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Succubus (Heroes of Might and Magic V)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Heroes of Might and Magic is an computer RPG game by UBSoft. The website is

Succubus from Heroes of Might and Magic V.
Succubus Temptress from Heroes of Might and Magic V.
Succubus Mistress from Heroes of Might and Magic V.
Succubus from Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Succubus (Upgrade: Succubus Favorite)

  • Succubi are the only shooters within Inferno ranks, they should therefore be used as support troops for the attacking units. This is all the more true as they have the ability to counter-strike on enemy ranged attacks. The enemy will always hesitate before engaging a combat against them. Use this at your own advantage.

Succubus Temptress

  • Shooter, Ranged Retaliate, Immune to Hypnotize (aka Puppet Master), Seduce.

Succubus Mistress

  • Succubus Mistresses summon spheres of fire and hurl them at their enemies. Their accursed flame does not stop when it hits an enemy, instead it spreads and soon other creatures will find themselves burning.
  • Abilities and Powers: Shooter. Ranged Retaliation. Chain Shot, Demonic.
  • Notes: While not much of an improvement statistically, only 10 more Hit Points, the Succubus Mistress has the ability to attack multiple creatures at once with its chain lightning-like weapon. This can be a double-edged sword, as there may not be enough creatures to warrant the use of the attack. A slightly expensive upgrades - there are better in the Inferno.


Succubus Seducer

Stat Value
Damage Minimum 6
Damage Maximum 13
Health 32
Speed 4
SH 6
Spell Points -----
B-Pop 5
Price 350

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