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Succubus Paramour

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The following article is a general discussion of the term Succubus Paramour.

The term Succubus Paramour is a definition used in the ABC television series The Gates to indicate those individuals that are, in that series, Succubi. Specifically, the term was used by Doctor Peg to inform the father of Andie Bates that his daughter was in fact a Succubus.

The term itself seems to be taken from the medival latin definition of the Latin succuba, from succubre, to lie under : sub-, sub- + cubre, to lie down, and paramour, to mean lover. So, the words Succubus Paramour should be translated as Succubus Lover to be correct.

However, in The Gates series, the term is used as a diagnostic tool in order to explain the condition that Andie Bates, a character in the series, is found to be in. The term is used several times in the series by different characters, including Andie herself, and must be taken to be said as the definition of a Succubus in this universe, rather than the term Succubus which is more commonly used.

Succubus Paramour, it seems, is a condition that can be detected by modern medicine in the series and therefore, we have to assume that it is a genetic disorder in that case and not, as is the traditional definition, connected to Lilith and those Succubi that are born from her.

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