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Succubus (Golden Sun)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a species of monsters found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. These monsters resembe attractive female humans with long hair and have differing levels of power and defense. They are associated with the Mercury element.

Succubus from the Golden Sun Universe video game.


The Succubus is a member with pale skin, blue hair, a light green dress and pink/red boots. Only one exists in the game. It is the second sub-boss on Crossbone Isle and is backed up by two Grislies.

Its stats are:

  • 529 HP
  • 56 PP
  • 195 Attack
  • 49 Defense
  • 101 Agility
  • 12 Luck

Some of its stats are lower than Nightmare's because, by using the secret route to Crossbone Isle by the Tolbi-bound Ship, it is possible to fight the Succubus before its lesser counterpart. It is most resistant to the Mercury element and is weak against Mars-based attacks and Psynergies.


Succubus's attack arsenal includes physical attacks and the monster skill Heartrender. It's Psynergy options are different and includes Hail Prism for Mercury damage and Wind Slash for Jupiter damage, both which targets multiple Adepts. Its PP rating limits its flexibility with these Psynergy moves.

Rewards on defeating

Killing Succubus rewards you with:

  • 101 EXP
  • 143 coins
  • some Crystal Powder

Taken together with the other enemies, the total battle rewards would come out to:

  • 587 EXP
  • 1543 coins

As far as statuses goes, it is a bit weaker than the Grislies that accompany it, except for its agility. If Djinn Summons are deployed by the entire party, it will likely fall within a single turn.

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