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Succubus (La Pucelle)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

La Pucelle is a tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation 2, developed by Nippon Ichi Software. Their website is here.

Succubus Sprites from La Pucelle from the Sprites Database.
Succubus Sprites from La Pucelle from Crimson Penguin.


Succubi are listed in the Demon class in this game. They appear in several locations. They have good magic levels and resistance.


  • Skills:
  • Succubi only get Demonic Heal, Liliths only get Sultry Scent, and Gorgons have both.
  • Demonic Heal: Heal everyone in the target area. SP cost 30, area. Very good healing power.
  • Sultry Scent: Charm and then give damage to everyone in the target area.
  • Attacks: Teleport to the enemy, scratch them three times, or attack the enemy with a shoulder charge.


  • Description: A floating, nearly naked woman with red hair and dark blue boots.
  • Locations: Mayonnaise Harbor vs. Gen. Normande, may appear vs. final boss
  • Learning rate: x7

Lilith (r)

  • Description: A floating, nearly naked woman with blond hair and red boots.
  • Locations: Final Battle, though it doesn't make much sense in the North American version of this game
  • Learning rate: x6

Location Notes

Succubi appear on your second trip to Mayonaise Harbor, when you fight against the Higher Demon Normande; you'll need the first title to recruit them. They also appear in the Dark World, but you can't recruit them there. You can also fight a recruitable Gorgon (Upgraded Succubus) during the fight with Baal at the back of the Dark Shrine.

External Link

The Nippon Ichi Website.