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Succubus (Felarya)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The following information is taken from the Felarya Wiki website. The main page link to that Wiki is here.

The Felarya universe deals with the fictional world of Felarya. In this universe most of the beings such as Succubi are gigantic in size. This universe deals with vore and as such may be uncomfortable for some to read.


Succubi are women with demonic features such as horns, fangs, bat-like wings, etc.

There is no single definitive depiction of them, as their appearance varies widely from one species to another. However, there is one fact about succubi that is universally agreed upon: they are extraordinary beautiful. Their features are perfect and their alluring body is made to make mortals, both males and females, fall under their charms.

A lesser known fact about succubi is their true size. When they appear in peoples dreams to lure and tempt them, they usually show themselves human-sized. However, most succubi are actually about 80 feet tall on average! This lesser known fact remains so because few people come back alive to report the succubi's true height.

Succubi are very dangerous and deadly beings. Their alluring bodies hide their martial skills; they are are good warriors and excellent spell casters. Even an average succubus is a master of her element and knows the basics of dimensional magic. Succubi are also extremely voracious, and their large magic-proof stomachs can digest just about everything.

Succubi are pretty rare in Felarya. They are rather uneasy in nature, surrounded by living things, and so prefer more mineral places, such as caverns or deep underground in some dungeons and temples. Most of them don't actually live in those places, but instead come to Felarya often to visit, as Felarya offers great hunting grounds and possess many hidden wonders.

Like all demons, succubi show no mercy to their enemies or to their prey. They are deceptive, prone to anger and they have a temperament that can only be described as chaotic. But contrary to Heaven's propaganda, not all succubi are innately evil, nor are all demons. Indeed, it is easy to find some friendly and amiable succubi.

It's very difficult to fully earn a succubus's trust, but once you do, they usually makes excellent friends, loyal to the death.

Known Succubi

Fire Succubi

Contrary to what peoples may think, all succubi don't have an affinity for fire. Since they live in Hell most of them are used to high temperature, but fire is as damaging to them as it is for any other being. The major exception to this are the fire succubi. For a fire succubus, walking through flames is as natural as breathing. It is hard to understand how completely immune from being damaged by fire these succubi are. For example, Faldhatée, the fire succubus queen is said to live deep in the fire plane of Hell, in the Everburning palace, situated on top of the fiery mountains of Erebus, enveloped by eternal flames of tremendous size. The mountains themselves stand in the middle of an endless ocean of lava, and the temperature of the air here is hot enough to liquefy iron. The combinations of hellish heat and a remote, difficult to reach location makes this an excellent spot for a fortress. However, this palace was not placed here because it would be an unassailable fortress. The palace was placed there because the queen merely liked the spot for its "beautiful view" and the pleasant air... the so called "Everburning palace" is actually a vacation residence !

Obviously, the temperature of a fire succubus's body is very high, though not to the point of being painful for others to touch. They love fire and heat but can also live without it for a while. Fire succubi are prone to anger and sudden fits of rage, though they are less chaotic than most other demons and hold honor and courage in high esteem. A fire succubus will also always try to keep her word.

One remarkable trait of fire succubi is their very, very long tongue. They can literally wrap it around their prey, or use it for very sensual kisses...

Fire succubi are born fire spellcasters. A newborn fire succubus already knows most of the fire spells that a human mage would know only after studying fire magic for long years.

Known Fire Succubi

Frost Succubi

They are mostly found in the frost plane of Acheron in the 9th circle of Hell.

The place is little more than a hostile frozen desert, battered by relentless slashing winds. Acheron is peculiar in that it borders on another dimension, a largely unknown and unexplored one that leads out of Hell, although no one has ever figured where. These wastelands are full of incredibly dangerous creatures that could easily attack -and devour- even an arch devil lord. Several demon kings have lost their entire army to this desert.

Thus, frost succubi and other demons in Acheron tend to regroup in huge cities. This suits the frost succubi perfectly, because they are more of a urban race anyway. They are fascinated by crowded places, full of life, commerce, intrigues and political schemes. Frost succubi are often seen as the most refined species of succubi. They deeply despise war; loving art, diplomacy and politics. Because of their love of politics, they are known to lie a lot.

It's quite hard to read a frost succubus: using others is second nature to them. However, the point of the game is to have others do their part willingly, through bribes, diplomacy, bargains or seduction, never resorting to violence... or at least never *be seen* resorting to violence. Murder is perfectly acceptable as long as you are not caught.

It's quite risky to deal with a frost succubus. They are usually very clever and know how to bend a seemingly straight-forward pact into virtually anything they desire through subtle interpretations, much like a genie.

Frost succubi have usually a blueish or purple skin. They makes very powerful cold-based spellcasters.

Known Frost Succubi

Silver Succubi

Their name comes mostly from their long, shiny silvery hair. The way light plays on it is fascinating. Silver succubi are usually smaller than other species about 70' rather than the average 80' for other species. They have pale white skin, delicate features, and are masters over their facial expressions, able to display a look of perfect innocence in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Silver succubi are famous for this, its as if they were constantly wearing a mask, able to change to a new one anytime they wished. A Silver Succubi will show true expressions only to a very close friend, making them incredibly good at bluff and deception.

With their wings folded and hidden by their long hair, they could easily be mistaken for an angel, if it weren't for their goat horns. While they may look like how people typically imagine an angel, they act far differently. Silver succubi are commonly known in Hell for being naughty, obsessed by pleasure and very provocative, even by succubi standards. They never wear much clothes ( or only suggestives ones, like garter belts, transparent bustiers or so XD )

They also have a very big appetite. They are ravenous, and anything that crosses their path and is small enough to be gulped down is considered food. While their stomach is smaller than other succubi's, they can't stand having it empty for very long.

Silver succubi master a strange magic based on metal and magnetism. Their most common trick is to spread their wings before fight, making them act like magnets, instantly attracting any metallic weapons or armor to them. Once the piece of metal hits the succubus's wings it sticks, giving them a ready source of ammo for another one of their tricks: reversing their magnetic polarity. When they do that all the bits of metal that are stuck to them is violently repelled at very high speeds. A skilled silver succubus can literally make piece of metal dance around her like it's living, just by varying the magnetic flux of her body. Also, the skin of a silver succubus is totally immune to any kind of metal, magical or otherwise. Should a metal weapon strike a Silver Succubus it either breaks, or bounces off harmlessly.

Known Silver Succubi

Other Succubi Types

  • Dementia Succubi, a type of Succubus in this universe created by Wildthing on the Felarya Forums.
  • Domino Succubi, a type of Succubus in this universe created by gwadahunter2222 on the Felarya Forums.
  • Phantom Succubi, a type of Succubus in this universe created by Sean Okotami on the Felarya Forums.

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