail as they are more commonly known. They share similar traits, however Tamara far exceeds Tabitha in technological knowledge. She usually shows up to create various technological means of arousing and controlling another women.


Tabitha's AngelKitty has not made themselves known as yet, the reason for this is unclear at this time. Tera is not concerned about this, knowing that when the time is right, they will do so.



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