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Succubus (Warrior Kings)

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Warrior Kings character
First appearance Warrior Kings
First game Warrior Kings
Fictional profile
A unit available to Pagan players
Warrior Kings
Developer(s) Black Cactus, Zonic
Publisher(s) Microïds, Feral Interactive
Designer(s) Dave Morris, Charlie Bewsher, Steven Bristow
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X
Release date(s) 2002, 2003 (Mac)
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Media/Digital distribution Compact Disc

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi are a type of unit available to Pagan players in the Warrior Kings strategy video game.


The story resolves around Artos, the young son of Baron Amalric of Cravant, a small fiefdom within the Holy Empire, the dominant power in a world called Orbis. The Holy Empire is a theocratic state (seemingly an amalgamation of the Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire and the Papal States) devoted called a deity called 'The One God'. It is ruled by a spiritual and militant leader, the Patriarch and the Holy Protector respectively. The new Patriarch, Icthyus Granitas, is cruel and corrupt and the Holy Protector is nothing more than his henchman. As soon as he came to power he began charging all those who speak against his rule with false charges of heresy and treason to the state. These lords either changes their minds overnight about the Patriarch or else disappeared entirely.

Cravant is one such state. On the first level of the game, Cravant is invaded by the Empire, who kill Artos's father on a trumped up charge of treason and raze the city. Artos flees with a small band of loyal soldiers across the sea to Angland (a fictionalised England) where he plots his revenge against the Empire.

From there, the player can decide how they do this. There are three 'alignments' that the player can choose from that are listed below. These are Pagan, Imperial and Renaissance.



Succubus is a unit available to Pagan players through the Henge (which are constructed by the High Priestess). Succubi are able to charm enemy units, thus making them switch to the player's side, possess a unit and make him commit acts of heresy to stop opposing peasants from working, and send enemy units into a rage, where they will attack anyone near them.

The Pagan Path

The Pagan path is one of superstition, witchcraft, and nature worship. Pagan war involves cheap mass-produced units in combination with indirect damage to one's opposition. The successful pagan player is one who tests enemy borders on a regular basis and then moves to overwhelm it while not counting the cost. Pagan signature units are its demons and witches, all of which have a series of secondary powers and spells to employ against their foes. Once they have become suitably advanced the Pagans may construct a Wickerman and summon a demon called Abaddon, a powerful AI controlled unit that can cause a lot of damage before being destroyed.

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