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Succubus (game character)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus character from Diablo computer RPG
Succubus character from Diablo computer RPG

Character from the Diablo computer RPG game. They return in the expansion pack of Diablo II.

Other titles in game: Succubus, Vile Temptress, Stygian Harlot, Hell Temptress, Blood Temptress


The handmaidens of Andariel, these powerful demonesses were thought to have been all but killed off during the battle below Tristram, but Baal has unleashed his personal harem on Mt. Arreat and enlisted their charms to help fulfill his desire to control the mortal realm. Succubi are among the most zealous minions of their master. They possess an incessant craving for blood, especially that of human men, and they take to battle with a passion and a joy not often seen in demons. They are fast and mobile in combat, preferring to weaken their prey from a distance with a diabolical curse that causes the afflicted to lose life instead of mana when using their skills. Once their prey is weakened, the Succubi move in for the kill, slashing viciously with their long, curved talons.

Tips and Other Additional Information

Succubi have a chance to deal Magic damage. Succubi also cast several different curses.

Defense Curse

If you have more Life than Mana, then they give you a curse that halves your defense (65% in Nightmare, 85% in Hell).

Blood Mana

Succubi and Baal cast a special curse shown in the screenshot above. This curse causes you to do damage to yourself when you cast spells. For skills that require more mana, you will take more damage. This even includes such spells like Teleport but doesn't include Thunderstorm or Energy Shield because you have already have cast them. Whenever this curse is cast on you, stop casting spells until it's worn off, click on a Shrine to counteract it, or go back to town and have it removed. Blood Mana only affects you if you have more Mana than Life. If you have at least as much max Mana as max Life, you can be cursed.