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Succubus (Poem VII)

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by Alison Clare Grills
First published in Elfwood.com
Language English
Subject(s) Succubi

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a poem written by Alison Clare Grills.


by Alison Clare Grills

Weaving a web,
Perfume and lipstick
Mystic allure
Used to capture her prey

Stalking men
She is the huntress
Soft beauty outside
Hard heart within

Gaze like ice
Women avoid her
Scared of her stare
One look could kill

She makes her conquest
He is her property
He would give anything
To win her favour

Pleasures beyond
Human imagining
The world outside
Loses all meaning

She is addictive
He is dependent
Feels he can’t live
Without her touch

She looks out
For her next plaything
Sees what she wants
He’s left behind

Drained of his passion
Soul now empty
Memories of bliss
Haunt every moment

Somehow he exists
Barely breathing
Only a shadow
Of who he once was

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