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Succubus (Neversummer 4)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Neversummer 4 and Neversummer 3.5 (NSx) are action-oriented Neverwinter Nights persistent worlds. All flavors of NSx are server vault and require both expansions (Shadows of Undrentide & Hordes of the Underdark). In this universe are beings called Succubi.

Game Storyline

The realm of Aetheria is in a state of all-out war - the dimensional walls between planes are crumbling, sending creatures of all types - powerful and weak, good and evil - swarming through the cracks at an alarming rate. These creatures have begun to completely take over the land, and the once peaceful and widespread people of Aetheria have been driven back into a small corner of the world that was once theirs.

Hundreds of years have passed since the swarms began, and the once wild and reckless creatures, pulled from their home planes and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land, have begun to form civilizations of their own, usurping the lands that once belonged to the citizens of Aetheria. To survive, they were forced to band together, and seven factions have since emerged:

  • The Last Alliance
  • Shadow Legion
  • Ragnar's Kin
  • Northern Coalition
  • Mystral Ascendancy
  • The Circle
  • Ancient Ones

Their ultimate goal - to eliminate the other powers and take the realm of Aetheria for themselves, once and for all.

As a player, you arrive in Aetheria through one such dimensional rift, having been pulled from your home plane and tossed into a world you know nothing about. You are met at the opening of this rift by seven Ambassadors, sent by their faction leaders in a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand, recruiting people and monsters that stream through at an ever-inreasing rate. The forces battling for control of Aetheria are not the only dangers you will face, due to the unstable nature of the plane, traveling through the realm affords many opportunities to venture into other planes, more distant, but also more dangerous.


Description: With perfect builds and flawless skin, succubi are the most comely of demons. They live to tempt mortal men into crimes of passion.

Special Abilities: Cloudkill

Challenge Rating: 8

Drops: Damage Resistance, Damage Immunity Increased (fire), Immunity: Poison, Spell resistance Increased

Location: Found in the depths of the South Tower and on Ash Mountain and in the Sea Caves.

Succubus Robes

An item in this game.


  • Required Level:
  • Base Armor Class: 0
  • Maximum Dexterity Bonus: None
  • Armor Check Penalty: 0
  • Arcane Spell Failure: 0%
  • Feats Required: None
  • Base Item: Armor
  • Weight: 1.0

Bonus Abilities

  • Armor Class Bonus: +6
  • Damage Immunity: 25% Piercing Immunity
  • Elemental Damage Immunity: None
  • Damage Resistance: 20/- Pierce Resist
  • Improved Saving Throws: Mind Affecting +2
  • Bonus Spell Slot: Bard Level 4
  • Bonus Spell Slot: Bard Level 5
  • Bonus Spell Slot: Bard Level 6
  • Only Usable By: Evil
  • Skill Bonus: Perform +7

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