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Succubus (EverQuest II)

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Artist's concept of a Succubus from the EverQuest II video game.
In-game image of a Succubus from the EverQuest II video game.

Succubus is a summonable character in the EverQuest II fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Sony Online Entertainment and shipped on 8 November 2004. It features graphics and gameplay vastly updated from its predecessor game EverQuest on which it is based.

Game Background

EverQuest II is set on the fictional world of Norrath five hundred years after the The Planes of Power storyline of the original EverQuest game. The gods withdrew from the world in retaliation for mortal incursions into their planes. On Norrath itself, Dark Elves and the Orcs destroyed much of Faydwer; while the Ogres, Goblins, Orcs, and Giants ravaged Antonica. Transport and communication to the moon Luclin were cut off.

The storyline says that 100 years ago, the continent of Antonica was ripped apart into smaller islands, which are now called the Shattered Lands. The oceans became impassible, preventing contact between the continents of Norrath. Fifteen years ago, the moon Luclin exploded and parts of the Shattered moon remain in the sky.

EverQuest II takes place in what is called the Age of Destiny. In this setting, Queen Antonia Bayle of Qeynos is a benevolent sorceress who welcomes all goodly races to her city to help rebuild Norrath. The Overlord of Freeport, Lucan D'Lere, a centuries-old fallen paladin, rules the evil races in his plans of conquest.

Succubus Description

A succubus is a sadistic demoness of planar origins. Their talents of torture have made them valuable allies to other evil races. They are perhaps some of the most alluring fiends on Norrath, often using their beguiling appearance and powers of deceit to persuade Norrathians to gladly do their evil bidding. Their beauty is as great as their passion for torment.

The necromancer class can summon a succubus, which has red skin, a devil tail, a short skirt, and a tube top. She grows horns when fighting, and is voiced by Susan Boyd and Kamali Minter.

Various Succubi Characters in this game

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