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Succubus Justice

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Succubus Justice's three main Succubus characters. From left to right: Karina, Truffle and Sune.

Succubus Justice was a webcomic created by the artist known as Angiechan. The comic followed a group of Succubi as they arrived at Tanar'ri University to learn just how to be a Succubus. Tanar'ri University was a school for training young succubi to do what women do best--torment and take a man's soul. The series originally appeared in 2003, and then was redrawn beginning on March 12, 2007 and continued until July 21st, 2008 when it went on hiatus. Since that date, the series has not been updated, though the series is still available online at:

Series Information

  • Series Name: Succubus Justice
  • Artist: Angiechan
  • Genre: Quirky
  • First Appearance: 2003, Redrawn starting March 12, 2007
  • Last Update: 21 July 2008
  • Website:
  • Current Status: On Hiatus

Main Characters


Karina, the focus of this series, is a 550 year old brunette Succubus with red horns. She is a young succubus whose mother has sent her to Tanar'ri University to become a productive member of succubus society. However, all Karina wants to do is live peacefully and treat others as she would like to be treated. As a result, she is a True Neutral and tends to act as such in the series.


Sune is a raven haired, red horned, six hundred year old Succubus. She is another student of Tanar'ri University who has known Karina since her childhood a few hundred years ago. Known for always going "by the book", she is one of the more academically gifted students of Tanar'ri University. Her goal is to be the honor graduate of her Tanar'ri Class. She is Lawfully Evil inclined.


Truffle is a blonde haired Succubus with red horns. She is roughly 500 years old in age. She is the roommate to Karina and a very "interesting" young succubus indeed. Despite looking like a cute child in a schoolgirl outfit, as she normally dresses that way, Truffle is probably the most evil succubus attending Tanar'ri University. She has aspirations to become the greatest source of evil on this plane of existence. As a result she is Chaotically Evil aligned.


Miyu is Karina's pet kitten and/or Truffle's sacrificial kitten. It all depends on who is on their toes at the moment, but Miyu's still alive, so Karina must be winning most of the time. She is two years old. She is Lawfully Good aligned, which for a kitten is a weird thing.

Web Banners

Some advertising was done for the series, two such banners are shown here for reference: Banner 3 final.jpg


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