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Succubus (Nadirim)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Nadirim is a free-to-play, browser-based, massively multiplayer online, role playing game developed and published by Twisted Tribe. It's placed in a fantasy world inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights. Nadirim doesn't require downloads or installation; it's an F2P game, and the developers are promising strong PvE and PvP content. The game is currently is in closed beta and Twisted Tribe plans to launch the game in 2011. The developers decided to make a newer version of the game during the closed beta, so major modifications are expected to happen.[1]

One of the mob monsters in this game are Succubi.

Background story

The background story of the game starts somewhere in the desert where Anwar, a pure hearted young man finds a rusty oil lamp from what he releases a very powerful and evil djinn the Nadir. In return the djinn fulfills one wish of Anwar, who wanted to become an immortal emperor of a prospering empire. But Anwar did not know the background of the pact between men and djinns: without an equal trade, the Nadir could take back the granted wish.

After 100 years the Nadir returns to destroy the empire, but the people were fighting back. The demons created by the djinn were very almost invincible at night but powerless in the light of the day, this is why Anwar sacrificed his eternal life to stop the Sun at the zenith, bringing eternal daylight to the empire, sealing the forces of darkness. His spell drew its power from the heart of the people and after the people start to forgot this they started to turn against one another and the sun began slowly to set. Anwar's female descendants created the secret order of Inama and called for heroes who were to save the world from the Nadir.


Nadirim is a combination of classic isometric Diablo style RPG and traditional role playing games like Final Fantasy where players travel in a top-down board along an invisible grid. [2] The main plot of the game will unfold through story quests, while daily and group quests and strong PvE content will provide deeper exploration of the maps. According to the developers the story is getting a central role in the game and it will be more exciting and deep then the current one (in closed beta), this kind of strong accent on the story is not too common in browser games. You can fight Mobs, and engage in various PvP competitions to gain extra experience or share the loot from the looting. In this adventure you will never be alone as you can train minions or hire servants to take into fights, or you can easily find friends to enter group quests or fights with. Using different skills in the turn-based combat allows you to make each battle a unique one.[3]

Character creation

The player will be able to choose from five character classes (each with two unique talent trees): Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, and Caravan Master. Choosing a class is greatly determining the possibilities in the game, it affects the character's primary attributes, the skills that you can learn, the items you can use, the quests that one can accept and solve and even the actions the character can initiate. In the closed beta there are currently three available, the Warrior, Sage and Ruffian.

  • Warrior character class is a typical tank character, who's primary attribute is strength, having big damage and lots of health.
  • Nomad is a character class that is a bit similar to the Warrior, but it has more stamina. Moreover the Nomad is also relying on its minions, having several skills helping him manipulating them.
  • Sage the support character in the game who relies on his healing skills.
  • Ruffians are the most agile characters with a very strong willpower.
  • Caravan Masters are charismatic leaders, being able to train minions of their own.

The character creation interface is broad compared to other browser games where usually you just pick your avatar and name, also high lightening the differences between classes. In this section the player will be able to customize their character’s face, hair, facial hair or gender.


In the game at the moment you have to do quests in order to evaluate in the game. There are quests where you simple have to gather something or travel somewhere, but there are quests where you have to defeat mob’s. Generally enemies can be quest related or just random mob’s that are spread all over the maps and after killing them they are giving you XP and loot. Currently in closed beta you can enter a fight only on your own, there are no group fights available and the developers plan to introduce later PvP combat as well. Nadirim has a simple turnbased combat system where you are attacking your enemies. By leveling up you are awarded skill points that you can use to learn new skills displayed in the skill trees. Active skills can be used in combat, but since you cannot take all of your skills with you into battle you have to activate them by dragging them to your skill preset. So in combat you will use these preselected skills to defeat you enemy. [4]

Game features

The game will be a browser based game, but it will have features that can be found in client based MMORPG games. For example:

  • Inventory where the gamers will be able to browse through the collected items and also equip weapons. The size of the inventory will depend on the strength and stamina of the character.
  • Skills: Each character class has three skill trees, two specialization skill trees and a tree for basic skills. The skills in the basic skill tree are awarded automatically as a player is leveling up. The trees are containing seven different skill types: offensive, defensive, buff, debuff, tricks, healing and passive.
  • Minions: Three character will be able to have minions, these will have two roles: they can be companions, or they can support in combat. If one decides to train a minion as a companion it will bring him regular bonuses, such as increased speed, inventory slots and many other things, depending on which minion the player chooses. On the other hand combat minions are powerful allies that will fight together with the character in the turn based battles. [5]

Development history

  • Game developed by Digital Reality and published by Twisted Tribe was announced on 14th of July in 2010.[6]
  • Nadirim was announced to go to Closed Beta phase on 12th of October, 2010. [7]
  • Nadirim Closed Beta postponed to end of 2010 [8]
  • Nadirim was announced to go to Closed Beta phase on 08th of December, 2010. [9]

Succubi in the Game

Representative image of Succubi in the Nadirim MMORPG by Digital Reality


The Succubus is a female demon who has the power to seduce her victim even though her features resemble ancient nightmares. Due to her seductive powers she is very hard to defeat and to make things worse she throws the most evil curses that can be found outside the great darkness.

  • Fighting Style: Curser
  • Typical Location: Mountains
  • Threat Level: Medium
  • Notes: These adversaries might look easy to deal with, but beware. If they come in great numbers, defeating them might be a problem. And yes, they do like to overwhelm their attackers.


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