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Succubus (Clash of the Dragons)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Card for the Clash of the Dragons CCG game on Facebook.
Succubus Mistress Card for the Clash of the Dragons CCG game on Facebook.

Clash of the Dragons is a CCG game hosted on Facebook. In this game, the essential game play is free, while special options and items become available with the purchase and use of a currency known as Dragon Coins with real-world money. The game was developed by 5th Planet Games. It is an RPG style card game, with the ability to gain levels, earn gold and complete quests. The player has a choice of 4 classes: Assassin, Druid, Sentinel, and Pyrelord; each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Additional classes can be unlocked by gaining levels and purchasing the class with the use of SP. The story takes place after Dawn of the Dragons which is a web-based RPG developed by 5th Planet. The game has several features including a Story/Quest mode, PvP, Brawls (Multiplayer Raids), Crafting, and a Shop.

In this game there are two Succubus cards. One is called Succubus, the other is called Succubus Mistress.


Succubus is an AI NPC card with 1 attack and 1 defence.

Card Effect

If Succubus deals damage, damaged player gets -1 absorption for the rest of the battle.

Card Description

Few men can resist the attentions of a succubus. Most are beguiled by the illusion of alluring beaty, and would gladly slaughter their own kin at the demon's behest.

Succubus Mistress

Succubus Mistress is an AI NPC card with 2 attack and 0 defence.

Card Effect

Chance to deal +1 damage for each Succubus in Enemy Deck.

Card Description

You could lose your soul in those eyes. Literally.

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