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Succubus (The Reincarnation)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Reincarnation, is a massive multiplayer online game that is free to play. In this game players take the role of an ancient mage, guiding their fantasy kingdom with the power of magic and the strength of armies. The game has been in existence for over 10 years, starting with the original Archmage. The current 'reincarnation' has been online since 2004. Currently there are four live servers, each with slightly different rules. The Reincarnation is played by a community of players from all over the world. The game interface is minimal in nature and requires some effort to understand. The gameworld is called Terra and is old and dusky in nature. It is the quest nature of the game to unveil the secrets of its magewar society. Within this universe are Succubi. In this universe mages summon Succubi using the Dreams of Seduction spell.


Dark eyed, gorgeous humanoid females with raven hair cascading upon their shapely curves. The only things giving away their demonic natures are the leathery wings they sprout when they feast. A glance is all it takes to entangle man or creature alike in its binding spell, from which there is no escape.


Unit Statistics

  • Magic Speciality: NETHER
  • Race: DEMON
  • Attributes: SUMMON, NOMARKET
  • Power Rank: 29
  • Attack Power: 100
  • Attack Type: PSYCHIC
  • Attack Initiative: 3
  • Counter Attack: 0
  • Extra Attack Power: 0
  • Extra Attack Type: 0
  • Extra Attack Initiative : 0
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Recruit Cost: -
  • Upkeep Cost: 0.25 M.P., 1.00 Population
  • Related Spell: Dreams of Seduction
  • Related Item: -

Spell Resistances

  • VERDANT 0%
  • NETHER 50%
  • PHANTASM 25%

Attack Resistances

  • MISSILE 50%
  • FIRE 80%
  • POISON 0%
  • BREATH 0%
  • MAGIC 0%
  • MELEE 50%
  • RANGED 50%
  • COLD 0%
  • PSYCHIC 100%
  • HOLY 0%


The amount of Succubi that the spell Dreams of Seduction (DoS) produces depends on your current population.

  • The number that will appear is (Current population)*0.035

Dreams of Seduction

This spell will grant you the servants of the Mistresses of Nine Hells, Succubi, to join your army for one battle.

Magic Specialty: Nether
Rank: Ultimate
Type: Instant/Battle
Cast Turn: 0
Cast M.P.: 40,000
Research Cost: 20,000
Upkeep: None
Related Unit: Succubus


  • Summons Succubus equal to 3.5% of your population to join you in battle
    • Amount of Succubi is further modified by summoning factors (e.g. God Favour, Skills)
  • Costs are:
    • The mana to cast the spell
    • The amount of population equal to the number of summoned Succubi, subtracted after battle.


  • August 2008: POPULATION 1,602,257 => Succubus 56078

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