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Succubus (Twine)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Twine Wars is the name of a multi-world writing project underway at Profusion.

The following is taken from the Twine Wiki entry on Succubi.


A succubus (plural succubi) or incubus (plural incubi) is a kind of demon that feeds off other life forms during sexual intercourse, sometimes over several consecutive visits, often fatally.

This is their defining characteristic, though they have other traits in common, mostly adaptations to help them pursue and seduce prey.

This article describes succubi and incubi in Mutt's demons, who fit those general characteristics and have other, unique features.


Preferred snacks are humans, humanoids and other species with big, language-adapted brains and complex social systems.

The sex and other characteristics of the victim are a matter of personal taste.

Technically a necrophilic demon is not a 'bus, since the dead don't generate the specific kind of 'life energy' succubi and incubi feed off. There are other ways of getting energy out of a corpse, most of which are best left to the imagination, but they have nothing to do with 'bi.


Although all demons can shapeshift to some extent, this is less of a crucial skill for a 'bus. It doesn't take much imagination or subtlety to slap a few curves or bulges in the appropriate places, tint lips deep red or tweak the vocal folds to turn up the husk. It's very rare to find a 'bus with shapechanging skill anywhere near genie level.

Demons are neuter, though some identify as one gender or another. Thus, a succubus is defined by (usually) taking female form, and an incubus, male. Many have no favoured gender, or adopt one that is neither male nor female, and some start out preferring one side and then change their habits.

Succubi and incubi almost unfailingly have low stability.

Hunting techniques

A successful 'bus is good at identifying and drawing in likely prey. Those with shapeshifting skill may use a strategy combining mesmeric and cold-reading techniques, changing shape subtly to find out what most attracts (or frightens) the victim. Skilled ones may hit upon the secret of pheromones. Those unlucky in their genetic gifts just have to set their sights lower and feed on the desperate.


During sexual intercourse, often during orgasm, the demon drains the 'life energy' of its victim. This may be fatal or not. Some 'bi are deliberate killers and some are simply too clumsy to leave off feeding in time. Some are habitually non-lethal. For some it depends on their mood, and some try to leave the victim as close to death as possible, to see if zie will survive.

If the encounter is not fatal, the victim will recover after a period of rest and possibly some ice-cold showers.

Notable succubi and incubi

  • Ishtar, a lethal pack hunter turned generally-non-lethal loner
  • Lewan/Lewanda, a phenomenally sadistic serial sex-changer

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